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It was when I was at University that someone first commented on my habit of ‘contextualising your clothes’ In my eyes, every garment has some sort of history. Even brand new items!  A Breton style top can emulate Jean Serberg, or fisherman off the shores of France, whilst a pretty white broderie dress will always give me hints of ‘Little House on the Prairie’  Within my own wardrobe, I have an ‘Abba’ playsuit, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ skirts, and more ‘Mary Poppins’ items than I care to mention! I’ve bought shoes off the back of seeing similar pairs in movies (The Painted Veil being a great example…Her two-tone brogues were amazing!) and always fawn over costumes whilst mentally taking notes for future purchases. So with all that in mind, I think I had already given this skirt a story before it arrived on my doorstep! A cheeky little Topshop treat, I loved the bright Spring florals on such a heavy, decadent fabric.  As I pulled an outfit together, I realised how much it reminded me of early 60’s prom dresses. To me, it’s a little bit ‘Grease’ and a little bit ‘Sound of Music’ (it could easily be made from a pair of jazzy curtains!) I could just imagine a 1960’s girl waiting for her date to pick her up, all dressed up for a drive-in cinema, or burger joint…Which is what we tried to emulate in these photos (the waiting part not the burger date unfortunately!) My vanity case is one from my collection – it’s a bit broken after someone fell on it during some very flamboyant dance moves! My wedge sandals are from Primark last year and are still my favourites! They go with everything and are so easy to walk in. Little glittery blush-coloured socks stopped my toes getting cold! Since dyeing my hair, I’m definitely found myself drawn to pink (and indeed, colour in general!) a lot more. With a skirt this bright though, I toned it down with black basics like a H&M body suit, and a Topshop cocoon coat. I really love the idea of an elegant outfit teamed with messy, undone hair. So I left mine completely natural! The necklace is salvaged from an old broken one, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it looks! I’ve spent the last few weeks since bleaching my hair trying to find the perfect semi-permanent dyes to achieve the pastel head I desire. I think I’ve made some real progress since these photos were taken, results of which I shall share soon! And as ever, I have Sam to thank for these lovely photos! Taken during rush hour by a busy road, we chased the setting sun to capture the evenings beautiful golden light. And the fact that I’m so comfortable with him, means we both forget what’s going on around us… Even when people were having a real snoop as their cars crawled along in traffic!  Hope you had a great weekend!


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