Stylelikeu… – Yours Truly

I am always SO curious about rummaging through friends wardrobes (with permission of course!) and hearing stories of where garments are from and the sentiments behind them. So imagine my delight when I discovered this! I have fallen head over heels for ‘Stylelikeu‘ and watching the intimate videos delving into peoples wardrobes – here are three of my favourites so far. I like the first for her gutsy, reckless sense of self-assured style. Her humour and adventurous character are infectious. The second video is adorable – I have long been interested in theories about children and the way the chose to dress themselves, it’s style in the most pure form, completely unaffected and innocent. And finally, the video….oh I have fallen in love with this women – how fabulously lady-like, classic, demure and beautiful she is… I aspire to be that comfortable in my own skin when I’m her age.

Dominique from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Athena from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo. Jenny Hirshcowitz from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo. Hope you enjoyed them too! Check out the website!