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The World Is Quiet Here…

It’s taken a while to get these photos up, they were taken about three weeks ago at the Booth Museum, which is a Natural History museum about ten minutes walk from my home!
The museum was founded by Edward Booth in 1874 and is filled to the brim with his incredible collection of species – including some skeletal remains of a Dodo!

Sam and I went exploring one rainy afternoon in the middle of the week – so it was pretty much deserted!
Despite the nasty fluorescent lighting we decided to go ahead and photograph alongside the incredible taxidermy cases…

It’s funny to see myself wearing so much make up, as I’ve been pretty much bare-faced the last few weeks (largely down to the ferocious, wet weather – where’s the point eh?)
I’m wearing a vintage fur stole from Beyond Retro, that I pinned to create something which quite closely resembles a neck brace…

My slub-knit jumper and velvet shorts (a playsuit) are both from Topshop. I adore mixing textures in outfits, and these two go together so well!

Sam is so clever with his camera! These trips are great for the both of us – he gets better acquainted with the complex settings and I get some lovely blog photos to share with you all!

Yup…Definitely a neck brace!
We had a lot of fun with this one…
This cabinet blows my mind! The colours and the sheer scale of some of these birds is incredible. One of my favourites is the light green bird next to me on the right.
It’s called a ‘Kakapo’ – or Parrot Owl to you and I!

My silver mary-jane shoes were a Topshop sale purchase, they pinch my toes quite a bit so I’m still trying to break them in.

Also – seeing as it is Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I would pop another playlist as the last one was so well received! (Thank you!)
So whether you’re madly in love, happily single, or bitterly burning photographs of ex-lovers there’s something for everyone on this playlist!
Personally I think Valentines is a waste of money, but hey! I’m always down for an appreciation of love!
Love Yours Truly, x 

The Secret Garden…

Perhaps it was Suzy in Wes Andersons ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (which by the way I loved) or maybe my recent (never-ending!) obsession with 60’s ‘it girls’, but this little mod-style ensemble seemed like the only option for a day out to Lewes with Joshua.
These photos were taken in the garden of Lewes Council Offices, which despite having being soaked by a flash rain shower (hence the wet-shabby-chic hair!) still looked completely beautiful! 
The dress is an old Topshop number that annoyingly shrinks more and more every time I wash it…Grr!
The socks are a pair that have been in my bottom drawer forever, and the cardigan was an eBay purchase.
The vintage cream vanity case strikes again! But it’s just so pretty I can’t help it!
This garden really felt like the one that belonged to Mary Lennox. It even had a big wooden door like hers!
And here is a close up of the beautiful two toned oxford brogues that the lovely people at Modcloth kindly gave me…Oh I love them!
The day had started out bright and clear, as we set off to the countryside surrounding Lewes, to meet with the farmers who Joshua will be working with this Summer. He will be tending to the grape vines in their impressive vineyard. 
Just look at the ‘office’ Josh is going to have…Jealous moi?!
We were also introduced to this little chap – Conrad the lamb!
Unfortunately this little cutie hasn’t had the best of luck. His mother had no milk to feed him, and despite being fed formula by the lovely couple who own the farm, he has developed a bit of a joint-related disease, as he didn’t have the necessary antibodies to protect him. However rest assured, all necessary jabs were being provided for the (quite literally) poor little lamb!
The farmyard cat…He was quite the show off!
After discussing the details of Joshuas impending employment, we were then dropped off in the town centre where we wandered around taking in the picturesque views…
This beautiful war memorial was so enchanting. I spent a good ten minutes photographing it!
I mean, just look how incredible the fabric detailing is here…
This vibrant shop window also caught my eye! All the colours under the sun!
And after all that meandering and strolling, what could be better than afternoon tea in the form of fresh fruit scones, with homemade cream, jam, strawberries and a cuppa! Perfect!
It also provided much-needed shelter from the rain which came from nowhere…Oh England! Why must your weather be so temperamental?! (ps. check out the cheeky new vanity case hiding behind my faithful cream one…Yes I have a problem!)
And seeing as it raining again today, I think I’ll end this post on something a bit sunnier looking, a random cat I spied sat on a garden wall. He was quite the model for me!
Yesterday Joshua and I went to the Vintage Nation event held at Brighton Racecourse, run by Judy of ‘Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair’ notoriety. We had a really wonderful day, and as promised I took lots of street style photos for you all to admire. I’ll be posting them up soon!
Have a lovely week,
Love Yours Truly, x

Day Two…The Zoo!

For the record, I love exploring a new Zoo! I always do a bit of research beforehand to check the animals are well cared for, and read reviews from the public, just to make sure there’s no disappointment on the day.
After having loved Berlin Zoo a couple of Summers ago, I was excited to visit Lagos Zoo with Josh.
Amazingly the Zoo was only a fifteen minute walk from Tiagos parents home, so it was the perfect little day trip!
I’m wearing one of my favourite summer dresses, a cute little broderie anglais affair!
The bag is from eBay (it goes everywhere with me!) the sandals are from Office a few summers ago, and the vintage fruit brooch was a hat trim I modified.
After the rainy English weather we had today I can’t believe I was in a summer dress just a little while ago! Boo! I want my holiday back!
Joshua wore his new 1940’s high waisted trousers with an 1970’s woven shirt and vintage brogues…He’s so cool!(Swoon!)
Now I feel I should warn you, I took A LOT of photos, and it was really difficult to trim them all down for one post! 
So for now I’ve just put up my favourites, but I’ve decided once I’ve finished with my Portugal blog posts I’m going to do a facebook album on the Yours Truly page so I can share more with you all!
Let begin with this beautiful fella…
A cheeky little meerkat that seemed quite interested in Josh!
I know they look like toilet-brushes but aren’t they pretty?!
I don’t know what was harder in achieving this photo. Trying to capture all the colours of the birds iridescent feathers, or keeping Josh from trying to pick him up! 
This was the entrance to the farmland section, filled with goats, donkeys, turkeys, hens, cows, pigs and sheep. As well as roughly a million guinea pigs (they’ve clearly been left to their own devices!)
I get a bit funny when I see Tortoises. I just think they look so other-worldly and ancient. I love how slowly they move, and their scaly arms. I could have happily watched this old boy eating his lunch all afternoon!
Be warned. There is a baby Porcupine in this photo and it is really…REALLY cute.
Josh celebrating after feeding the carps and the ducks (we came all the way to Portugal to feed ducks! HA!)  and myself feeding a rather over-zealous goat!
There were hundreds of these little guys swimming in one of the lakes! You’d just see their heads bobbing along next to the birds that were also in there…
So pretty!
I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for Toucans…Can you blame me when they look this incredible? We found out that Toucans can eat Macaw Parrots when they fancy it! Frankly I can’t get my head round that…
Wandering amidst the bamboo…
And then a quick snap on the walk home! If it looks familiar you might be thinking of this!
Once I’ve worked my way through some more photos I’ll be sure to pop another post up. I’m really enjoying re-living the holiday through these posts!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x
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