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Too Much Too Young…

Growing up in a small town where the local entertainment includes a chair museum, it was no accident that I grew to love going to local gigs and appreciating live music. 
In my late teens I frequented the one music venue almost every weekend, watching bands perform anything from metal, punk and ska, and what could sometimes only be described as an ear-ache inducing din!
I met some of my closest friends at these gigs, and to this day, watching live music is one of my favourite ways to socialise.
And ever so occasionally my love for local bands seeps into my sartorial choices. This amazing T-shirt is from the merch stand of Los Hermanos McKenzie, an Argentinian band who recently played alongside two of my Brighton favourites Time for T and Normanton Street (I definitely recommend a listen to those two!)
I loved the print so much I even settled for T-shirt that was two sizes too big (they had sold out of everything else!) 
Fortunately it’s not really noticeable when it’s nipped in with this great houndstooth skirt I recently found in Beyond Retro. 
The fabric and fit of this skirt are amazing, I really don’t think you could get anything of this quality on the high street, and certainly not for the same (bargain) price!
My pastel ballerina cardigan was a flea market find in Berlin a few years ago. Considering how light it is, it’s surprisingly warm! I love the slouchy-softness of it.
And for perhaps the first time in three or so years, my Dr Marten brogue boots are back on the blog! They’re now battered and even a little bit broken, but nothing comes to close to how comfortable they are!
My vanity case was an eBay find (though be warned, they’re frightfully impractical!)
And for those of you who don’t follow a little update from my instagram!
I recently found this Jungle Book tin in a little shop in Hackney. My friend was running late, which was never going to bode well for my purse!
Fortunately I’ve had a massive wardrobe clear-out to make some savings for a few trips I have in mind (I’ll be listing the items on eBay soon!) not that you can tell from this picture!
I also frolicked in my tuxedo a favour to my  hairdresser in a competition he entered, and picked up a few new vintage books for my colourful collection!
I’ve picked up the new issue of Lula (it’s gorgeous! Go grab a copy!) and spent an evening with my friend Freya on the seafront, both attempting to learn to skateboard…Progress was slow but at least there was some at all!
My vintage kimono obsession was satisfied in Topshop Oxford Circus by these multi-coloured silk beauties, and I treated myself to a beautiful new perfume!
Also worth a mention is the lovely evening I recently had with Dulcie of Human Seaand Becca at the Orla Kiely book launch in Covent Garden. Those bright green cocktails were a cucumber and gin concoction which tasted amazing!
I fell completely in love with this Orla Kiely wallpaper! Well….It is mustard after all!


I’m off on holiday in a week (goodbye rainy England!) but have one more post ready to pop up before I go, so more very soon!
Love Yours Truly, x

Newness & Blueness…

Autumn is slowly creeping in, and it is without doubt my favourite season. The light layering required for those blustery afternoons steeped in golden sunshine suits my idea of dressing perfectly.
My personal style has recently been under-going a bit of an overhaul. As mentioned in the previous post, I felt like I was ‘playing it safe’ (read – being creatively lazy!) for too long!
To begin with my hair has been transformed completely with the help of Rudi Rizzo at Sanrizz. I’m completely besotted with it! Even if I am getting used to having bright auburn hair again!
Luckily the colour teams perfectly with my new kimono jacket, a find from the summer sale at Zara.
I love the ikat pattern, the woven texture, and as for the sleeves…frankly there are no words for how much I love the structure of this lil beauty!
The sleeves are sewn shorter on the inside seam, creating an unusual curved shape.
I love how traditional it appears, yet is truly a modern piece.
Okay enough gushing about my latest guilty purchase! 
I wore the jacket with a vintage navy wool skirt from Beyond Retro, a pale grey top, and an old cream woven belt I found in a charity shop a few years back.
It was interesting to dress with such a different silhouette – I rarely play around with anything oversized or structured. A taste of things to come perhaps?
A close up of my mega-blunt new hair cut… I have to admit, having a shaved nape again is awesome..I love how it feels!
Also worth a mention is my handy rucksack that I found in an independent bicycle shop in Brighton.  

Since the day of purchase (it took a lot to convince myself to part with the money on another bag!) it has been happily accompanying me on my daily adventures…and has made life so much easier! Big bags are amazing!

If you were tempted to purchase your own ‘bottomless-backpack’ (tres Mary Poppins!) you can find my style and many more on the Baggu website.

And before you thought that I had done an outfit post without a splash of mustard (it is a recurring theme!) here are my favourite H&M socks, and faithful white brogues matching the double yellows…


Thanks to Becca Field for willingly taking photos for me (despite the fact it was a rotten day and she didn’t feel well!)
I’ll be back soon, I have a whole clear-out to put up on eBay and share with you all!
Love Yours Truly, x

Junkyard Blues…

You never quite know where blogging will take you. Perhaps that is one of the things I love most about  creating for Yours Truly, x. However it is also one of the most frustrating! Trying to find original, interesting and suitable backgrounds for posed outfit photos can sometimes be quite a tricky task.
Despite having done this for four or five years now, I still don’t appreciate being photographed in busy areas, with all those ‘Why is she getting photographed in front of that manky wall’ looks! I get really self conscious and it shows in the photos.
Since finding the blue wall featured in the post below (which I happened upon on a walk home one day!) I just want to photograph everything in front of it! It’s ideal! A quiet street with a huge mass of gorgeous colour! But I’m guessing that would get pretty monotonous for you all to see again and again!
So this week, to keep things from looking identical from post to post, I opted for a bright white background…But was disappointed with the results.
So Becca and I went for a wander in the hope of finding something a bit more original. 
When we chanced upon a tiny retro furniture shop that was having a bit of a spruce, moving stock around outside of opening hours. The owner told us to explore, and whilst doing so we chanced upon this junkyard! Perfect we thought!
It’s always lovely when the location of a photo creates a completely different feel for the outfit! I loved editing these photos – the cyans and bright green colours are so lovely!
As for my outfit, I am finally wearing my J.W. Anderson skirt from the collection he did for Topshop last season. It has hung in my wardrobe for months, and whilst I loved it – I could never quite figure out how to wear it. 
For these photos I teamed it with Becca’s vintage black velvet top, scalloped ankle socks from Topshop, and my new Primark wedges that I just can’t stop wearing!
I love the ornate, colourful print! And the fact the skirt is quilted was one of the major selling points for me – it’s so original!
Trying not to knock anything over in a junkyard…Quite the impossible task!
Surrounded by unwanted items! Also – how cool are the 70’s style stencilled flowers on the shed wall? I love them!

I have to get ready for work now, but I have a whole heap of photos waiting to show you in the next post! I’m excited as it’s something a bit different from what I normally share!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Love Yours Truly, x

Pedalling in Pastels…

The sun came to Brighton! For a few glorious day we were sun soaked (if not a little wind beaten!) and I was determined to make the most of the (inevitable) fleeting blues skies.
After a tasty breakfast, Becca and I dusted off our bicycles (I haven’t ridden mine for about a month despite riding it throughout the entire winter!) and took them for a spin along the Brighton seafront for what turned out to be a five mile ride (some very sore bottoms in the flat that night!)
How could we resist not stopping for a few snaps along the way?!
Urgh…First of all let me get over how much I love my bicycle! Swoon! 
Perhaps in tribute to it’s gorgeous iris-blue colour, I’m wearing a surprisingly co-ordinated outfit!
The grey velvet t-shirt and blue playsuit (worn as shorts) I  borrowed from Becca (living with girls doubles your wardrobe!) 
I’ve been feeling a bit ‘stuck in a rut’ lately so it’s been lovely to borrow (and lend!) some pieces to bring a breath of fresh air to my own wardrobe.
This cute little mac was an eBay find, which I’m wearing with a vintage mustard scarf for a splash of colour! It matched beautifully with the pastel-loveliness of the huts!
And my tights are layered up of a Topshop cornflower blue pair, and these greyish-nude H&M patterned pair. I love the effect!
The shoes are old Topshop…As if I wasn’t going to be first in line for a pair of glittery mary-janes!
The bubble ring I’m wearing is a mini glitter snow-globe I bought when I was 16 at the V&A Museum in London. It never fails to cheer me up!
I’m also wearing (though you can’t really see it because the pesky wind was blowing my hair in all directions!) a homemade lace collar which a reader sent me last year. I have trawled trying to find the email to credit her but to no avail! So if you read this and recognise the collar do let me know! 
And because she looked so amazing, I had to feature my ever-obliging photographer flat mate again!
Just how Orla Kiely is Beccas outfit?! 
Here she is with her own co-ordinating bicycle!
Beccas dress was a recent purchase from Primark of all places! She’s wearing it with a vintage silk blouse and my old Topshop white brogues (it works both ways after all!)
One more before we hit the road…
And off we go!

Apologies for the lack of blogging – I actually have a back log of posts all ready to go, but have been too busy working to put any of them up!
So expect a huge surge of posts soon!
Love Yours Truly, x 

On Courage…

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’
I’m lucky enough to have a Mum who reminds me of this wonderful Eleanor Roosevelt quotation whenever a day has proved too hard, or people too cruel. 
In ten words it completely surmises the respect and pride you should have in yourself, and to not let the seeds of doubt planted by others grow in your mind.
The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coaster (when does life not have it’s ups and downs I know!) and a lot of circumstance that I have found myself dealing with, has been unexpected, draining and not so good for personal morale!
I’ve sat here for about twenty minutes deliberating what to write, what to divulge and what I shouldn’t include, and I guess essentially it’s not entirely relevant for the overall point I want to get across.
Suffice to say, that I have had a huge learning curve the last month, and through the highs and lows, I have realised that adversities are much better handled with a smile. Hardships can be laughable with a good friend, and that every now and then, even if it is logically the very last thing you should be doing…you can go and get horrendously drunk and dance to 90’s RnB at three in the morning (thankfully no photos of that to show!)
It’s hard writing this in a way that doesn’t come across as pompous, or preachy – or even (heaven forbid!)…Cheesy! 
But I just think we all need reminding of our own value sometimes – like in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ when George realises how different the lives around him would have been had he not existed. You never know when you’re someones ray of sunshine, or when a quick phone call or kind word makes someone feel a hundred times better.
Before I continue, I’ll take a moment to explain that these photos were obviously taken on Brighton beach, on a cold but bright afternoon walk. 
The pillars that I am standing by are part of the remains of the West Pier, built in the 1860’s, after all these years they have stood the test of time!
Also, I’m wearing a very comfy, very non-blog-worthy outfit! The smart shirt is a recent purchase from New Look – tres Annie Hall! My gorgeous antique coat was a gift from Margaux and Alec of The Splendid Suitcase – it’s so gorgeous!
My skinny jeans are an old Topshop pair, and my favourite sunglasses (more for wind protection than sun!) were from H&M.


And these little beauties were a gift from Modcloth last year! I adore them!
Someone who definitely deserves a tip of the hat for being my own (as afore mentioned) ray of sunshine, is Becca my flat mate! After finding ourselves in a very similar situation it’s been so lovely to have someone to not only seek comfort and hope from, but to provide for to! 
From cooking ourselves nice meals (especially breakfast  – conquer that and the rest of the day will sort itself out!) to decorating the flat (photos soon!) movie marathons, heart to hearts and a few too many cointreau’s!
It’s the little things that make a difference I suppose!
And whilst I can thank her for her emotional support…
Her physical support (ie. me not ending up on the floor!)


Leaves a lot to be desired! Ha!
So I guess in conclusion, I’m putting the ‘look inwards for strength’ myth to bed. Sure finding strength in yourself is a rewarding and a worthwhile pursuit. But in contrast, it is no easy task to seek help and support in others to get you through troubling times.
You don’t have to have all the answers, and you don’t have to be happy all the time.
What matters is that you assert yourself on dealing with whatever adversities you find yourself facing, and enlist the help of the ones you love to pull through.
You’d do the same for them after all!  
And above all, be kind to yourself.
I need to keep reminding myself of that one.
Love Yours Truly, x