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Birthday Girl…

Twenty six. Ouch! 
Fortunately I don’t act, look or acknowledge my age, so this is not as issue! (She says hyper-ventilating into a paper bag!) 
For my birthday this year I was treated to two very lovely days in London, one of which was with my younger sister Chloe. 
We spent the day shopping, and having a good nose around London, including this beautiful little park…
The dress is one of my ultimate favourites – it’s so simple and pretty, in fact the incredibly astute amongst you may recognise it as the dress I wore for my birthday last year! (Perhaps I’ll start a little tradition!)
Larking about… 
(sometimes outfit photos in public places are just the most face-reddening experience ever! Garggg!)
My perfect vintage tweed blazer that I am lately wearing unhealthy amounts… I just adore it!
And I cannot fail to mention these new polka-dot beauties! A bargain find in the Asos sale, they are not only stupidly high, but all things considered pretty comfortable too! And of course…Ten times better when teamed with little ankle socks!
Ahhh freshly dyed hair…Nothing better! 
The park is called ‘Postman’s Park’, located near St. Pauls in East London. Although a very pretty park, with quite an interesting history (it’s built upon an old burial ground – which is why the park is raised above every thing else surrounding it) it is most commonly known for the ‘Memorial to Self Sacrifice’.
Beautiful tiles line across a wall within the garden, each commemorating a different individual who gave their life to save anothers.
I tried to snap some examples, but as we visited near dusk the light was a bit funny and the gardner was locking the gates (queue frantic photographing!) I think you’ll get the idea though!
This one really got me…(and it’s so aesthetically beautiful too)
The memorial was created by George Frederic Watts, as a consequence of reading about Alice Ayres plight in a newspaper. After his death, Georges wife continued his work, creating a wall which, to date has 54 plaques.
I really recommend having a read about this garden if you have a spare minute or two – there’s so much history in such a little space!
And if you think you already recognise it, it may be from the film ‘Closer’ as several key scenes with Jude Law and Natalie Portman take place within the garden…


Anyway! I digress! Back to Birthday tomfoolery!
After a good shop, my sister surprised me with afternoon tea for two in Kettners, a beautiful converted Georgian house which now makes for a elegant little tea room!
We had the works! Little salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cakes, scones and trifle! And so much more! We were so full when we left!
The chef even scribbled ‘Happy Birthday Kerry’ in chocolate sauce for me around our mini treacle tarts and raspberry and pomegranate mousse…Tasty stuff!
Chloe in the tres elegant powder room! Ooh la la!
A gorgeous white grand piano, which is played on Thursday evenings apparently! It would have been perfect had someone been sat there, tinkling on the ivories whilst we nibbled our way through enough to feed a small army!
Guess who wants the last Chelsea bun?
After the loveliness of Chloes surprise, I informed her I had one of my own up my sleeve for her too! You should have seen her little face when I told her I had booked tickets for us to go and see ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ that night!
The whole production was incredible – I had those nerves when you think something you really love is about to be ruined (Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favourite movies!)
Fortunately, a lot of time and effort has evidently gone into this production, and it was a very faithful adaptation, which at some points left us literally gasping in awe!
Thanks for a lovely day Chloe!
And because I wanted to share the following photos with you, it’s worth a mention that on my actual birthday (when I had to work – boo!) I spent the evening with Joshua and his family, having a gorgeous meal out in the sun…
Ava and her Uncle Josh..Who can blame her for being curious about that hair!
Meanwhile Taylor was intent on messing mine up with one of those head massaging things…
But he did help me blow out my candles (I find the birthday cake experience, lovely but mortifying in equal measure!) taking some of the attention off of me and my mullet-esque hair!
So there we have it. Twenty six. 
Nothing to do but get on with it (and pretend you’re still twenty one!)
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x 

A Blossom Fell…

I’m back! I’m sorry for a longer than usual absence but after working last weekend at The Vitality Show in London I feel I’ve only just got my steam back!
This Sunday just gone, my younger sister and I went for a walk in the beautiful afternoon sunshine, and just look what we found in a nearby field…

I know this time of year bloggers go crazy for blossom photos but it really is justified when they are this pretty! Who can blame us eh?

I’m wearing a vintage 50’s school skirt (it even has a little ink stain!) with a white 60’s mini dress worn as a top. The shoes are from Topshop – they remind me so much of straight jacket fastenings – very Houdini!

My sunglasses are from H&M last year, and my brooch is a makeshift effort made with a vintage hat trim. I’ve been getting into Victory Rolls again recently too…

Chloe is wearing a mint H&M shirt-tunic, with a vintage black bowler, and urban outfitters shades…I think she looks quite ‘Lana De Rey’ here…


Wonder what on earth I’m up to here?

I’m checking it’s not one of these little guys crawling on my leg! The whole wall of blossom trees was teaming with them!

Still, they weren’t quite enough of a deterrent to make me not want to ‘be one with the blossoms’!

Oh and I had to include this just to show you my new nail polish which I am completely enamoured with. It’s called ‘Serene’ by a brand called ‘Me Me Me’. It’s the perfect ‘Forget Me Not’ shade of blue…


Inspired by a recent post by The Styling Dutchman, we sat down to make daisy chains…turns out I’m still awful at making them, so I left it to Chlo to make one whilst I gathered good daisies!

Modelling her efforts!

And then showing off her amazing upside down skills! How does she do it?!
Clear skies…Bliss! (and growing hair! Eep!)


And because I can’t resist not telling you…I have some very exciting news which is making me THIS (see below) happy!

Joshua and I will be going on holiday a week today! On the 9th of April we will be flying out to Lagos in Portugal to stay with our lovely friend Tiago (who is also an incredible musician under the pseudonym ‘Time for T‘) and his family for ten whole glorious days… I’m so excited I can barely sit still!
Of course…you can expect copious amounts of Portugal blogging!
I can’t wait!
Love Yours Truly, x

Please Yourself…

Well I don’t know about you but I’m knackered! This week has been full on, mostly because work has been a bit manic (more on that in a bit) however before all the madness ensued, I had a visit in Brighton to see Joshua.
Now I’m sorry for the repetition, but I’m seriously infatuated with these trousers right now!

As you can see it was a bit of a dreary rainy day, but I still tried to bring the Spring-time vibe out with my bright floral silk top. It’s gorgeously light and dreamy (but so delicate I’m perpetually terrified of ripping it!)
I’ve also changed my make up a bit recently, experimenting with different brands and colours. I’m even considering doing a little cosmetics blog post if you ladies would like that?
On this day I was trying out a new pink blusher I had picked up.

Check out the matching candy-pink nails and my BLING RING. Oh I love it! Back when I was a student I thought it was so ridiculous I had to own it…Now I think it’s actually quite subtle!

To hide from the rain we snuck off to a little cafe called ‘Marwood’ (previously mentionedhere) which is in the South Laines. We met some friends and indulged in tea, coffee and a huge wedge of this rather odd little creation…
Introducing…Bacon Cake!

Unusual as it sounds, I found it to be pretty non-offensive! It was quite a heavy, savoury cake with the bacon cooked in layers. Worth a try but I’d rather have a brownie next time please!
Here is that curly haired chap who hasn’t featured on here for a while…Is it just me or is his hair getting bigger 😉

One of antique chairs I took a fancy to. The decor in this cafe is so interesting. It’s a bit 1940’s bomb shelter meets Andy Warhols studio, and a children’s toy box! (Go and you’ll see what I mean!)

A pretty cappuccino! (I wish I liked coffee!)

Which when finished, our friend Jack turned into a Teacup Forest! How great is that?

And because I said I would, I’d like to reveal my exciting news now, which as I type this, I realise might not be exciting for anyone else but me! (oh well!)
Who is this little cheeky hiding under my vanity cases? Oh my! Why it’s my beautiful new sewing machine! Isn’t she a beaut? Well the picture on the box anyway, I’ve yet to set her up as I need to re-jig my room a bit!
I’ve been planning to set up my own textiles business for a while now, and have been saving to pick up all the bits I need. Now that I have my machine I feel one giant leap closer to achieving my dream.
I can’t wait to share more with you all, I feel very secretive right now!

Oh go on then! To give you a taste of some of the vintage fabrics I’ve been sourcing for this business (the details of which I’ll properly reveal over the next few weeks) here are two samples I picked up at a recent vintage fair…

I’m so excited to share my progress with you guys! Think you can tolerate painfully child-like ‘look what I made!’ posts? 😉
Hope you all have a great week. From tomorrow until Sunday I shall be working at theVitality Show in Earls Court with my work. Come say hello if you’re coming! If not wish me luck! I have feeling I’ll be dead on my feet by the time it’s all over!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x
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All Sorts of Tomfoolery…

Good evening lovelies!
So I’m back from my little Brighton holiday and back to the hum drum of everyday life. I did want to share one more amazing little purchase with you though!
Whilst in Brighton I found myself with an hour to kill before Joshua was due to meet me, so I dangerously decided to have a mooch in Beyond Retro…My poor purse!
However it turned out quite fruitful and rather thrifty as I picked up these incredible high waisted trousers for a snip at £16!

Made from a fine wool, and lined with silk I instantly loved the deep ochre colour – where else could you get a pair of trousers of this quality for that price? Amazing!

I’m wearing them with a black vintage silk teddy (underwear as outerwear = my new obsession) a H&M cardigan and my white brogues from eBay. This was the first time this year I also got to wear my favourite sunglasses again, Spring is coming!

I love how timeless they feel, like something Katharine Hepburn or Amelia Earhart would have worn.
It was SO windy whilst we were taking these photos!
36OKq8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Today, I’m back home having spent the afternoon at Josh’s sisters house (unfortunately Josh couldn’t make it up..Boo!) for a roast dinner and to play with this little charmer…


Uh! My heart melts! He comes out with the some of funniest and sweetest things you’ve ever heard. I spent most of the afternoon spinning him around the garden and climbing into his ‘tree house’…Who needs to join a gym eh?
Then of course there’s this little stunner! Remember when I posted a photo of her just after she had been born?

Just look at those baby blues!
And may I just request a huge dose of sympathy for this brave little fella who broke his arm two days ago and is STILL smiling! What a trooper.
The toy he is holding is ‘Poor Puppy’, I bought him from one of the ‘Build A Bear’ workshops.
I fixed a matching cast and sling on his arm, so Taylor has a buddy for all of his doctors appointments.

Ava beating Pampi’s head with spoons…This girl has all the makings of a great drummer!

Josh’s sister made us scones from scratch which we ate in the afternoon sun with a pot of tea! So delicious!

Served with clotted cream, and SPARKLY strawberry jam! The jam contains edible glitter – thus creating Blinging Scones!

Right well call me a wimp but I’m knackered! So I’m going to settle down with a film and call it a night!
Oh – and I haven’t forgotten to share my exciting news, I’m just holding fire until later in the week 😉
Hope you all have a great week!
Love Yours Truly, x 

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe…

My little hometown was transformed overnight into a glorious Narnia-esque scene! Walking home from the pub the night before, my bowler hat had been covered in a good few centimetres of the white stuff, and when I peeped out this morning from the comfort of my bed…About four inches had settled! Madness!
Naturally, as any blogger would I took it as opportunity to frolic! In this instance, in the field behind where my younger sister lives.
I even briefly braved the chill for a few ‘proper’ outfit photos (to my sisters exasperated ‘You’re bloody mad!’)

My midnight blue velvet playsuit is a Topshop Limited Collection which I bought on a snip as uniform when I worked there during University. The Stole is H&M and the beautiful necklace is hand carved ivory, from Jerusalem. My Mother picked it up when she travelled there as a child. I love how ornate and delicate it is.
And my outfit is completed by the ever elegant…WELLINGTON BOOTS! Practicality stepped in on that one I’m afraid!

Quickly bundled my layers back on to warm up again!

My younger sister Chloe hasn’t been feeling too well the last few days, so I had walked from my side of the valley to her side to bring her medicine, chocolate cake and Marilyn Monroe films!

We never did think we looked like each other!

Walking down the hill…Everything looks so much prettier in the snow! (Am I the only one who gets upset when it all starts getting grey, slushy and gross looking?)

What a cutie! Ever since we were little Chlo has had the unflagging ability to make me burst out laughing with the facial expressions she is able to pull!

And how do I thank her for taking my outfit photos? I launch a snowball at her head of course! (Now was there a photo idea that went horribly wrong!!)

Hiding or planning a retaliation attack?

The woods by my home…So pretty!

It’s all well and good to appreciate the snow on a weekend day, but I am a bit sceptical about how much I’ll be enjoying it tomorrow morning at silly O’clock on the way to work…
Time to cuddle up with my duvet and a bit of Fred and Ginger! Perfect!
Love Yours Truly, x

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Hello lovelies!
How is your Christmas shopping going? Bit of a military operation isn’t it?!
This weekend I went to Winchester with my family to visit the Christmas market which is near the Cathedral.
I wore this little dress from H&M, which I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now! I love the sleeve length, if that’s not too odd to say!

I wore the dress with a beautiful crochet collar sent to me by Annah, who has a shop etsy (which you can visit here) I love it gives the dress a little bit of personality!
My brogue chelsea boots are a bargain from eBay (originally Office)

How gorgeous is this Christmassy door?

My younger sister, wearing New Look jeans, a vintage shirt and scarf and a cute navy bowler she picked up from one of the vintage stalls that morning.

The market was split into two halves, the first being vintage and craft and the second was more Christmas themed, with homemade decorations and crafts. Chloe and I loved snooping at the vintage stalls (naturally!)

Candy floss… I resisted the sugary-teeth-rotting-gorgeousness!

Chloe chomping down a Christmas pasty!

Winchester was a lovely city, with such gorgeous old buildings and quirky features like this tea pot…

And this swashbuckling boot!

Christmassy balloons anyone?
(so many of these were smacked in my face during the day by children running past!)

The Cathedral looking rather majestic in the cold wintery afternoon sunshine…

My parents loved these reindeer! They’re very impressive, I wouldn’t know where to start in making one!

Personally I had a bit of thing for these penguins! I love how grumpy they look!

It was utterly freezing and very busy, but there so much to explore and eat and buy that we all had a wonderful afternoon!
I also enjoyed the opportunity to work on learning the manual settings on my camera.. I think I’m getting there!
More soon, don’t forget to enter the Splendid Suitcase competition if you haven’t already!
Love Yours Truly, x 

I’m Sticking With You…

Good evening from a cold and rainy England!
First of all, hello to my new readers who may have stumbled here thanks to my recent post on Modcloth. Pop the kettle on, pull up a chair and make yourselves welcome!
This weekend was spent in the ‘Shire with Joshua and his family…
I nabbed this little floral skirt in one of the nearby charity shops for a measly £3.50! Wonderful!

I’ve also (serious face here..ahem) recently found a new winter coat from eBay, which although I was a bit dubious about at first (there is so much fabric!) is actually growing on me. Gotta love 3/4 length sleeves (for those of use who aren’t blessed with never-ending limbs!)

I’ve lately been inspired by the look that Gwyneth Paltrow adopted as Sylvia Plath in the2003 biopic when it comes to my hair (which is need of some dye!) I love her loose, neat curls – and the costumes she wears are also very inspiring.
Just don’t go sticking your head in an oven please.
Another serious photo(pout pout pout!) believe it or not Josh caught me unawares with this one…

Josh makes a feline friend…

After our ramble in the woods, we stopped in at the local bakery, where they made me possibly the greatest Christmas sandwich I have ever had! It was just too delicious!

The next day it was off for a bit of a creative afternoon! I wore my new H&M high-waisted shorts, with a tweed bow tie and old Topshop mustard tights…

We went with Josh’s sister and her husband to take Josh’s nephew to paint some pottery!

Which of course meant paint nearly everything besides the pottery!

Josh was engrossed his vase project…

Lots of fun that has left me knackered now!
Thank you to everyone who has entered the Modcloth giveaway so far! I’ll be announcing the winner this week, so if you haven’t entered..What are you waiting for!
Hope your Christmas shopping is going well!
Love Yours Truly, x 

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Proceed to make an idiot of yourself! Or at least that was my philosophy
for the day!
First of all let’s get the outfit photo out of the way!
I’m wearing an old Topshop playsuit with a jersey shirt and my new H&M jumper
over the top. Comfy and warm…bliss!
The scarf was a present from a couple of Christmas’s ago and my boots were from

My younger sister Chloe and I went for a picnic today…However the weather had something else in mind and we ended up drenched and cold, huddled under a tree waiting for a taxi to take us to her place!
For further evidence of this please view here!

Back in the warm and dry and our picnic commenced with red pepper humous, olives and pitta! Yum!

And a cheeky little treat of Mississippi Mud Pie cupcakes!

Chloe with her two childhood toys, ‘Humphrey’ the Hippo and the imaginatively named ‘Snowman’! My elder brother and I used to tease her rotten by making Snowman ‘fly’ across the room! Poor Chlo!

A photo on the drawers in her room..I’m probably about seven or eight here, making Chloe three or four. The dog we have with us is Meg, who unbelievably only passed away this year, a few weeks short of turning 18!

Now do you remember readers, how after my moped accident I swore that I would finally learn to cartwheel in celebration?
Well I’m true to my word, and the following are my attempts!
First of all…Chloe is the MASTER of cartwheeling! Not only does she make it look so easy but she can do it perfectly, time after time after time!

What a show off!
gif make

Here I am nervously preparing for hurling myself over the wet field…Readers, what follows is by no means graceful!

My first attempts…

Most of which resulted in my nearly falling over, either from a lack of balance or a fit of giggles!

My second round of attempts….(oh dear god!)

What I lack in grace I certainly make up for in perseverance. However it seemed the weather took pity on me, and the heavens opened once more resulting us having to run inside again!
I look like a broken Barbie doll for crying out loud!!

What a lovely rainy day!

Thank you for all of the questions I’ve been receiving via my tumblr or email,
some have really made me laugh!
I’ll be working on the FAQ feature within the next week or so.
I also have some really exciting posts in the pipeline which I’m so excited
about but I can’t share with you yet – hurumph!
Hope you had a great day too!
Love Yours Truly, x 

When We Were Young…

As kids, my siblings and I didn’t holiday abroad. Mostly because of the fact we owned four dogs and no one else was mad enough to look after them for longer than an afternoon!
However my parents always came up trumps in giving us fantastic British days out. Whether it be trips to the seaside, the New Forest, or that very special day out…the Village Fete!

This particular fete was in Bray (the village I featured in a recent post) and was full to the brim of nostalgia for me!
There were games such as ‘Splat the Rat’ (a sock down a tube!) guessing how many sweets are in a jar, and getting your face painted. As well as lots of homemade cakes and buns, a Punch and Judy and big bouncy castle for Taylor (Josh’s nephew) to bounce about on!

My dress is from Topshop a couple of summers ago, the cardi and ankle socks are H&M and my brogues are my absolute favourite shoes, which were an eBay find!
Josh and Taylor having a lazy Sunday stroll…

The local band, which played fantastically, and soon had Josh and I dancing around (which I can assure you, attracted some VERY unusual looks!)

The Punch and Judy Show! It was comforting to know that Punch is still losing the baby and beating his wife with a stick even after all of these years (Honestly the brutality is shocking! Ha!)

Afternoon cream tea? Don’t mind if I do!

Obligatory cheesy couple photo….(sorry!)

Now originally we had planned to go the Henley Show on the Saturday, as I enjoyed it so muchlast year and was excited to show Josh too. However someone decided to come along a little earlier than planned…


Introducing Ava Lily! She is the adorable new daughter of Josh’s sister Natalie.
Making this little guy a big brother! (he hasn’t quite got used to the idea just yet!)

A family friends baby keeps herself amused finding lost objects in Josh’s hair…So there’sthe remote!

Isn’t she beautiful? She was born on Thursday the 8th and we spent pretty much the whole weekend getting to know her!

I hope your week has been as happy as ours!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x