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Roll Up! Roll Up! The Fair Has Come To Town!

Once a year, every year, Carters Steam Fair rolls into my hometown, bringing with it old fashioned delights from a simpler yesteryear.
I went down to visit on a Sunday afternoon with my friends Sophie and Nelson. As you will see, we had ridiculous amounts of fun!
I was wearing my (new to me) vintage nightdress with a sheer cape, tucked in to a vintage 1970s red skirt. My brogues are a new eBay purchase and the olive green hat is from ‘Absolute Vintage’ on Brick Lane.
I unintentionally (I promise!) ended up matching the scenery quite well! This night dress is fast becoming one of my new favourites, so expect to see it often!
We wandered around first to get an idea of everything the fair had to offer, which included rides, food, sideshows, games and bumper cars (which resulted in so much laughter I had tears rolling down my cheeks!)
They also had a coconut shy! I love the little signboards…
We then killed some time in the penny slots tent, where we played pinball games similar to those on this  post, as well as having our fortunes told by a machine called ‘Old Betty’…It reminded me of the contraption from the movie ‘Big’ so I was very cautious not to make any wishes!
Here is Sophies fortune, which made us all laugh!
This is Nelson, who has been described by some as ‘The Daredevil Sensation of the Age!’ Aren’t the paintings on these rides beautiful? 
(By the way, the little teddy just visible in Nelsons jacket was a prize he won – we decided to call it Carter in memory of our day out!)
And because I’m a big kid, and I can never resist a go, I jumped on the Merry-Go-Round!
As a testament to a life long affection to carousels, here I am about aged seven on a carousel in Bournemouth. As well as owning several pieces of carousel themed clothing (including this dress) I also dedicated my second year degree collection to carousel horse prints!
Thankfully Sophie and Nelson were more than willing to join me on the Carousel! Rather amusing considering we were the only adults on there who weren’t accompanying children!
It was incredibly beautifully decorated…
Enjoying some of the candy floss we shared (I always forget how sticky it gets!)
One of the transport vehicles for the bumper cars…with Elvis just keeping it casual!
I couldn’t resist….
I wish I had remembered my little camcorder, the music this contraption was playing was so nostalgic and wonderful!
We couldn’t think why anyone wouldn’t want to come to Carters Steam Fair…I mean…Why not?!
Hope you’re all having a lovely week, we’ve had lovely sunshine in the south of England this week so it’s been wonderful! 
Much more to show you later on in the week,
Love Yours Truly x
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Daytime Decadence…

Good afternoon!
I am currently enjoying a glorious mini break in Brighton, having taken some time off work to relax, see Josh and spend my days doing all those little things I enjoy. I can’t describe how nice it is to be able to have a lie in, or to eat breakfast at a leisurely speed (not shoving it down your throat in time to get the bus!)
This is one of the outfits I’ve worn so far this week, inspired by so many things!

I’ve always like the idea of over-the-top opulence, and especially when out of context, for instance, the daytime! So I guess that’s what I was going for here! I was also watching Advanced style videos whilst getting ready (this one in particular is endlessly inspiring!) so maybe they’re to blame!
This week I’ve also seen ‘The Artist’ at the cinema (at long last) which I really enjoyed, and I watched the 1970s (Mia Farrow and Robert Redford) version of ‘The Great Gatsby’ – now I can’t wait for the 2012 version to be released!
Both films can definitely be cited at decadent inspirations!

My dress was an eBay find (deep bottle green is my favourite colour) and the skinny jeans (wait a sec…skinny jeans on the blog!!) are a pair I wear at work. They’re really soft and comfortable – a reason I don’t like wearing normal jeans is that they are just so restrictive!
My makeshift turban was produced after Joshua commented it was a while since I last wore one…so voila! If you want to see how I did it I have an (really!) old tutorial here.

We jumped the wall in Joshua’s next door neighbours garden for some of the photos..Outdoor sofa anybody?!

I’m in Brighton until Tuesday night and will be cramming so much in until then! A little visit to the lovely duo behind The Splendid Suitcase, some fabric sourcing in the vintage markets, some gigs, and even (fingers crossed this works!) making a Jaffa Cake Cheesecake for our friends birthday! Blimey!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Sailor Song…

England is so cold! This week beautiful clear skies have descended upon the country, bringing with them very chilly days!
But unfortunately for Josh it wasn’t cold enough to prevent us from visiting the beach for these outfit photos! Oops!

My skirt and bag are recent vintage finds from eBay, the hat is from the Camden Passage (hoping to visit there again soon within the next few weeks) my tights were a kind gift from Modcloth, and the denim shirt is an old Topshop one.

I don’t really know what inspired this outfit, looking back I’m not entirely sure it ‘works’ but who cares? It was (quite) warm once I had my coat on, and comfortable enough to see me through the adventures of the day!
Josh being cute, whilst I figure out the exposure settings…

Jumping ship!

A runaway strand of hair…!


The beach was so quiet and pretty, so we sat for a while and just enjoyed each others company in the quietness.

Whilst walking down to the beach I snapped this quickly…I love the Brighton Blue colour! I aspire to have a bathroom that colour one day!

This week I also developed one of my disposable cameras. I’m getting into the habit of having one on me at all times, though I’m hoping to venture with a proper little film camera soon. In the meantime here are some of my personal favourites…
Our favourite book store in Brighton, which stocks incredible and diverse books. For instance, I can see a Django Reinhardt and an Edith Piaf book I wouldn’t mind having a nose through!

The Brighton Pavilion. I’m really happy with how this came out, it was such a surprise!

Saturday afternoon nachos…A little tradition I love!

I was laying in bed talking to Josh with my drying hair wrapped in a towel, when I sat up, the towel remained…I thought it looked pretty funny!

Josh looking smug at getting the best chair on a Sunday Roast outing with friends…

My man gives me flowers after the Sunday league…Naaw.

Brighton Market vegetable stall

The Pier at Sunset…

I’m looking forward to snapping more of places and objects, rather than people. I think it might make an interesting challenge!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x
Ps. I LOVE that I can now respond to your comments below. So if in future you ask any questions I’ll be sure to answer them! x

Brighton Burgers…

I have a little saying which I like to use from time to time, when upon my trips visiting Joshua, we try and figure out what to do with the day…
‘You don’t make plans for Brighton, Brighton makes plans for you!’
And it’s just so true!
I had spent the evening (whilst poor old Josh was at work) at our friends Margaux and Alecs (of The Splendid Suitcase)flat. Drinking tea (I sampled some Redbush…Tasty!) and chatting about favourite bloggers, clothes and sharing anecdotes.
So please try to imagine my utter delight, when I was presented with this beautiful vintage Parisian coat from the stylish duo, as a thank you for blog giveaway I ran last month.
I mean seriously…It’s heavenly!
The cream vanity case was a recent eBay purchase, bringing my suitcase collection up to a ‘it’s-okay-I-use-them-as-storage’ eight! Oops!
How many cases does one girl need?!
The coat as afore mentioned is from The Splendid Suitcase (all their vintage is sourced in France, so they get some really original pieces!)

We then decided to have an amble after taking my outfit photos, when we stumbled across ‘Grubbs Burgers’ which is a mini chain (three) of burger bars in Brighton.
Now I don’t eat fast food, as I don’t like the ethics and global domination of those huge corporations. I do however, bloody love burgers! So it’s a win win going to Grubbs! Supporting a local business and indulging in some (queue Pulp Fiction quote) TASTY burgers!
It’s so satisfying knowing your food is being made freshly for you…

Call me boring but I went for a classic Cheeseburger with extra Gherkins..It was so good!

Proof of my burger enjoyment! (I’m a girl who likes her grub!)

Now this chap however (caught unawares having a little pre-dinner daydream!)
He has a rather unconventional taste!

This is Josh’s favourite burger (when we make them together at home we replicate this recipe for him)
Yup. A burger with pineapple, banana and peanut butter.
My mind boggles. I can’t bring myself to try a bite…

After our burgers we toddled off in the direction of home, when conversation turned to the recent BBC Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey drama (link here!) which I had watched that morning. I found it a bit ‘meh’ to be honest, with only a few redeeming features, which I’ll spare you the details of now!
However a nice little tidbit of knowledge is that Miss Shrimpton actually hails from the same home town as Josh and I! So in tribute to the long-limbed icon, I decided to throw a ‘Shrimpy-esque’ pose on a park bench, amidst the dog walkers and football fans on their way to the pub!
However instead of looking strong and gazelle-like, I achieved a look more akin to Superman posing for a Outerwear catalogue! Ah well!

Oh! And the hair is slowly but surely beginning to fade back to it’s former gingery goodness! Horay!

Huge thank you to Alec and Margaux for my beautiful new coat…I simply adore it!
So there we go! An outfit I didn’t plan, and a lunch I didn’t expect…Brighton certainly does make good plans for you!
More later in the week,
Love Yours Truly, x

Toy Story!

Well it’s lovely to be back! I finally feel well enough to blog again! Thank you for all your Get Well wishes, they were very sweet and definitely cheered me up!
Not that you’ll notice at all in these photos but I’ve actually dyed my hair brunette this week, and I have to say I think it’s going to be a pretty short lived experiment! I already miss my reddish mop!

My corset top is from eBay (I loved the chintzy print!) worn with jewellery inherited from my Nanna (informal New Years resolution is to wear more of the beautiful jewellery I’m fortunate enough to own!)

Yes my cardigan drowns me! But it’s so snuggly and soft it’s like wearing a duvet (which is just what you need when you’re on the mend!)
The shorts are Topshop, hosiery is from H&M and my little case was a Brighton find in Snoopers Paradise.

I had to include this picture! It looks so terribly posed but it’s actually just Josh caught in a bit of a daydreamy moment…Naaaaw!

This Saturday we had a date in Brighton! We went to the Brighton Toy and Model Museum followed by lunch at Kensington Gardens (the nachos there are our favourites..We demolish them!)
I took a silly amount of photos inside the museum, which was amazing! I’ve tried to whittle it down for you! (would you like me to put the rest on the Yours Truly facebook?)
An incredible cabinet filled with soft toys from as early as 1905!
I love the camel!

This pair of ducks made me laugh! What a duo!

The Circus cabinet was also amazing. I have a huge love for traditional Circus items, and these little lead clowns were no exception (though is it just me or are they carrying sawn off shotguns?!)

This ferocious lion caught my eye! His original box was behind him too. There were quite a few original boxes throughout the museum which I found remarkable, when you consider how rough children can be with such things.

A whole glass cabinet was dedicated to miniature model toys, including this Disney set…

And a whole room was dedicated to puppets!

If you know anyone who is an avid fan of model trains then send them to Brighton quick! There was a huge model village and train set running throughout the museum!

It was extremely detailed too..Josh and I laughed pretty hard when we noticed this little guy!

This part reminded me of this Tim Walker photo shoot…I’d love some model planes to hang from my ceiling!

It was such an entertaining way to pass the afternoon, and so many items inside get you talking about your own favourite toys!
I’d definitely recommend anyone to have a little visit!
Lastly I’m very happy to announce the winner of The Splendid Suitcase blog giveaway!
Congratulations to ‘Georgia Rose’!
To claim your £20 voucher email Margaux and Alec at [email protected].
Hope you all have a lovely week! More soon!
Love Yours Truly, x 

Modcloth Travel Bug & Giveaway!

Imagine my surprise and delight when one afternoon I checked my blogging email inbox , and found that Modcloth had emailed me, offering me freebies in exchange for a ‘Travel Bug’guide to Brighton for their blog!
I regard myself as small fry when it comes to the blogging world so I was thrilled that a brand as huge as Modcloth would even notice me!
And boy was it hard choosing those freebies! They have so much gorgeous stuff!

After much deliberation, the winners were a pretty mint tea dress, two tone brogues (I’m so in love with these shoes!) cute pale polka tights and a sweet ‘Love in three languages’ necklace!
Worn here with a handmade ballerina cardigan I found in a flea market in Berlin.

The dress is a lovely light crepe type fabric, and it skims over my curvy bits wonderfully! It’s also a lot of fun to twirl in!

And how sweet is this multi-lingual little trinket?


And because my personal blogging photographer (aaw he’s the best!) was looking so ruddy dapper I thought I would post his outfit too!


Josh is wearing a vintage blazer from Beyond Retro, a Topman shirt and spray-on skinny jeans, and vintage paisley tie from the Brighton ‘Frock Me’ fair the other weekend.
I love how he mixes up colour and patterns in unpredictable ways!

And just in case you didn’t notice in the photos above, look at this adorable window transfer! It caught my eye as we crossed the road and I knew my outfit photos had to include it!
We started the day with a hearty breakfast in Cafe Motu, in preparation for a day of snapping ‘must visit’ places in Brighton…

Oh maaaaan I am such a sucker for american breakfasts!

We stopped by to visit our friend Alec (of The Splendid Suitcase) at his market stall in the lanes, and he caught this ‘muscle man’ moment whilst helping me with the manual settings on my camera (I’m still learning!)

We then went to our friend Juans for a dinner party, where Lucia (his sister) and Oli (her boyfriend) cooked us a gorgeous dinner!

We provided the desert….Nutella fondue with fruit and mini donuts! Yum!

And then…(SO happy about this!)
Josh and I went to see C W Stoneking again! How lucky am I? Twice in one year!
Once again he was phenomenal, and this time I was right at the very front! Perfect for someone of my teeny stature!
I thoroughly recommend you check this chap out on youtube…He’s just fantastic!

Now for fear of this post becoming a smug freebies-indulging one…I have a little Christmas present for you!
I am giving away this cute make up purse that was also sent to me by Modcloth (share the wealth!)
Big enough for all your daily bits and bobs, brushes, lotions and potions with a convenient little zipped pocket inside!
Not to mention how sweet it is to look at!

Want to win it?
Then all you have to do is comment on this post, telling me what your ‘can’t live without’ make up product of choice is! What brand is it? What’s so amazing about it, and why you like it so much?
Then click ‘like’ on my facebook page to complete your entry!

I’ll be announcing the winner within the next two weeks!
Best of luck!
Love Yours Truly, x
Ps. You can view the Modcloth Travel Bug post I did HERE – hope you like it! 

J’aime Nos Dimanches Paresseux!

Believe it or not….I’m not in Brighton in the following post!
Joshua came back up home for the weekend, which meant we could give poor Brighton a well earned rest from my blogging!
Instead we pestered the Thames in Henley (the town where my new job is!)

I’m wearing a bottle green felt hat from Absolute Vintage in Brick Lane, a H&M cardigan and bamboo tights, a cute little tea dress from eBay (I love the waistband!) and my brand new two-tone brogues which were sent to me by the lovely people at Modcloth (more on that another day!)

It was a bit of a battle to get some photos where my hat wasn’t being blown off or hair wasn’t obscuring me completely! Talk about adverse elements!
And yes…That poor little vanity case is still being lugged around! I just adore it!

We had a wintery stroll by the Thames (after I put my coat back on!)
It was so lovely and peaceful…

Having a bit of a chat with the puddle ducks (including a punk-duck with his little feather mohawk!)

And then a first for all of us (Josh, his parents and myself) We spotted a black swan on the Thames. Apparently this is very unusual as they normally dwell in lakes and only stop over in these parts during the Winter (Josh’s Dad is like a walking Wikipedia!)
Isn’t it just beautiful?

Then when the cold got the better of us we started walking towards the centre of the town…Pausing only for an ogle at the patisserie goods!

Before arriving at the rather grand Town Hall…

For a vintage fair! Wohoo! Anyone would think I planned it all along (wink wink!)

Josh was wearing his new vintage Levis shirt/jacket from Brighton market, with a vintage print shirt, and a ‘three pence’ medallion…Oh swoon!
He has the patience of a Saint being dragged to these things! Thankfully he’s a bit of a vintage lover too…
Isn’t the decor lovely? The duck egg walls were such a pretty surrounding for all that gorgeous vintage!

I don’t think Sundays could get any better!
Hope you’re all very well and not getting too stressed with your Christmas shopping!
Love Yours Truly, x 


I wrote last week about how Joshua and I had run frantically home from the bus stop so that I could get to the laptop in time to bid for an item.
Well it was this beautiful dress!
Which by some miracle I managed to win, having got to the auction with forty seconds remaining! Phew! Talk about a close one! But I just KNEW I had to have it!

The beautiful little carousels that adorn this Ruby Rox dress are so similar to a design I created in my second year at University, and I suppose it’s for that reason mainly (since that collection I became pretty obsessed with old fashion fairgrounds!) that I adored this little number so much!

I’m wearing it with my new Modcloth polka dot tights, some brogue heels (oh my!) from eBay and the little vanity case I picked up last weekend in Snoopers Paradise.

How adorable are these little shoes? I couldn’t find anything to wear them with for ages, then this dress came along and it was a match made in wardrobe heaven!

We had spent the day just ambling about Brighton as we normally do! Popping in to say hello to friends…
Including afro buddies…!

If that doll hadn’t been so silly expensive (£25!!) it definitely would have come home with us!
Truth is there was so much we wanted to come home with us as well!
This is my favourite stall…There’s always something I want there!

And in this instance it was this gorgeous vintage bamboo suitcase, in such wonderful condition too!

Josh eyeing up a globe (we want to start collecting them)

I was also really taken with this glass head! Though I really couldn’t tell you why!

In the end I just bought a few seaside photographs for my collection, and a cute floral dinner plate for my when-I-move-out-again-box!
Being stupid with GIANT leaves…

A little meander through the Saturday market (where Josh bought a vintage 1970’s Levis shirt!)
I love the peacock fire grate…

And an oggle at some Quadrophenia style mopeds…

Before popping into Beyond Retro, where our friend Joe (the singer in Josh’s band) works…He always looks like he just walked out of the 70’s! Few can pull that off so well!

And then a bit of heartbreak before heading home 🙁
I’ve seen these gorgeous dalmatian shoes all over the internet, even though they’re quite rare. They are normally so expensive, and I must admit my heart leapt when I saw a pair in front of me!
But alas…they were a size 6 and I’m teeny size 4.

Lots coming soon lovelies! I’m starting to get into the swing of my new job and the time it allows me for blogging!
Love Yours Truly, x