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The World Is Quiet Here…

It’s taken a while to get these photos up, they were taken about three weeks ago at the Booth Museum, which is a Natural History museum about ten minutes walk from my home!
The museum was founded by Edward Booth in 1874 and is filled to the brim with his incredible collection of species – including some skeletal remains of a Dodo!

Sam and I went exploring one rainy afternoon in the middle of the week – so it was pretty much deserted!
Despite the nasty fluorescent lighting we decided to go ahead and photograph alongside the incredible taxidermy cases…

It’s funny to see myself wearing so much make up, as I’ve been pretty much bare-faced the last few weeks (largely down to the ferocious, wet weather – where’s the point eh?)
I’m wearing a vintage fur stole from Beyond Retro, that I pinned to create something which quite closely resembles a neck brace…

My slub-knit jumper and velvet shorts (a playsuit) are both from Topshop. I adore mixing textures in outfits, and these two go together so well!

Sam is so clever with his camera! These trips are great for the both of us – he gets better acquainted with the complex settings and I get some lovely blog photos to share with you all!

Yup…Definitely a neck brace!
We had a lot of fun with this one…
This cabinet blows my mind! The colours and the sheer scale of some of these birds is incredible. One of my favourites is the light green bird next to me on the right.
It’s called a ‘Kakapo’ – or Parrot Owl to you and I!

My silver mary-jane shoes were a Topshop sale purchase, they pinch my toes quite a bit so I’m still trying to break them in.

Also – seeing as it is Valentines Day tomorrow I thought I would pop another playlist as the last one was so well received! (Thank you!)
So whether you’re madly in love, happily single, or bitterly burning photographs of ex-lovers there’s something for everyone on this playlist!
Personally I think Valentines is a waste of money, but hey! I’m always down for an appreciation of love!
Love Yours Truly, x 

London Calling…

Much as I adore Brighton, it can sometimes feel like you’re living in a bubble down here! There is a completely different pace of life and whilst the rest of the country were being driven bonkers by the snow…We had a few flakes scarcely worth remarking on at all.
So with that in mind, a recent trip to London with an old friend was exactly what I was after!
Dressed completely impractically, considering the chill in the air – I was utterly determined to feel like Spring was on its way!
My beautiful coat is a vintage piece from Beyond Retro –  it reminds me so much of Jane Banks from Mary Poppins  it is now lovingly referred to as my ‘Jane Coat’.
I wore one of my favourite white shift dresses (the very same which I seem to have worn on my last two birthdays!) with a H&M basic mustard cardigan and a vintage red felt hat from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane.
The more practical side of blogging…Emptying your pockets into your handbag! 
My vintage vanity case handbag was an eBay bargain, and my gorgeous red mary-janes were originally from Office, but I picked my pair up on eBay (seeing a pattern here anyone?)
Also worth a note is the ruddy great ladder I managed to gain within five minutes of leaving the house…Doh!
I met my friend Richard (more on him in a sec!) and our first port of call was the National Portrait Gallery. We went to see an exhibition of photos and memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe (it was an enjoyable, albeit very small exhibition) however unfortunately it did not allow photography, which always annoys me. 
I did however get this cheeky snap of some busts in one of the sculpture halls – before being reprimanded and sheepishly putting my lens cap back on…Oops!
We then left the gallery, eager to be outside on one of the first sunny days of the year! We walked down the road a little bit and found ourselves here….Trafalgar Square!
It was here that we posed for a ‘tourists in our own country’ type photo! 
Now as I mentioned previously, Richard is an old friend – we’ve been close for ten years this year in fact! And it was only when I got home and was editing the photo above, I remembered…Nearly ten years earlier we had posed for photos in the very same place!
Whilst pretty embarrassing to look back on, I am so glad to have had Richard in my life all this time!
The fountains in Trafalgar and very blue sky!
Big Ben hazily in the background…
We then set off (so much walking was done on this day!) for a stroll around St. James Park and a hunt for the pelicans which famously reside there!
The waterfowl of St. James Park… Upon getting there and not instantly seeing scores of pelicans, this reassured Richard that I wasn’t in fact making it up!
So we decided to walk all the way around the lake, on a hunt for pelicans! We saw heaps of pigeons, squirrels, ducks and geese of many exotic varieties! Including this little chap…
But no pelicans! Until…Wait…is that….I think it’s…. IT’S A PELICAN RICHAAAAAAARD! (The poor guy…It’s a wonder he still goes out in public with me!)
Now whilst I was happy to have seen one, I was a bit disappointed about how far away it was.
But in further proof of ‘You never know what’s coming for you’ a couple of minutes later…This happened!
Now that was unexpected! And let me tell you…Pelicans are BIG!
With our bird-watching sensibilities satisfied, we then decided to head towards Buckingham Palace which is located at the tail end of St. James Park.
It was a lovely place to be in the last few hours of sunlight, and had it not been absolutely rammed with tourists and half-term holidaying families, we probably would have stuck around a bit longer. 
Instead we had a quick chortle at this unfortunate statues expense and then hot-footed it to Covent Garden.
Where we had delicious macaroons from Ladurée, a bit of a mooch around the covered market and watched street performers entertaining the evening crowds.
We then headed out separate ways, Richard was off to an Arsenal football match, and I was going to see a Time for T gig in Balham.
All that walking certainly made for a knackering day, but it was so lovely to see an old friend for a catch up, and to see so many lovely (free!) parts of London I haven’t taken the time to see as much as I should.
Apologies for the photo-heavy post! I couldn’t narrow it down!
More soon,
Love Yours Truly, x

Toy Story!

Well it’s lovely to be back! I finally feel well enough to blog again! Thank you for all your Get Well wishes, they were very sweet and definitely cheered me up!
Not that you’ll notice at all in these photos but I’ve actually dyed my hair brunette this week, and I have to say I think it’s going to be a pretty short lived experiment! I already miss my reddish mop!

My corset top is from eBay (I loved the chintzy print!) worn with jewellery inherited from my Nanna (informal New Years resolution is to wear more of the beautiful jewellery I’m fortunate enough to own!)

Yes my cardigan drowns me! But it’s so snuggly and soft it’s like wearing a duvet (which is just what you need when you’re on the mend!)
The shorts are Topshop, hosiery is from H&M and my little case was a Brighton find in Snoopers Paradise.

I had to include this picture! It looks so terribly posed but it’s actually just Josh caught in a bit of a daydreamy moment…Naaaaw!

This Saturday we had a date in Brighton! We went to the Brighton Toy and Model Museum followed by lunch at Kensington Gardens (the nachos there are our favourites..We demolish them!)
I took a silly amount of photos inside the museum, which was amazing! I’ve tried to whittle it down for you! (would you like me to put the rest on the Yours Truly facebook?)
An incredible cabinet filled with soft toys from as early as 1905!
I love the camel!

This pair of ducks made me laugh! What a duo!

The Circus cabinet was also amazing. I have a huge love for traditional Circus items, and these little lead clowns were no exception (though is it just me or are they carrying sawn off shotguns?!)

This ferocious lion caught my eye! His original box was behind him too. There were quite a few original boxes throughout the museum which I found remarkable, when you consider how rough children can be with such things.

A whole glass cabinet was dedicated to miniature model toys, including this Disney set…

And a whole room was dedicated to puppets!

If you know anyone who is an avid fan of model trains then send them to Brighton quick! There was a huge model village and train set running throughout the museum!

It was extremely detailed too..Josh and I laughed pretty hard when we noticed this little guy!

This part reminded me of this Tim Walker photo shoot…I’d love some model planes to hang from my ceiling!

It was such an entertaining way to pass the afternoon, and so many items inside get you talking about your own favourite toys!
I’d definitely recommend anyone to have a little visit!
Lastly I’m very happy to announce the winner of The Splendid Suitcase blog giveaway!
Congratulations to ‘Georgia Rose’!
To claim your £20 voucher email Margaux and Alec at [email protected]k.
Hope you all have a lovely week! More soon!
Love Yours Truly, x