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Beating January Blues!

Sitting in the audience of an open mic night this week, one of the acts informed us that he would only be playing ‘happy songs’ as it was officially ‘the most depressing day of the year’.
A couple of nights later, a couple I was serving at work told me that it was the date that most people quit their New Years resolutions.
Now whilst I totally get why January can be a miserable month, I have continued to have enthusiasm and optimism for this new year!
My resolutions (as shared in the post below) are all of the positive, pro-active persuasion so I don’t feel inhibited at all, I feel like taking this year by the reigns and steering it exactly where I desire!
One small target for myself was to open up a bit more about my blogging to (ahem) ‘Real World’ people! One step of that is to ask more friends to help me with outfit photos. 
The amount times I have missed a great blogging opportunity because I’ve been too shy to ask…No more!
These photos were taken by Louise, whom I befriended a year or so after moving to Brighton. Once I got the awkward task of asking out of the way, Louise happily obliged to take photos for me. In fact we had a lot of fun and giggles doing so!
I’m wearing my new Zara shirt, which after longing for when full price (I’m such a penny-pincher sometimes) I finally snapped up in the sale. 
It’s a beautiful, light silky fabric, and very reminiscent of Annie Hall to me.
My (breathe-in!) skinny jeans are from the ‘Joni’ range at Topshop. I prefer high waisted tailoring as it suits my petite frame, so these jeans are perfect!
My cardigan and brogues are old eBay finds.
And the satchel? Oh my this satchel!
On Christmas morning I yelped with delight upon realising what I had just unwrapped.
Joshua’s sister and parents had teamed together to buy me a gorgeous Cambridge Satchel Company satchel in a classic brown style.
Having a huge affection for anything quintessentially British, and an equally huge admiration for Julie Deane (who founded the company from her kitchen table!) and her British-made bags…Words fail me at how much I treasure this little bag!
It makes me so happy to carry it round with me as I run errands or meet friends.
This is the kind of outfit I wear on days when I’m seeking comfort over creativity. Whilst it’s not as flamboyant as some of the things I choose to wear, it feels elegant and effortless – two words I would hesitate to use to describe my style!
Also keeping me grinning (and dancing round my bedroom!) is the playlist I’ve shared below.
Now I’ve never claimed to be very cultured, or indeed ‘cool’ when it came to my taste in music. In fact I spent a large proportion of my teens and early-twenties avoiding telling people the kind of music I really liked.
However I think it’s safe to say this playlist features so many classics, there’s bound to be something for everyone!
Fancy a bedroom dance off anyone?
Love Yours Truly, x

Welcome To 2014!

I’m curious – does anybody else feel wildly optimistic about this brand new year that lays ahead of us? 
At the tail end of last year I felt like my life in Brighton was moving more in the direction I wanted, and I’ve never felt happier than now to be in my seaside city.
Joshua and I went running errands yesterday, and despite the ferocious winds, and scattered rain storms, we somehow managed to get some half-decent blog photos! I’m thankful my man is so patient!
I’ve been itching to get started on Yours Truly this year, but the bad weather and dark nights have really been a hinderance – roll on Spring!
The patchwork tunic dress I’m wearing is from the Topshop Christmas sale. I remember seeing it hanging in Oxford Circus when it was full price, and loved the graphic, potato-print style of the patchwork pattern.
It’s a size or so too big, but I like that this adds to the loose, clean structure of the garment. The slightly cropped sleeves are always a favourite of mine too.
With a dress so ‘busy’ I kept everything else really simple. This chunky perspex tassle ring is one of my old favourites from my student days.
My make up is a combination of ‘& Other Stories’ and MAC. I’m still so happy to have re-discovered yellow eyeshadow – a favourite look from my teens!
Proof of the kind of winds we were dealing with here! I’ve never had so many ‘out-takes’ from one set of photos…Nor so many grumpy looks on my wind-beaten face!

As you can see I’m still currently growing out my fringe, well actually – my hair in its entirety is being grown! A little project for 2014 if you will!

Channeling some Geisha vibes with clean white tights and black suede wedges. I love how clean cut they look paired with the dress!
So with 2014 in mind, do any of you have any New Years resolutions? I have five which are all pretty simple.
1. Save a bit of money (I have been more specific but I won’t bore you with the details!)
2. Visit London monthly (Living in Brighton can be a bit like a bubble sometimes, I need to venture out and explore more!)
3. Learn to cook new dishes (I love to cook and would love to try something new)
4. Stay in better contact with friends (I’m pretty awful at emails/texting etc!)
And finally, my last resolution is to work on a new website that started to come to fruition last Summer. The content of which I’m going to be tight lipped about right now, but I am very excited!
I have set myself some achievable targets to help get the ball rolling, then I’m sure it’ll be much like this blog (which by the way will still be going!) – a delight to produce!
I’m looking forward to sharing it with you, along with the labours of my other resolutions!
Happy New Year everyone!
Love Yours Truly, x

Chin Up, Head Down…

Like most people, I love the ‘freshness’ that a new year brings. The opportunity for a clean slate, new beginnings and adventures.
I already have a lot planned for this year, and some real hopes for where I might be able to take it. Holidays and little trips are starting to be considered, and I must start knuckling down with regard to my creative endeavours (more on that another time!)
Best thing of all though? I started my year in Brighton! After moving here late in the Summer of last year, it feels amazing to look where 2012 took me…Some of it certainly wasn’t planned! I love this seaside city, and the energy and creativity that breeds within it.
With that in mind, here is one resolution for you – I’m going to work even harder on Yours Truly, x this year and try my best to make every post better!
So let us begin!

These photos were taken on a grey afternoon near Brighton train station. There are quite few murals left over from the recent Whale Fest in Brighton, and this is one of them. Isn’t it lovely?

This hairstyle was a first for me. After creating my little beehive bump, I was at a bit of a loss with what to do with the remaining hair. Perhaps it was a Pattie Boyd influence, but the 60’s style pigtails felt great!
I haven’t worn pigtails in years…Who knows, maybe it’ll be my favourite style of 2013?!

The peter pan dress with an eBay purchase over Christmas – I love the deep rusty colour. And it’s such a thick fabric that it feels very retro…Despite being a reproduction! 
I let the dress do the talking, keeping it simple with a plain navy H&M cardigan, vintage Dior stockings and old Topshop white brogues.
Having your photos taken near work men was never going to be much fun! 
I hope you all had a great NYE – for those of you who follow me on instagram, you’ll know I tried my best to bring it in style (Oh Cointreau! You are a tasty devil!)
Apologies for the short post, I have a few more bits to show and tell, but alas they’re not quite ready yet!
In the mean time, enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back soon!
Happy New Year!
Love Yours Truly, x

2012 Leftovers & Blog Favourites…

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I spent mine with Joshua and his family, and it was a pleasant mix of madness and tranquility.
You’ll have to forgive me for not blogging sooner – Joshuas parents internet signal is incredibly weak and I couldn’t get my laptop to connect try as I might! However now I’m home, I’m hoping this bumper odds and ends post will compensate!
On a quick trip to the shops prior to Christmas (for last minute gifts and wrapping paper!) I wore this H&M dress for the first time.
It is decidedly a summer frock (I picked it up in the Summer sale) and common sense would have told me to wait, but I couldn’t resist the pretty floral print!
In an attempt to make the dress look a bit more ‘wintery’ I’m wearing it with my favourite mustard cardigan (more on that later) scallop lace tights, and Marks and Spencer grey suede brogues I found on eBay.
The locket was late Nannas and has featured on this blog many times! It containspicture of my grandparents shortly after their engagement.
Caught mid leap!

So! This mustard cardigan! From the basic range in H&M it isn’t particularly innovative, but I have recently felt that it improves anything I wear!
In some unused photos for the blog taken a couple of weeks back I teamed it with a vintage tea dress, flea market vanity case and my favourite Topshop mary jane shoes.
An outfit I liked so much I wore it nearly the same (this time with ankle boots and thick grey tights!) shortly afterwards…Probably in an attempt to get some blog photos I was a bit happier with!
Worth a mention is that the photos taken on the beach were taken by my dear friend Sam (seen below looking after my stole!)
He is moving to Brighton in the new year, and seems a lot more clued up on photography than I am…So here’s hoping I might learn something from him!
My beautiful shoes….Sigh!
These candid photos were taken by Sam as he was trying to show me how to use a setting on my camera I didn’t know existed! I feel I reacted as anyone would when they had a camera suddenly pointed at them!
Now whilst I haven’t created a highlights of the year video like last year I thought I would share some of my favourite bloggers of the year, also 2012 bought a first for me, as I met bloggers…REAL LIFE bloggers! In the REAL WORLD! Ha!
With an Indian Princess Party, a messy night out in London and a couple of museum visits, it was so lovely to meet the people behind the posts!
Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’ 
– This girl is so fabulously stylish right down to the smallest details! A very talented prop-designer and stylist(she has recently departed from Beyond Retro, and some of her work has featured in Love magazine) there is something so elegant about the way she pulls her outfits together. Wearing true-vintage with none of the bravado, she has a incredibly infectious laugh and is the sweetest person you’re likely to meet. Long story short? I’m so glad I did! Read her wonderful blog HERE.
Dulcie of ‘Human Sea’ 
– It is so easy to gush about someone like Dulcie! She’s brains and beauty! Reading her gorgeous blog often leaves me reaching for a dictionary (it’s always good to extend ones vocabulary!) and her wardrobe leaves me searching eBay for lookalike garments! And despite being in the middle of a huge house-move with her boyfriend this summer, Dulcie still found time to send me a gorgeous cape from hervintage shop…Which will feature on the blog next year!
Have a flick through Dulcies beautiful blog HERE.
The Bright Young Twins, Harriet and Aimee  
– These two are closer than kin! Wearing exquisite vintage with the capability of making it look like it was ‘just something they threw on’ I always enjoy reading their charming, chatty posts, filled with heavenly clothes and funny anecdotes.
I hope to see them both again in the new year!
Follow the Bright Young Twins adventures HERE.
Amber Jane of ‘Theatre of Fashion’
A friend of Kelly-Marie, I met this stylish lady a couple of times as we visited some of this years great exhibitions.
Her passion for fashion, history and art are truly insatiable! Incredibly clued up, impeccably dressed and ever so nice..What’s not to love?
Read (and learn from!) Ambers blog HERE
Nicole of ‘Fashion Forestry’
Nicole is also someone who obsesses over all things creative. Never have I met someone who has the ability to see the beauty in the mundane so regularly! Her home is packed to the rafters full of her incredible vintage finds, including clothes rails in the hallway!
With a sensational sense of colour and clashing, I really recommend you take a peek at Nicoles blog HERE.
And although I may not have met them, I still thoroughly enjoyed sharing the adventures and thrifty finds of the bloggers below!
Katie of ‘Katie Louise Ford’ 
(neat as a pin, this girl is stunning, as is her blogs photography!) 
 Emily of ‘It Girl Rag Doll’
(I adore her 70’s influences – she looks like she stepped right out of woodstock!)
Ashley Ording of ‘Fancy Fine’ 
(there is nothing this girl wears that I don’t want!)
and Ruth of ‘Ruby Armoire’ 
(I’m quite a new reader but I’m loving going through her previous posts!)
Rosalind of ‘Clothes, Cameras and Coffee’ 
(Informed and imaginative… I think we all have days when we wish we were Rosalind…What a babe!)
‘Lady Moriarty’
(I became an avid reader at the tail end of this year. Like a modern day Annie Hall I can’t get enough of this lady’s style!)
Kater of ‘All This Happiness’ 
(Her daily outfit-photos on instagram make my lunch breaks!)
and Kathryn of ‘Kitsune-Kun’
(You’d be forgiven for not recognising her! Gone are the long brunette locks for a short peroxide crop…Which I absolutely adore!)
I hope there were a couple of blogs in that lot that you hadn’t heard of, or perhaps which you agree with!
If you’re a UK based blogger and you think there’s a reasonable chance of us being able to meet, do get in touch…I’d love to!
And finally thank you all for your kind words, your encouragements and suggestions, and for sharing 2012 with me! I had a lot of fun documenting my adventures through the blog and have so many exciting ideas for 2013!
I’ll see you soon!
Love Yours Truly, x

Welcome to 2012!

Well you’ll have to forgive me firstly for the slight delay in this post (the 2nd tsk tsk!) and for the fact that I’m not appearing in it!
I fell rather ill on the 24th of December and have only now just felt like I’m on the road to recovery! Bloody Viruses!
So because I’m all skinny (practically no food for a week!) gaunt and tired looking, I thought I’d spare you the outfit posts and instead show you some of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive this festive period…

Pretty colourful sketchbooks and pencils, Bergamot and Ginger bubble bath, Topshop nail polish, a fantastic little craft book, Benefit Posie Tint, a sweet floral mug and art deco style handbag notes!

I also had heaps to watch whilst feeling poorly in bed, including the Fred Astaire (I’d never seen ‘You Were Never Lovelier’ and I adored it!) and Judy Garland box sets, as well as Mad Men series one! (Josh and I are going to watch them all through together!)
I also received a Cath Kidston scrapbook, and another cute mug (A stitch in time!) which not only came in its own little tin box, but was accompanied with vintage buttons! Josh’s parents are very sweet like that!
I’m looking forward to using these coral art deco types buttons…
And Christmas wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t receive more books to weigh down my poor buckling shelves! I received a book on Linda McCartneys photography (Hendrix, the Beatles, Janis…they’re all in here!) a book on the style of French ladies (so many good photos in this one!) and a cheerful little cookbook which accompanied a BBC series I followed earlier in the year with Josh’s Mum!

My younger sister kindly bought me my favourite perfume! I have been wearing this scent for about two years now and definitely feel like it’s ‘mine’ (silly as that sounds!)
And this year I get to indulge in a moisturising cream too! Lovely!

And what did my man get me? Pretty dresses? Chocolates? Nope!
He bought me an incredible 1970’s vinyl player! It’s a beaut! I can’t wait to hook it all up and be able to dance to my favourite records again! (RIP old record player!)

And because they made me smile here are two from Christmas day…
We think Taylor liked his ‘Hungry Birds’ hat from Uncle Josh!

Before the madness ensued!

Lastly (and you’ll have to forgive me for the shabby quality of this!I’m not well!) I thought I’d compile some of my favourite blogging moments of 2011!
I’ve had such a wonderful year, and sharing it with you via this blog has been so much fun. It’s something I found myself getting more and more into as the year progressed and some of the opportunities that Yours Truly has given me have been incredible! I’m very honoured that you swing by time after time to see that…yes…I’ve bought ANOTHER vintage dress!!
I can’t wait to get completely healthy and start blogging into the new year! I look forward to hearing from you, reading your comments and queries and seeing where the year takes us!
Wishing you all a very Happy 2012, with kindest regards and warm wishes!
Love Yours Truly, x
Ps. The Splendid Suitcase winner will shortly be chosen by Alec & Margaux!