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When Life Gives You Lemons…

When life gives you lemons, by all means you could make lemonade. Or you could just sod the lemons and change your life altogether!
About three weeks ago I found myself in an office meeting being made redundant, which came very much out of the blue (for me anyway). It is obviously ghastly and terrifying to find yourself suddenly without a job, especially as I have personally not been unemployed in the ten years since I got my first job!
Now I like to regard myself as a ‘sunny-side-up/glass-half-full’ kind of person, so once I got over the shock of this decision, I started to think about my life in an objective kind of way.
And only one choice seemed obvious to me…
Move to Brighton! Hooray!
As some of my long-time readers may know, although I have frequently visited Brighton over the last 18 months or so (where my boyfriend, Joshua lives) I didn’t (until very recently!) live here. The change to my life is dramatic, and almost overnight – it makes me so happy to be here for so many reasons!
So to celebrate we took some very cheesy outfit photos near the Brighton Pier! 
I’m wearing a beautiful Topshop playsuit I found on eBay as a top, with a vintage cream skirt and that cream vanity case which just seems to follow me everywhere!
The dark red sandals were an absolute bargain from Primark – which was unusual for me as I don’t normally shop there.

Since arriving in Brighton I have been pretty much wearing my hair in this style (or something similar) every day! So fuss free and easy!

An over-exposed close up on the beautiful embroidery detailing on the playsuit. The iris necklace was my Nannas, and the sunglasses are H&M.

Now I know what you may have been wondering, sure – move to Brighton, but what about a job?

Well very fortunately I found that I landed on my feet quite quickly there! I am currently working in the beautiful ‘Blackbird Tea Rooms‘ near Brightons South Lanes.

 I thought I would take a couple of snaps to show you all just how lovely this charming establishment is…

Owned by two Antique and Vintage enthusiasts with years of experience in running sales and fairs of the ‘old-fashioned’ variety, the walls of the tea room make for very interesting viewing. I love this shelving unit of old food and tea tins…

And the mish-mash china that the tea is served on is adorable too! 
The main counter, the top of which is made up of old school tables from a science department!

The heavenly (dribble) cakes which are made fresh on the premises by our very talented Alberto!
I’m slowly working my way through the lot (so far the Bakewell Tart and Banana Passion Cake have been favourites!)

The upstairs has beautiful birds of paradise wallpaper, and so many adornments on the wall for you to admire whilst you sip on your cup of Darjeeling!

The more I explore whilst working, the more amazed I am to find that practically everything is antique! Right down to the light switches or tea spoons! 

The table dressings are all wonderful, delicate hand-made lace affairs, with fresh flowers held in jam jars or drinking glasses….

Joshua and I getting stuck in to the Banana Passion Cake….Blimey that’s good cake!

And it’s decorated with edible flowers! How sweet?!

Debating another slice perhaps?

And because it’s my favourite, I had to share this framed photo with you! I just love the look on the woman in the foregrounds face, and the girl with the batwing sleeves in the background. Also the couple in the middle about to have a passionate kiss…So much goodness in one photo!

So there we have it! A huge change in my life, but I can honestly say that so far I have loved being down here. Now all I have to do is find my own place (currently staying at Josh’s) and get all my stuff down here!
Perhaps then it will really feel ‘real’ and not like I’m just on holiday again!
More very soon,
Love Yours Truly, x 

Postcards from Italy…Pisa, Luck and Love…

Well before I continue, I feel I must warn my readers that this post contains both blood and slushiness, so if either turn your stomach, I promise not to be horribly offended if you decide to skip this post!
When it’s merely an hour away by train, how can one resist going to gawp at a wonky tower and take token tourist photos?
That’s right! We went to Pisa!

My top is vintage, as are the shorts (a cheap eBay find!) The tapestry bag was from a charity shop, and the headscarf from Brighton. My Sunglasses are H&M, and the nifty little fan? It was a much needed purchase on the day from one of the nearby stalls…the weather was SO humid!

I took quite literally hundreds of photos of our day in Pisa, including the mausoleum and the view from the top of the tower, but I’m afraid I’ve had to condense it down to just these few favourites!
Such as Joshua being a bust…!

Or this gorgeous marble Goddess, who was surrounded by symbols of all of the star signs…

The Cathedral was breath-takingly beautiful, so incredibly ornate and intricate in its design, and a welcome cool-haven from the scorching midday heat!

I love this photo of a lion from the bottom of one of the pillars, though I can’t claim much skill behind it! My camera is just very clever!

It was such a wonderful day, doing the ‘tourist thing’ and eating our packed lunch (how British of us!) on the lawns surrounding these majestic looking buildings.

Oh, and for those of you who asked via my tumblr – here is an admittedly blurry shot of me on my bicycle, just prior to us riding off for our Pizzeria feast! I think it’s called a ‘Holland Style’ but I’m not sure if they’re still available for purchase (I’d love one!)

And now for the news, which could be considered slightly dramatic.
On the evening of the 18th of July, (we were in Italy from the 13th-20th) Joshua and I were heading back to the Hotel after spending the day at a swim park in Cecina, when I was hit by a moped whilst crossing the road.
Now whilst I don’t want to go on and on about the details, I feel I should perhaps say a little more than just that statement! First of all…I AM OK!! I am incredibly lucky that by some miracle I came away from quite a serious collision with what can only be described as minor injuries.
The injuries I sustained included seven stitches in my right ear lobe, which was torn as I slide on my back/side along the road, a broken big toe on my left foot, various scrapes, cuts and bruises and a square inch or so at the back of my head that has been pretty much scalped…And I broke a nail! UH!!!


I appreciate these photos aren’t particularly ‘pretty vintage blah blah blah’ and at the time I wasn’t taking them with the blog in mind – they were to try and send home to our anxious parents.
The whole experience (ambulance, A&E, CT scans, ultrasound scans, stitches etc) was terrifying despite the fact, that retrospectively I can state with complete sincerity that the care I received was incredible. What made it so scary, (probably aided by a huge dose of shock) was the huge language barrier that we faced at every point during the five hours we were in the hospital. It made things very ostracising.
Also did you guys know this? Because I had no idea previously! Turns out when you go into shock, every muscle in your body contracts. This means that the next three or so days leave you feeling like you have done a ten hour work out….EVERYWHERE ON YOUR BODY! Add this to quite a heavy knock on your noggin and even lying in bed hurts! Gargggggh!
My swollen minging ear the next day…

Like I said I’m much better now! Practically back to right!
However…Thank goodness for this man!

It’s no secret to my readers how much I adore my man, and this whole escapade has only exacerbated those soppy old emotions of mine!
So to Joshua,

Thank you for describing everything I couldn’t see whilst laying in the neck brace (with just a ceiling view!) and was feeling utterly terrified.
Thank you for holding my hand really tight as they anaesthetised and stitched up my ear.
Thank you for point blank refusing to leave me to go and sit in the waiting room, despite several different nurses trying to insist upon it.
Thank you for drying the tears which were on a perpetual stream.
Thank you for continually reassuring me, singing to me, telling me I’m pretty and trying to make jokes, despite how worried you were too.
Thank you for washing (ever so gently) the dried blood out of my hair for me the next morning.
Thank you for going out and getting pizza and ice cream for me to eat in the hotel room the day before we flew home.

Thank you for being there for me.
And readers, fear not! This blogger is as a lot tougher than she looks! Prepare for some up-coming posts including a beautiful new Celia Birtwell dress and another blogger interview!
Love Yours Truly, x