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Liberty Love…

For a start, let me just say that 5.30am is not a time that really exists in my world.
Gone are the days of my ‘sensible office job’ which required early awakening, and to be honest, I rarely crawl home in the wee hours anymore either.
So should you want to find me at that time, best bet is that I’m enveloped in my duvet!
However, always up for a change of pace – I quite willingly arose at the ungodly hour a fortnight ago, to venture on a commuter train to London, with one dreamy destination in mind!
I had been invited to Liberty, for a scarf styling breakfast, where over nibbles of fresh fruit, pastries and coffee we were going to be taught everything we wanted to know about their iconic silk scarves!
I woke up bleary-eyed, but a woman on a mission! Pulling together an outfit of H&M tights, an eBay paisley dress and favourite Topshop brogues, I was out of the door in about fifteen minutes flat…
And packed in my ever trusty vanity case, all essentials for a day of blogging. I have to say, it felt wonderful to have a day solely dedicated to Yours Truly!

And although she features in the photos below, now would be a great time to say that I had the pleasure of meeting Kristabel of ‘I Want You To Know’ (as well as the lovely Camilla of ‘Into The Fold’!)
Kristabel very kindly took these outfit photos for me. It was wonderfully deserted when we started to snap, then every man and his dog decided to appear! Typical eh? Thanks Kristabel!
Back to the scarves! For those of you who don’t know, I actually specialised in Print Design during my fashion degree, and have always adored the insanely beautiful prints that Liberty create.
With that in mind, I was delighted to meet this lovely chap, who designs the Liberty scarves! He has full access to the archives at the click of a button and was able to talk us through the varying prints and how he develops and tweaks them to keep them fresh each season.
The print geek in me was practically frothing at the mouth as we talked through his creative restraints with regards to Liberty’s heritage.
Now there’s a dream job!

Myself, Kristabel and Camilla with our first attempts at scarf styling…

There were several scarf ‘specialists’ on hand to talk us through the scarves, and show us varying ways of styling them.
Not only was I delighted to be playing freely with the expensive silky beauties, but I was amazed by the stylists knowledge and enthusiasm for their work.
What this wonderful lady didn’t know about scarves, seemingly wasn’t worth knowing! Drawing her inspiration from all corners of the globe, her passion was infectious!

A cheeky pose with my stylist! I loved this chunky braided style I’m wearing.
The beautiful Liberty ladies…
So many colours! Urgh! So much beauty!
Myself and Kristabel with the braided style – perfect for hiding festival hair or in my case…Dark roots creeping in!

I’m going to work on a scarf-styling post inspired by the wonderful creations Liberty showed us. I can’t wait to show you how simple they all are!

Thank you so much to Liberty for inviting me, and what a delight it was to meet Kristabel and Camilla (and have a cheeky lunch with Dulcie who is lucky enough to work there!)

Love Yours Truly, x

Style Stories…

It was when I was at University that someone first commented on my habit of ‘contextualising your clothes’
In my eyes, every garment has some sort of history. Even brand new items! 
A Breton style top can emulate Jean Serberg, or fisherman off the shores of France, whilst a pretty white broderie dress will always give me hints of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ 
Within my own wardrobe, I have an ‘Abba’ playsuit, ‘Ziggy Stardust’ skirts, and more ‘Mary Poppins’ items than I care to mention!
I’ve bought shoes off the back of seeing similar pairs in movies (The Painted Veil being a great example…Her two-tone brogues were amazing!) and always fawn over costumes whilst mentally taking notes for future purchases.
So with all that in mind, I think I had already given this skirt a story before it arrived on my doorstep!
A cheeky little Topshop treat, I loved the bright Spring florals on such a heavy, decadent fabric. 
As I pulled an outfit together, I realised how much it reminded me of early 60’s prom dresses.
To me, it’s a little bit ‘Grease’ and a little bit ‘Sound of Music’ (it could easily be made from a pair of jazzy curtains!)
I could just imagine a 1960’s girl waiting for her date to pick her up, all dressed up for a drive-in cinema, or burger joint…Which is what we tried to emulate in these photos (the waiting part not the burger date unfortunately!)
My vanity case is one from my collection – it’s a bit broken after someone fell on it during some very flamboyant dance moves!
My wedge sandals are from Primark last year and are still my favourites! They go with everything and are so easy to walk in.
Little glittery blush-coloured socks stopped my toes getting cold!
Since dyeing my hair, I’m definitely found myself drawn to pink (and indeed, colour in general!) a lot more.
With a skirt this bright though, I toned it down with black basics like a H&M body suit, and a Topshop cocoon coat.


I really love the idea of an elegant outfit teamed with messy, undone hair. So I left mine completely natural!
The necklace is salvaged from an old broken one, it’s nowhere near as expensive as it looks!
I’ve spent the last few weeks since bleaching my hair trying to find the perfect semi-permanent dyes to achieve the pastel head I desire.
I think I’ve made some real progress since these photos were taken, results of which I shall share soon!
And as ever, I have Sam to thank for these lovely photos!
Taken during rush hour by a busy road, we chased the setting sun to capture the evenings beautiful golden light.
And the fact that I’m so comfortable with him, means we both forget what’s going on around us…
Even when people were having a real snoop as their cars crawled along in traffic! 
Hope you had a great weekend!
Love Yours Truly, x

Talking ‘Bout My Generation…

The term ‘Mod’ is something that has been synonymous with Brighton for nearly sixty years now.
From the famous deckchair-hurling fights on the pebbled beach, to the Mod fashion boutiques which to this day still line the North Lanes – there remains a huge vibe of the hubbub of 60’s youth culture throughout the city.
With that in mind…It all started with a pair of black chelsea boots by Deena & Ozzy, marked down in the sale.
I loved everything about them, especially the history that comes with such an iconic classic.
After a few days hesitation I finally gave in and bought them – thankfully having been marked down again in the time it took me to deliberate!


With my boots still sitting pretty in their cardboard box, I found myself trawling the internet for Mod imagery, Beatnik fashions, listening to iconic music from the decade whilst closely inspecting photos of the generation that danced to it the first time round.
This would be a great moment to interject that I have within the last few months discovered the wonders of Pinterest. My account is HERE if you care to see what inspires me of late.

Then one afternoon last week, Joshua and I were having a rummage in the record box at out local Oxfam (a very fruitful day – five amazing vinyls came home with us that afternoon!)
On the way out we both spied this navy pea coat hanging on the wall.
I tried it on first, then Josh – we both loved it and decided that Josh would own, and I could borrow!


Of course, to fit us both means that it’s slightly too big for me – but I love the oversized ‘boyfriend’ look!
Teamed with a pair of Joni skinny jeans from Topshop, a chunky knit roll neck jumper and my Cambridge Satchel Company bag that I recently blogged about, I set off with my friend Sam to take some Mod inspired photos, to do both the boots and pea coat justice!


It’s amazing being photographed by Sam – we’ve known each other for about ten years so there’s no awkwardness, and best of all, he’s an amazing photographer – always teaching himself how to use new equipment, editing techniques…Very inspiring stuff!
Our location was just up the road from our flat, where, were it not for the modern cars littering the pavement edge, you could believe that it was still the 1960’s thanks to the red brick homes, and ceramic road signs.

My beautiful satchel, I look after this thing like it’s a newborn – I love it so much!
Sam working on getting my ‘best angle’…Ha!

A cheeky little portrait shot…


As we walked home, with an impossible number of photos to sort through – we spied this amazing 60’s VW van!
Talk about serendipity!


If you want to have a look at some of the Mod images (both new and old) that have been inspiring me then click on this link HERE.
Love Yours Truly, x

Never Say Never…

There are some items of clothing that I don’t suppose I’ll ever adopt into my every day wardrobe. Tracksuits, logo-emblazoned garments and velour, whilst perfectly fine for others, don’t seem to sit right with me. The crop top had been designated to the same list.
I’d firmly left the skimpy garment in the archives of my past style efforts.
Shows what I know eh?
On writing this post, I was trying to remember the last time I wore one of the navel-baring tops.
Kodak-coloured memories of family holidays sprung to mind to begin with – born in the late 80’s, I wore (like most young girls of that era!) a multitude of two piece sets, with little crop tops and matching floaty shorts!
Then of course, came the early teen years of indecently low-slung baggy denim jeans, worn with band t-shirts customised and cut to within an inch of their life! 
All a little too revealing, and more than a little embarrassing to look back on (don’t get me started on those red parachute pants that I ADORED!)
So with all that in mind, you can imagine my surprise that on one stickingly-hot afternoon I borrowed the featured top from my flat mate Becca…And loved it!
Partly due to these amazing trousers I’m sure! A recent find from Beyond Retro, they fit like a dream (once I’d taken them up!)and despite the nipped in waist, were incredibly cool to wear in the humid weather.
I also borrowed the seagull print scarf from Becca – very jealous of this one!
Throw in the vintage mustard scallop jacket, tan wedge heels and my trusty H&M sunglasses, and it looks…Well a bit Miami Vice to be honest!
But it felt good…Really good! The right combination of Masculine vs. Feminine that I love to play around with in my wardrobe.

And accessorised with a recent H&M feather ring (slightly inhibiting, but isn’t it pretty!)and a beautiful deep blue nail polish called ‘Rock Star’ from the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection.
I suppose it’s good to push your own sartorial boundaries – even on items you didn’t think you’d like (I’ve made peace with the crop top – so long as my stomach isn’t on full display!)
If you want to keep up to speed with what I’m up to on a more daily basis, then follow my instagram.
This week I’ve shown new thrifty finds (including an amazing rocking chair found on the street!) sunny days out and tasty treats from Brighton hot-spots!
More soon, including more beautiful photography from Sam Luck (who is credited for these photos!)
Also – I finally got round to becoming a dot-com! Do let me know if you have any problems loading the blog, this html nonsense confuses me no end!
Love Yours Truly,x

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile…

‘Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known’ – Chuck Palahniuk
It’s not like me to start a post with a quote, but then again this post does have a different style in whole to my usual content.
The photos I feature on this post (to prevent it from looking like an essay!) are some of my favourite black dresses…I tried to style them as little as possible, just to show – it’s you who makes the outfit!
I’ve become aware over the last few weeks of waves in the tide-pool of blogging, and have read numerous posts on various blogs about the cons of blogging, the effort, the invasion, the narcissism of it all.
So I thought I would throw my two pence into the fountain!
To begin with, I feel I should tell you that this little blog of mine is something I am equally proud of and embarrassed by. In some social situations, I have wanted to crack open the floorboards under my feet and crawl away, rather than answer polite questions about my blog!
My favourite Little Black Dress – a vintage number from Beyond Retro that fits like a glove!
It’s hard to explain why I stand in front of doorways or shabby walls for outfit photos to some people. I often find myself biting my tongue, holding back from asking a friend to snap me in my tea dress – I mean, would they ‘get it’?
That being said, I am proud of the effort and work that goes into this blog. I am so pleased with its minute success, and so happy to continually share parts of my life with so many wonderful, like-minded readers and fellow bloggers. It’s a pleasure – honestly!
A sparkly little number from my Uni days. I bought this whilst I worked at Topshop, and would wear it with these Doc Marten brogue boots (which I rarely wear now, but love too much to lose!)
What I don’t like, as I have always stated (quoting from my lookbook account now!) is when personal style comes with a ‘better-than-thou’ attitude.
I’d be the first to tell you I’m not doing anything ground-breaking here. But if my posts cheer up someones afternoon, makes them want to try wearing mustard (lets face it – I’ve been wearing this colour A LOT lately!) or if you decided to emulate a particular outfit of mine…Then I would be incredibly touched and flattered.
One of the toughest elements of blogging is knowing when to draw the line on the ‘personal’. When Josh’s niece Ava-Lily was born, I didn’t know if it was appropriate for me to share that. However in truth I chose to (and to continue to) as she and her brother bring me so much joy! Something that surely has to be celebrated.
A sweet and feminine polka dot beauty from H&M. This was a bargain, and I love it’s versatility from night to day.
I have some friends who don’t wish to feature, and a boyfriend who so graciously not only regularly contributes with his photography skills, but doesn’t bat an eye when I post pictures of him too.
It’s about finding a balance I suppose. 
As one of the articles I read recently stated, you can end up living behind a camera. Constantly taking photos of your experiences and perhaps not experiencing them properly. This was another reason (as well as moving home!) for my short break last year.
A vintage 1970’s dress I found on eBay – it’s quite dramatic! 
I have only ever wanted this blog to be honest. But truthfully… I don’t dress like this all the time. 80% of my week is spent in a work uniform or pyjamas (collapsed in bed with my laptop/crocheting/book!) I chose to dress a bit more flamboyantly my days off, and really appreciate the opportunity to be creative.
I want to end on another quote, one that a friend said this week that really resonated with me.
Upon complimenting him on his choice of (dark blue and bottle green tartan) trousers, he smiled, said 
‘Thanks…They make me feel good’
And in five short words and a smile…He described exactly how I feel about style.
I hope you feel good too.
Love Yours Truly, x 

One Of My Little Pleasures…

Good evening from a rainy, cold Brighton!
First of all thank you so much for all of your lovely feedback on my previous post, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 
I am, as anyone who regularly reads this blog will know, a huge eBay fiend! So many of my possessions are the result of a well timed bid, including my bicycle, furniture and knick knacks in my room, as well as clothes, shoes, smellies, accessories, books and fabric!
Suffice to say…It’s my favourite way to shop!
My latest eBay find was this cute mustard lace shirt….

Mustard is definitely one of my favourite colours, and I couldn’t resist this top when I saw it! I’m wearing it over a nude body suit (heaven forbid my underwear show through!) with a H&M white cardigan, vintage navy school skirt, and my current favourite shoes (originally from Topshop – I found a pair on eBay!)

I’m also sporting some amazing new tights from Primark! They’re fleece-lined, and against the raging sea-winds…So snuggly!
My scottie dog buddy who is kindly accessorising my shirt was a charity shop find in my teen years…He’s so cute, he has survived numerous clear-outs over the years!

Also worth a mention (as I receive numerous emails requesting this!) I haven’t dyed my hair for about ten weeks now…Perhaps longer (I forget!) 
After deciding to no longer be a red head, I dyed my hair dark brown and have since then allowed it to fade out to this warm chestnut colour.
Whilst I’ve certainly noticed a difference in my hairs condition, I’m planning to dye it again soon to combat root regrowth!

So for those of you who asked, that’s how I achieved my current colour!

My nail polish is ‘Big Smoke’ from Topshop (a lovely sludgy grey which reminds me of wet clay!) and my lipstick is a blend of Topshops ‘Rio Rio’ and MACs ‘Chilli’

I’m still debating how to best do a make-up post (again, requested often!) but for today I thought I would share one of my favourite ways of blowing money…Magazines!

I have become quite select with my magazine preferences over the years. There was a stage (ok…four or five years!) when I would religiously purchase Vogue, Elle, ID and Glamour every month. However moving house with all those magazines became such a hassle that after a full day going through them all and tearing out pages I liked – I donated the lot to a local schools art department, and my shelves breathed a creaking sigh of relief!

Below I list some current favourites, some of which you have probably heard of, or even collect yourself. I just wanted to explain why I like each publication, and why I would encourage others to try out a copy.

Ok. So I know this one is considered akin to the Bible in every dreamy, whimsical, girly fashion-lovers collection! Leith Clarks heavenly bi-annual publication is at the top of the pile. It’s exempt from my ‘having a clear-out’ cutting or tearing of pages. They’re all too beautiful to damage in any way! 
I remember when I found my first issue (No.5 with Kirsten Dunst) being so enchanted by the soft-focus editorials, and the sublime styling. This is a female magazine created by females. No OTT sexiness, or ‘How Achieve Your Dream Holiday Body’ articles here! 
It’s soft, feminine, a little bit off the wall and incredibly inspiring. 
Put it this way…As long as they keep making it, I’ll keep buying it!
This Australian publication is also a firm favourite of mine. Reading an issue can lift my mood, and inspire me to start new craft projects, write a letter, practise my ukulele – essentially better my creative-self in some way!
A huge advocate of small, own brands and websites, Frankie opens up a world of creativity on beautifully formatted, textured paper pages.
Frankie also has a free pull-out poster with every issue, featuring a design from an illustrator from that issue, and a three month calendar on the back! 
Every page is such a joy to look at, I could gush about this magazine for ages!
I picked up my first copy of this french publication during a visit to Paris in 2009. It’s funny how you can enjoy a magazine so much, despite only understanding a handful of words within it! Such is the loveliness of Jalouse!
A bit tougher and sexier than the other magazines I’m featuring, my favourite parts of Jalouse are the kookily-styled editorials (something about the way this magazine is styled doesn’t feel as ‘safe’ as its UK counterparts) and the movie inspiration pages (pictured below)
As someone who contextualises 90% of her wardrobe (some favourites include ‘Little House on the Prairie dress’ and ‘Taxi Driver hot pants’) I love the idea of recreating looks from your favourite films…
Mollie Makes
A friend I work with recently introduced me to this craft magazine, and I went to get my own copy the very next day! (She has since, very sweetly given me all of her back issues to flick through!)
This for me, is a craft magazine without all the naffness of creating matching twinsets in angora, or other dull, dated craft projects!
Giving you insights into others studios, creative pursuits and loads of simple to follow tutorials, I have bookmarked numerous pages to work on the projects they show!
I enjoy this one so much, I’ve asked for a subscription this Christmas!
Comparatively quite a small publication, I purchased my copy of Betty via their blog. It’s such a sweet, feminine magazine! Though lacking in word content (the pages consist mostly of editorials, with a handful of recipes, and a few written articles) the charming Betty certainly brightened up my day! 
I can’t wait to see what they come up with in their next issue!
Oh Comely
Recipes, amateur photography, and articles written by individuals in a personal, letter style format…What’s not to like?
I discovered Oh Comely during my university days when I spotted Emmy The Great inside a issue in WHSmiths. 
I have since sporadically bought copies, but always thoroughly enjoyed them.
The illustrations used to bring articles to life are endearing and well executed. 
Reasonably priced, this magazine makes a great accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea on a rainy day.
Oh man I struggle to get hold of copies of this one! Always worth it when I do though!
Great articles, interestingly style fashion editorials, as well as book, movie and music review pages.
I also like their choice of celebrities that they feature, including Miranda July (pictured) Devendra Banhart, Kirsten Dunst, Feist and Laura Marling.
There is something delightfully ‘Sunday Morning’ about this magazine. The lighting in the photos is nostalgic and makes you reminisce about the Summer just gone…If you find a copy, grab it (and could you get me one too please?!)

Hopefully amongst that lot you may have found one that you didn’t already know about!
If you do pick up a copy of one of them, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Fur and Gold…

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than feeling a little too over dressed!
Daytime opulence is an interesting foray to experiment with when it comes to clothing – layering up textured fabrics with luxury accessories, or adding unexpected pieces which would normally be best suited for the midnight hours…In this instance, fur and brocade made my decadent ensemble for a trip to a Brighton exhibition with the lovely Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’ and Amber of ‘Theatre of Fashion’ (what a great way to meet someone!)

My new cigarette pants were a find in the H&M sale (I love the black-on-black texture!)
They aren’t something I would normally have chosen, and Joshua was very surprised when I showed them to him upon arriving home – but hey! Why do we like the things we do eh? No rhyme nor reason!

My princess coat and gold brogues were eBay finds, and the vanity case was from a car boot sale.

The metallic blue and gold crop blazer was originally Topshop (I have the cocktail dress to match!) however I snapped it up for a couple of quid at my favourite car boot sale.

The fur (which I think might be rabbit?) is my first real fur purchase, and something which I admit I deliberated over for a few days.
I guess I reached the conclusion, that I have no qualms against the wearing of vintage fur (something I never minded on others, but I had to cement these opinions to comfortably wear it myself) just the use of fur in modern design. Blindingly obvious stuff eh?

The vintage fur stole, with my late Nannas ring. (I really miss being able to wear nail polish! My job doesn’t allow it!)

The full ensemble…Please note the Heidi braids which I can do at last! (My hair is long enough!) Definitely a new favourite hairstyle…

So what exhibition bought those beautiful twosome down to Brighton?

The fabulous ‘Biba and Beyond‘ at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery!

For those of you who can travel and visit – I highly recommend it! For readers overseas, or too far away I tried to snap what I felt were the best bits, to share with you…


Barbara Hulanicki on Brighton fashions in the 1950s… (Dreamy or what?!)

This killed me…I don’t know how I managed to restrain myself from jumping up and stealing the mannequin! 

The walls were littered with admiring quotes, such as this from 60’s icon Twiggy…


One of the aspects I loved most about the exhibition was how personal it seemed. A large amount of the clothes were donated by their original owners, and even had photographs to supplement the memories the wearers had of the clothes. One of my personal favourites is below…

Look at all of those prints!

Dotted around the exhibition were quotes of Biba lovers, and their memories of the infamous stores…

I love how tiny and fitted everything is! Made ideally for the young, post-war malnourished teenagers of England!

Barbara on how she fell in love with her store…

Perhaps one of my favourite features of the exhibition was the Biba make up! Anybody who has seen Lisa Eldridge’s incredible Biba make-over videos will understand my fascination with these incredibly coloured cosmetics…

Just look at those vibrant shades! Urgh! Too good!

The final wall of the exhibition…

I really recommend a visit to anyone who can! ‘Biba and Beyond’ runs until April 2013 so more than enough time to plan a day trip to B-town!

More soon, including some exciting news for anyone who is also Brighton-based!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Good Day Sunshine…

Good evening!
Just a short and sweet post for a change (my posts have been getting more and more photo heavy lately, it feels odd to do such a short one!)
This week, unable to keep up with the yo-yo summertime we’ve had this year, I snapped up this mega-comfy cable knit jumper from H&Ms basic range. 
I know it’s a very simplistic piece, but the versatility and slight nod to the 60’s made me love it, and three quarter length sleeves to boot! Perfect!

I’m wearing it over a vintage nightdress, with some of my regular accessories (THAT vanity case again!) including my late Grandads insignia ring worn as a necklace charm…(Please ignore that fading bruise on my leg…I’m such a clumsy creature!)

I relished the opportunity to wear my hair down on my day off! I’ve been wearing it in creative, vintage inspired styles every day I’ve worked at the tea rooms, so it was a welcome break to just let it hang loose!
I’m currently growing my hair, though I’m not sure how long I’ll let it go…I’m already having pangs for cute crops and sharp bobs!

The photo above was an attempt of a homage to the fabulous lady below. I have a huge infatuation for the 60’s ‘It-Girls’ (anyone who follows my tumblr would know this!) and Jane Birkin and her style are endlessly inspiring! 
The cute camera I’m holding was a charity shop find in Lewes. It’s a bit tricky to get the knack of, and I’m expecting everything I’ve shot on it to be either blurry, under/over exposed, or out of focus! Still it’s enjoyable to play on a new camera!
Joshua and I shared our day off on Thursday and went for a wander around one of the nearby parks with incredible flowerbeds…Look at the size of those thistles! They were about six feet tall!

Beautiful roses which smelt so pretty in the sunshine…

Explosions of colour! From what I gathered, every flower bed had been designed to a different colour scheme…

We then sat and watched some elderly gentlemen playing bowls, it looked so relaxing! Unfortunately I think Josh and I would get too competitive if we played! 

We then went to visit a museum, but it was shut! Boo!
However we’re returning for a visit on Monday so I won’t give too much away!

This week has just flown by for me – I’m busy as a bee at the tea rooms and filling all of my free time with creative pursuits…Brighton is being very kind to me so far (thank goodness!)
Thank you so much to all of your sweet comments on the last post, it feels so great to have your support (finding your feet in a big city is a little intimidating to say the least!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love Yours Truly, x