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Too Much Too Young…

Growing up in a small town where the local entertainment includes a chair museum, it was no accident that I grew to love going to local gigs and appreciating live music. 
In my late teens I frequented the one music venue almost every weekend, watching bands perform anything from metal, punk and ska, and what could sometimes only be described as an ear-ache inducing din!
I met some of my closest friends at these gigs, and to this day, watching live music is one of my favourite ways to socialise.
And ever so occasionally my love for local bands seeps into my sartorial choices. This amazing T-shirt is from the merch stand of Los Hermanos McKenzie, an Argentinian band who recently played alongside two of my Brighton favourites Time for T and Normanton Street (I definitely recommend a listen to those two!)
I loved the print so much I even settled for T-shirt that was two sizes too big (they had sold out of everything else!) 
Fortunately it’s not really noticeable when it’s nipped in with this great houndstooth skirt I recently found in Beyond Retro. 
The fabric and fit of this skirt are amazing, I really don’t think you could get anything of this quality on the high street, and certainly not for the same (bargain) price!
My pastel ballerina cardigan was a flea market find in Berlin a few years ago. Considering how light it is, it’s surprisingly warm! I love the slouchy-softness of it.
And for perhaps the first time in three or so years, my Dr Marten brogue boots are back on the blog! They’re now battered and even a little bit broken, but nothing comes to close to how comfortable they are!
My vanity case was an eBay find (though be warned, they’re frightfully impractical!)
And for those of you who don’t follow a little update from my instagram!
I recently found this Jungle Book tin in a little shop in Hackney. My friend was running late, which was never going to bode well for my purse!
Fortunately I’ve had a massive wardrobe clear-out to make some savings for a few trips I have in mind (I’ll be listing the items on eBay soon!) not that you can tell from this picture!
I also frolicked in my tuxedo a favour to my  hairdresser in a competition he entered, and picked up a few new vintage books for my colourful collection!
I’ve picked up the new issue of Lula (it’s gorgeous! Go grab a copy!) and spent an evening with my friend Freya on the seafront, both attempting to learn to skateboard…Progress was slow but at least there was some at all!
My vintage kimono obsession was satisfied in Topshop Oxford Circus by these multi-coloured silk beauties, and I treated myself to a beautiful new perfume!
Also worth a mention is the lovely evening I recently had with Dulcie of Human Seaand Becca at the Orla Kiely book launch in Covent Garden. Those bright green cocktails were a cucumber and gin concoction which tasted amazing!
I fell completely in love with this Orla Kiely wallpaper! Well….It is mustard after all!


I’m off on holiday in a week (goodbye rainy England!) but have one more post ready to pop up before I go, so more very soon!
Love Yours Truly, x

Brick Lane

Last Thursday I journeyed up to London in the rain and gloom, with the sole purpose of trawling the notorious vintage haunts for something truly special to wear to an event I have coming up.
Believe me, I know better than most that my wardrobe is already filled to bursting (a perpetual ‘clear out’ situation always seems to be in motion!) but sometimes it’s just lovely and frivolous to have something new to wear to an occasion, and to feel all the more amazing for it!

With a bit of change in my pocket, and comfortable shoes on my feet I set off! My main port of call being Brick Lane and the Shoreditch area – where row after row of second hand clothing shops sit neatly next to each other, all a stones through away from the famous Spitalfields Market.
The skirt I’m wearing is a fairly new find courtesy of eBay, I love the slightly abstract palm print, though I did have to make some amendments to the cut with my sewing machine – I don’t think anyone but Jessica Rabbit has hips that curved!

My insect bracelet is an old favourite from my Uni days (it’s battered and falling to bits!) and my nail polish is by ‘& Other Stories’ – I am literally obsessed with their brightly pigmented beauty products lately!

My camel jumper is from Topshop a couple of years ago, worn with a velvet bow tie from H&M. 
My coat and vintage vanity case were both eBay finds, and my blinding gold shoes (which remind me of exotic old ladies!) are from Primark (I couldn’t believe it either!)

As you can see I’m still enjoying being reunited with my yellow eye make up! Worn with ‘So Chaud’ lipstick by Mac. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying wearing bright cosmetics again, especially when the weather is so grey!

And so what treasures did I find on my little shopping excursion? In all honesty – not a lot!
Isn’t it always the way when you have a bit of free money to spend?
I tried reliable favourites like ‘Beyond Retro’, and ‘This Shop Rocks’ but alas nothing really jumped out at me!
I guess the real success of vintage shopping is to not be searching for anything in particular.

So with my event looming this week, I still haven’t a clue what to wear, but I’m optimistic!
I know I’ll hash together something out of golden oldies in my wardrobe, and then probably feel ten times more confident and comfortable than had I been wearing something new.

Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!
I look forward to sharing the results with you!

Love Yours Truly, x 

All You Need Is Love…

Lately my days off and free time have been a bit of a rarity. I’m working all sorts of crazy hours and therefore when a day off does show its face I can’t help but feel completely torn in knowing how to make the most of it!
Do I rest my weary bones (and my incredibly sore feet!) and have a long lie in, followed by a nap, a sandwich and a snooze? Or do I run around this beautiful city with a crazed determination to see and experience as much as possible?
I tend to settle somewhere in between the two.
These photos were taken on a beautiful sunny day, which I spent with my dear friend Sam, and later once she’d finished work, my flat mate Becca. 
I’m wearing my new favourite trousers from Beyond Retro – they fit like a dream! Nipped in waist, and cropped at ankle length – not bad for £8 eh?! They also have a crazy 80’s woven pattern in them too which I love!
My illustrated t-shirt is really old and comfortable! I bought it years ago at Camden market and at some point I chopped the sleeves off a little too low (hence wearing with a t-shirt underneath!)
I love John and Yoko and this illustration certainly does that affection justice!
I’m also wearing one of my trusty H&M mustard cardigans, and dug out this old Topshop bag from the top of my wardrobe. It’s really cute but a tad impractical!
Patent shoes and pasty legs…Perfect combination! I have absolutely zero interest in being tanned!
It would be worth interjecting at this point, that my friend Sam is a ridiculously great photographer (you can see some of his work here or follow him on instagram) and has a cheeky habit of slyly snapping away when you’re not really expecting it or paying attention! Some evidence of which is below!
Becca and I debating what sea food to purchase…Cockles? Prawns? Jellied Eels? (Certainly not!)
Getting stuck in with our choices! I opted for king prawns and Becca went for crayfish tails…Tasty stuff!
Engrossed in conversation and looking embarrassingly similar on Brighton beach… 
It was then of course time to turn the tables! Here is Sam! 
He’s put up with me for ten years now, so clearly as well as being a talented photographer he also possesses the patience of a saint!
We have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline…isn’t it great to be creative with friends?
I still have a heap of back-logged posts to get up on here! I also have exciting projects and ideas up my sleeve I can’t wait to share with you all!
Hope you’re all well!
Love Yours Truly, x
Ps. A huge thank you to Sam Luck for these lovely photos! 

Back To Blogging…

Hello! My oh my it’s been a while hasn’t it? My little corner of the internet certainly has been quiet lately and I guess it’s for a combination of reasons. 
First of all, the practicalities of moving and all the hassle that comes with it (packing, unpacking, re-arranging countless trinkets and books!) has been quite time-consuming! I also wanted to give myself a bit of break from the world of blogging, as I found it had started to become a bit of a chore, and I wasn’t having as much fun with it as I had previously.
So before things turned sour, I took a short sabbatical of sorts, and now I’m back! Ready for Autumn (my favourite season) and all the lovely layering that comes with it!
So without further ado…Let’s get back into the swing of things!
I put this outfit together around the red socks… I love it being just chilly enough to wear knee-highs again! The mustard cardigan and the shorts are from H&M, and the olive hat is from Absolute Vintage.


I recently picked up this old air hostess travel bag from a vintage shop in Brighton that was having a sale. I love how HUGE it is! I can everything I possibly need in it. It also has this amazing musty plastic-cy smell which I know I probably shouldn’t love as much as I do!
The sweet little mac was a find on eBay – I love trapeze style coats!
Oh…and I suppose the hair should have a mention! I recently went through another ‘Gargh bored with red hair’ phase and dyed my locks a chocolatey brown – so far I like it! The red has started to peep through now too…
The lipstick I’m wearing was a fairly recent purchase from MAC – it’s called ‘Chilli’ and although it’s quite drying, the colour is lovely and matt and really vibrant.
So what have I been up to in my months absence? 
Well if you follow me on instagram you may have a fairly good idea, however for anyone else, I have revelled in enjoying days out, with no concern of documenting them (admittedly a few photos did sneak in here and there!)
Like this amazing view from a lunch date Joshua and I had at a beach front Italian restaurant!
It was a beautiful day and we really made the most of the weather, having our lunch, and then exploring nearby Hove for charity shop bargains…
I love these alternatively graffitied seagulls, they’re made by cleaning the wall!
I’ve also been raiding flea markets and car boot sales to find adornments for my new abode (photos to come soon!)
Unfortunately this chap didn’t make it home with me…He was a tad too scary!
Stupidly I didn’t pick these up, but I am returning tomorrow in the hope they may still be there!
We’ve also been celebrating a couple of birthdays! Including this little lady turning one!
And Taylor turned four! Here we are at Legoland in the queue for quite possibly the most stomach turning ‘children’s’ ride I’ve ever had the displeasure to experience! 
And finally, this has made me infinitely happy!
I bought a beautiful Raleigh Caprice bicycle on eBay and now happily spend my days zipping around the city, on my way to work or running errands (on this particular day we went to the garden centre – hence the TWEE flowers in my basket!)
I have to admit it took a bit of getting used to riding on the busy roads of Brighton, but there is nothing more liberating after a crappy day than to take a little cruise along the sea front as the sun goes down…Bliss!

So there we have it! I’m back!

I’m up to some very exciting adventures with the lovely Kelly Marie of A Harem of Peacocks tomorrow, so no doubt I shall be sharing that with you all soon.

Thank you for your patience!

Love Yours Truly, x 

The Closest To Sport This Blog Will Ever Get!

Whilst I would definitely describe myself an active person, sporty is (excuse the pun) a whole other ball game! 
I’m just not too bothered by soul-destroying physical exertion or running around for hours after wayward balls! Which is why this is probably the closest thing you’ll see to sports on this blog!
These photos were taken on a pretty little green near where Joshua lives. The tennis racket was an amazing recent find, but more on that later!
Since I’ve been living out of suitcases for the last few weeks, I find myself craving comfortable, easy to wear pieces – perhaps as a direct result of not having access to all of my wardrobe and accessories? (Boo – so annoying!)
This basic stripe top was a cheapie purchase, with the idea that it would be versatile and easy to team with most of the items I have with me (it is!)
The shoes were a gift kindly given to me by Modcloth, when I did a ‘Travel Bug’ piece for them (see side bar for link) I’m wearing them with a vintage cream midi skirt from eBay, and my favourite ocre silk scarf.
This was also the first time in a while that I did a beehive hairstyle – I can’t decide if it’s easier or harder with long hair! The ‘bump’ is definitely harder, but fastening the rest up is significantly easier…hence the indecision!
Now for the good stuff (well I think so!) 
Since moving to Brighton I have mustered the energy to get up (ridiculously) early on a couple of Sundays and visit the fantastic car boot sale that is held every week in a disused carpark.
It’s incredible! Most of the dealers are specialist antique or vintage sellers, and you can get some amazing bargains. Here are a couple of my recent finds (I’m saving others for a bedroom post when I eventually find somewhere of my own to inhabit!)
So the tennis racket was one of two that I bought for a mere £1 each! I’m going to attach them to the wall of my new abode – aren’t they charming?
A book for 10p, a plate for 20p…Such bargains to be found! The silk neck tie was also pence – it reminded me of ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’ so I will be finding a suitable way to style it soon!
This beautiful little tin deserved a photo all to itself! It cost £4, and is filled with antique embroidery tools and sewing equipment – I just fell in love with the bright jade and deep coral colours!
I DO love Lucy! So imagine my joy at nabbing the ‘I Love Lucy’ series for a couple of quid! I can’t wait for rainy sundays to roll along, so I can snuggle up and giggle at one of the best face-pullers ever!
The adorable faded bird purse was 20p…Seriously, this kind of shopping is so guilt free!
I feel I should also mention that the paisley quilt that these items are all resting on was also a car boot find! It’s a bit tatty and ripped in places, but for £5 I was more than willing to give it a loving home!
Ditto for this charming circus teapot! I mean now really…Who could resist?
I’m still enjoying Brighton life, and I feel like I’m starting to make it a bit more my own here now, which will increase tenfold when I find a place of my own…Fingers crossed it won’t be long now!
Will blog again soon, sorry for the longer delays right now – I’m still finding my feet!
Love Yours Truly, x