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Too Much Too Young…

Growing up in a small town where the local entertainment includes a chair museum, it was no accident that I grew to love going to local gigs and appreciating live music. 
In my late teens I frequented the one music venue almost every weekend, watching bands perform anything from metal, punk and ska, and what could sometimes only be described as an ear-ache inducing din!
I met some of my closest friends at these gigs, and to this day, watching live music is one of my favourite ways to socialise.
And ever so occasionally my love for local bands seeps into my sartorial choices. This amazing T-shirt is from the merch stand of Los Hermanos McKenzie, an Argentinian band who recently played alongside two of my Brighton favourites Time for T and Normanton Street (I definitely recommend a listen to those two!)
I loved the print so much I even settled for T-shirt that was two sizes too big (they had sold out of everything else!) 
Fortunately it’s not really noticeable when it’s nipped in with this great houndstooth skirt I recently found in Beyond Retro. 
The fabric and fit of this skirt are amazing, I really don’t think you could get anything of this quality on the high street, and certainly not for the same (bargain) price!
My pastel ballerina cardigan was a flea market find in Berlin a few years ago. Considering how light it is, it’s surprisingly warm! I love the slouchy-softness of it.
And for perhaps the first time in three or so years, my Dr Marten brogue boots are back on the blog! They’re now battered and even a little bit broken, but nothing comes to close to how comfortable they are!
My vanity case was an eBay find (though be warned, they’re frightfully impractical!)
And for those of you who don’t follow a little update from my instagram!
I recently found this Jungle Book tin in a little shop in Hackney. My friend was running late, which was never going to bode well for my purse!
Fortunately I’ve had a massive wardrobe clear-out to make some savings for a few trips I have in mind (I’ll be listing the items on eBay soon!) not that you can tell from this picture!
I also frolicked in my tuxedo a favour to my  hairdresser in a competition he entered, and picked up a few new vintage books for my colourful collection!
I’ve picked up the new issue of Lula (it’s gorgeous! Go grab a copy!) and spent an evening with my friend Freya on the seafront, both attempting to learn to skateboard…Progress was slow but at least there was some at all!
My vintage kimono obsession was satisfied in Topshop Oxford Circus by these multi-coloured silk beauties, and I treated myself to a beautiful new perfume!
Also worth a mention is the lovely evening I recently had with Dulcie of Human Seaand Becca at the Orla Kiely book launch in Covent Garden. Those bright green cocktails were a cucumber and gin concoction which tasted amazing!
I fell completely in love with this Orla Kiely wallpaper! Well….It is mustard after all!


I’m off on holiday in a week (goodbye rainy England!) but have one more post ready to pop up before I go, so more very soon!
Love Yours Truly, x

What Is Any Ocean But a Multitude Of Drops?

I cherish my days off immensely. The chance to enjoy breakfast and not just shovel it down your throat whilst keeping one eye on the clock, or to stretch in bed for five minutes before choosing to get up.
The pleasure of relaxing, reading, listening to music and padding around my flat in furry slippers,  slowly creating an ambling plan for the day ahead.
The photos below were taken on such a day. Menial tasks like the post office, laundry and cleaning the kitchen were quickly completed, leaving me free as a bird for the cold afternoon.
I met up with my friend Becca, and after magazine shopping (the new Lula of course!) having a tasty lunch in a side cafe, we found ourselves on the beach at low tide. 
Having my camera in my bag (just in case) and the light being a beautiful dusky hue, we took it as an opportunity to capture one of the most serene evenings in Brighton I have experienced.
There was a chill in the air, with the faint sounds of rush hour traffic and rolling waves combined. The lights on the pier blinked and flashed silently in the distance, and the seagulls swooped for low-tide pickings. We were the only people on this stretch of beach and it felt magic.
It’s the smallest things which make days off like this great. I have been finding huge satisfaction in little joys as of late, and have found the more you look for them, the more they make themselves apparent.
The kindness of strangers in a rain storm. Eating a fresh pear from a local market. Crocheting a multi-coloured blanket as a surprise for a friend, knowing every stitch is one stitch closer to the finished product. Buying bunches of daffodils for £1 and waking up to see them having bloomed overnight!
My mish-mash of an outfit (I was inspired by an older lady who comes into the tea room from time to time and the way she layers her antique pieces) consists of a dark blue floral top from Topshop, a vintage silk night dress from Beyond Retro, cream tights & socks from Atmosphere, and my favourite battered leather boots from Topshop five or so years ago.
I’m also wearing my new camel coat (an eBay find to replace my battered old one!) and a vintage hand-carved mother of pearl necklace that my Mum bought as a child in Jerusalem.
Also worth a mention (as I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!) Joshua and I went to see Cloud Atlas this week and I have to say…It blew me away!
Completely brilliant, original, compelling, exciting…ahh so many words! I ordered the book as soon as I got home and can’t wait for it to arrive!
I really do recommend going and giving this film a try. It’s confusing to begin with (and Tom Hanks admittedly is extremely incoherent in parts!) but as we left the cinema, we were both so exhilarated we could scarcely pull a sentence together!
I’ve also been going to a few more gigs lately, and as always have enjoyed the bohemian sounds of Time for T. If you want to get a taster of what the full band is like, here is a video of Tiago and Juan playing in the snow last month. They also have a soundcloud if you enjoy that. Suffice to say, these guys are amongst my favourite musicians!
I think it would be fair to say it’s the small insignificancies that define us. I recall at my late Nannas funeral during the eulogies that many people mentioned things about her that she probably wouldn’t have used to describe herself.
Like the fact she learnt to ride a motorbike in her 50’s (and popped a wheelie!) or the ingredients of her fruity curry, or her cheeky giggle followed by a snort!
What makes your days off perfect for you? I get a taster from following other bloggers on instagram, but it’s always lovely to share the little things that make us feel most like us.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week. Northern hemisphere readers can take heart that Spring is on it’s way!

More very soon – I have some interesting bits to show you all!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. HUGE thank you to Becca for capturing such beautiful photos in the cold!

Clowning Around…

Ever have one of those days when your hair just will not co-operate? No matter how much you tease it, cajole it, plead with it…It remains stubbornly flat, and in this case, refuses to beehive!
After a good ten minutes of trying to whip up the 60’s style, I pinned my hair down to give my aching, backcombing hands a rest! It was then (with a bit of tweaking) I chanced upon this hairstyle, and despite having more than a hint of Princess Leia – I quite like it!
With a nod to Lily Elsie, and other iconic stars of that age this style was a modern take on a very vintage style! If you would like a tutorial let me know – but I’m sure you could figure this out for yourselves! It’s so simple!
These photos were taken on the steps of Joshuas old house, on the last weekend he was there. The whole time I have known Josh he’s been a ‘Number 9-er’ so it’s going to be so odd visiting him in his new flat!
This beautiful 1970’s blouse I’m wearing was an eBay find, and reminded me of Pierrot and clown ruffles – it’s so much fun to wear!
My lipstick (which I received a lot of questions about!) is a mixture of Topshops ‘Rio Rio’ (which is a lovely matt-textured, pillar-box red) and MACs ‘Morange’ (a very bright orangey red). The combination of the two makes quite a colourful pout!
My cornflower blue nail polish is by a brand called ‘Me Me Me’ which I found whilst working at the Vitality Show earlier this year.
The teeny hotpants are old Topshop ones, and the boots were from Office originally, but I nabbed my pair for a mere £5 on eBay! Score!
This little outfit was worn to a street party in Brighton, where Time for T (they are practically documented on this blog lately!) where playing on a makeshift stage.
I love this (albeit over-exposed) shot of Joshua and I on the day! Because one of us is always taking the photos it’s rare to get one of us together!
Tiago and his band Time for T performing – I love these guys!
Joshua is wearing a vintage blazer from Beyond Retro, vintage tie from an Italian flea market (from our holiday last year) and a topman waistcoat and shirt.
He’s so stylish!
And finally, because I’m so excited by this – I have to share with you my latest gadget!
I recently took the plunge and got myself an iPhone 4 – and much as it pains me to be one of ‘those people’ who gushes about technology – this baby has changed my life!
With all the travel I have to do for work (Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow last week!) there are so many apps which make my life infinitely easier!
And I got an adorable Fifi Lapin (everyones favourite fashionista bunny!) cover from Iconemesis to boot! It makes texting such a pleasure!
And of course, where would be the point in having an iPhone if I didn’t join Instagram?!
Below are a couple of my snaps from the last few weeks, if you would like to follow the link is here – though I have to admit I’m not too sure how all this works!
I promise not to leave it so long until my next post!
Besides, I can’t wait to show you all what I got up to for my recent 26th birthday (arggghhh how on earth am I 26?!)
Hope the constant rain isn’t getting you down!
Love Yours Truly, x

Time For T…

Sunday was one of those peculiar days where you wake up a bit fuzzy-headed, the weather can’t make up its mind what it wants to do, and Monday morning is looming like a grand piano over your head…Fortunately the events of the day were sufficient enough to turn the whole situation around for me!
So I thought I’d share it all with you!
Still loving my 60’s beatnik babes as inspiration, I donned my faithful vintage bowler hat, with a basic H&M cardigan, and black fringed mini dress. 

My socks even have fringing too! A cheeky H&M find! I love that the dress and socks both have such movement to them – it certainly makes dancing a lot of fun! I’m also really happy that the weather has now become that little bit warmer so that bare legs are an option again! Yay!

And here’s the whole ensemble, in one of the only photos where I don’t look like I’m about to be blown away (pesky wind!)

For the start of the day (after watching a few episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ in bed – is anyone else obsessed?!) we had another peruse around the antique shops of Lewes, as most of them had been closed when we went the first time round.
Look at this amazing selection of goodies!

The rooms are a delight to walk through, it’s just such a pity that in general, I found it all to be quite over priced. Boo!

The Virgin Mary just hanging out with a stuffed boar…as you do…

I loved this little corner of one particular shop, there were ships in glass bottles leading all the way up the nearby staircase too…

I have always had a soft spot for these kitchen units, and now I keep seeing them everywhere! 

We then headed home for a really exciting evening! 

Our dear friend Tiago (the lovely chap we stayed with in Portugal) had his first EP launch, with his solo-project-turned-band ‘Time For T’

The EP is called ‘Dream Bug’ (artwork by Kim Crime) and hasn’t left my ears for a good three days or so!

Leading up to Tiago and his band (of which Joshua is the bassist) stepping up, there were plenty of acts to whet our appetites for the musical feast coming our way! I thought I’d share them all with you, as I love it when people recommend new music to me!
This is our friend Joe, who is also a singer in Joshuas other band (he does like to keep busy that one!)
Joe has a wonderful sound – which is often compared to James Taylor. If you would like to listen to his music, you can do so HERE. My personal favourite is ‘Seagull Song’
Ben Kitching (who also does spoken word) then performed for us, unfortunately I can’t find a link for Bens music, but if I do I’ll pop it up! For now though you can admire his red trousers!
Then came Mark Morgan, a lovely fellow – who although I’m acquainted with – I’d never had the pleasure to hear him play before. I really enjoyed it! You can listen to Mark HERE
And lastly, as Time For T were waiting in the wings, The Peppermint Beat Bandplayed a very energetic set for us. Some of you may recognise the chap on the right as Alec from The Splendid Suitcase.
And now…Time for T! 
I know I seem incredibly biased, what with my boyfriend and friends all being members of this band, but I really truly love the music!
They are a talented six piece who perform jangly, energetic, cleverly worded songs with a bohemian easiness and enigmatic charm.
If you would like to listen or purchase Tiagos new EP you can do so HERE.
On a more personal note, I’m also quite happy with how the photos I took of the performers turned out. I hate gig lighting and so does my camera (a bad workman blames his tools eh?) 
And for those of you who may fancy it, you can get a taste of Time For T, with this music video for a track off the EP ‘Been Waiting’ (warning…extremely catchy!)

Thanks for letting me share this with you all. I’m very fond of these boys and their music, so it felt right to show to you all too!

More soon, including the Vintage Nation photos!

Love Yours Truly, x