The Bold Shoulder. – Yours Truly

So Natasha text me – mysteriously stating ‘We’ve got a gig – you want in?’.

The shoot was for a university magazine in Hull – the theme? 1980’s focusing on SHOULDER PADS!

Three jackets had been selected and it was my job to create ensembles to sit with this jackets.

One problem – I had no idea what the jackets looked like!

So, nonetheless I packed up my bag of tricks, throwing in anything and everything in the hope that something would work.

The looks had to be wearable, and 80’s inspired.

I was determined to keep it classy and avoid neon at all costs.

Here are some of shots.

Photography by Natasha, and Ala is modelling (it was her first time and she did so well!)

My account is playing up a bit right now – so I can’t comment on the individual images – But I’m sure you get the just! The first image is my favourite personally – and I managed to get my riding helmet involved too! Score!

More soon,

Yours Truly x