The Cherry on Top! – Yours Truly

I have always been rather fond of hats. The right trilby set at a jaunty angle can instantly save an outfit. A bowler hat gives you an eccentric British twist, and a delicate feathery fascinator just begs to be worn out dancing. Luckily I take after my Mum and can pull off most hats….even tea cosies it would seem. (I recall I was VERY fond of wearing this old tea cosy on my noggin! I think Mum still has it too….hmmm!!)

I spied this adorable hat in my friend Abis’ flat – there was an owl one too!
After having my head shaved for charity there was a solid period of about 3 months when I literally lived in this trilby. It was a bit of a comfort blanket! I have never found one that fitted so well – plus it has my home towns name printed inside it!
A classic knitted beret – suited me with long hair, envelopes my head now!!
I have a mini collection of vintage bowler hats – 1 cream, 2 black and a rusty brown number (which oddly smells like curry?!)
So now we‘ve established my love of hats – imagine my joy upon stumbling across this website! The following are some of the most fabulous hats I’ve ever seen!

Black Ruffles (I think this would look amazing with a LBD!)
oyster pink with gold detailing
I remember seeing these in Vogue in an editorial with Lily Cole. I think it’s very chic and eclectic – but I would look like I had a condom on my head.

Natasha recently told me she’s looking for a turban. This would be perfect except for the fact that Natasha and pink aren’t on speaking terms.
Veils – Practicality – 0 Chicness – 10 The following two are my favourites! I LOVE rooster feathers – their greenish tint is so alluring to me!
And if only I didn‘t look like the Artful Dodgers girlfriend I would LOVE to wear one of these…. Hats off to the lot I say.