The Darling Buds of May… – Yours Truly

I could get used to all of this glorious sunshine! Even if it means tolerating the occasional gale force wind… I was visiting my man in Brighton this weekend, after meeting him in London to watch hisBAND play a gig. They were so great! My throat was a little hoarse afterwards from the copious amounts of supportive cheering!

This dress was from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane, London last Summer. You may recognise it from earlier posts, only since then I have taken the sleeves up to give it a prettier, wartime feel, and to be honest it’s made it much more wearable too. I’m wearing it with a H&M cream cardigan, my charity shop ‘Cat-astrophe’ bag (as Josh calls it!) and my favourite ever brogues. I’ve actually stopped wearing them as much, so that I don’t destroy them! And yes, I am accessorising with a massive bruise. I bruise like a peach and spending half of my time working in a stock room only exacerbates the situation!

How gorgeous are the Pavilion Gardens?

And the Pavilion too for that matter! I always gawp at it’s intricate detailing as we walk home…
We had an Italian lunch in a little side cafe, perhaps a warm up to our holiday in Viareggio later this year?
Josh is wearing his new Urban Outfitters shades, a vintage waistcoat and Topman floral shirt.
Perhaps I should explain my slightly glum look in the photo above. We had stopped in at the ‘Frock Me’ Vintage sale, in the Corn Exchange prior to lunch. Everywhere you looked there was incredibly beautiful, great quality vintage…the only down side? The prices! Alas they were pretty steep to be honest. I am looking glum, because after paying off the last big wad off of my holiday this month, I’m now having to watch my pennies, and NO Vintage Grape Woven Handbag! (below left) No matter HOW BEAUTIFUL you are…you’re just too much to spend my money on right now…(£35 weep weep!)

On the plus side though, it was really great to have a rummage, and the fair will be back in Brighton on the 5th of June. For the rest of the dates of the fair, which also appears in Chelsea London, visit the link at the bottom of this post.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many stylish women crammed in such close proximity before!
If you want to attend one of the Vintage Fairs go HERE for dates. Just save your pennies unless you want to look glum like me! And a continuing welcome to all new readers! Thank you muchly!

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