The Famous Five… – Yours Truly

Autumn is hands down my favourite time of year. And as Britain lays on the cusp of the leaves fading into golden browns, I’ve started practising my layering already! I love the skirt. It was such an unusual find (the fact it fits is pretty remarkable!) and was so cheap considering the quality of the garment…although it has in the past been referred to by others, not so lovingly as my ‘Susan Boyle hand-me-down’…hmm.

I love working with the Autumnal palette, as the richness and depth of the colours are just gorgeous! Tans, Rust, Ocre enhanced with a nude base look a dream!
Plus it’s so much fun having my (new photography fanatic) Mum help take photos for me, she really makes me laugh with the little things she quips! The lipstick is called ‘Firecracker’ and is by Collection 2000 would you believe! I love the deep red, and how truly ‘vintage’ the colour looks, it’s a colour I could imagine my Nanna wearing in her youth. As for my hair, I’m now currently growing it out for my close friends wedding, so I’m already able to start getting a bit more experimental. Today I tried (and possibly failed due to a lack of time and patience!) an 1940’s curled fringe, though perhaps with a tad too much hairspray! Day off tomorrow so expect the eBayathon to begin!