The First Day of My Life… – Yours Truly

Work was ghastly yet better than normal today – if that makes any sense! Ghastly because it was so hot (air con is broken!) and I had to do a hefty amount of tedious chores on my own, but awesome because it meant I could sit in the stockroom with a price gun and my ipod! Topshop music can be so awful it literally makes me want to rip my ears off… Walked those mad dogs again – they get SO excited! It’s hilarious to watch! Plus the sunset was really pretty tonight – I love skyscapes.

This is the new red hair by the way! It’s such a difficult colour to maintain, plus it can be hazardous! I accidentally stained my pillowcase by falling asleep with wet hair…whoops!
Halle attempts to be ‘Super Dog!’ Florence itching for her ball to be thrown…(check out her accessories! It’s to keep her ears grass seed free – she’s a Crufts pooch dontcha know?!)

Aren’t they just dictionary-definition-adorable?! (This is just Florence and Halle, Neneh was mooching around somewhere!) Day off tomorrow, and I have something exciting to show you all!