The Last Days of Summer… – Yours Truly

The south of England is currently experiencing what the papers are referring to as an ‘Indian Summer’. A last little burst of sunshine before the dark months of winter descend! Well obviously one must take advantage of such occasions!

Oddly enough my outfit is nearly entirely composed from items found in ‘Absolute Vintage’ on Brick Lane, all bought on separate occasions! I adore this green felt hat, it’s quite possibly my favourite head adornment and matches my hair rather well too!
The dress has featured a few times on this blog and is definitely a firm favourite! It’s so much more wearable since I took the full sleeves off, keeping a 1940’s style cap sleeve instead. My hairstyle was achieved by just using straighteners to curl the ends of my hair, before a bit of back-combing and pouffing!
A couple of weeks ago when Joshua was home visiting we went for an amble up the road to a couple of vintage shops which are near his home. I can’t believe that a village so small has TWO vintage haunts and yet my entire town doesn’t even have one! Unbelievable eh?

I loved all of these medicinal bottles outside, with a bit of a clean and a polish they would be great homely decorations!

And how nostalgic are these (out of focus, sorry guys!) hockey sticks and golf clubs? I hated playing hockey in P.E. as I always ended up bruised (I bruise like a peach!) and bashed to bits, but I did rather like the old hockey sticks the school provided for us – they were so ancient!
A green cut glass vanity table set! Gorgeous!

I pined for these old cinema style seats (centre) I love the idea that you could put them somewhere without much space, like a hallway for people to use as they put on their shoes!

Practically a living room rather than a shop!

There is something within me that obsesses about vintage suitcases! I’m currently on a self inflicted ban from buying anymore for now though… I have no more room for them! Though they do make fantastic storage for shoes and bags…Hmmm…

Joshua loved this art deco light…It certainly is dramatic!
Vintage skull wall mounts…Loads!

If we pop back another time I’ll definitely get some more photos. I was a bit nervous that the owner wouldn’t approve so I was being rather sneaky with these shots! Whoops! Hope you’re all having a lovely week,

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