The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe… – Yours Truly

My little hometown was transformed overnight into a glorious Narnia-esque scene! Walking home from the pub the night before, my bowler hat had been covered in a good few centimetres of the white stuff, and when I peeped out this morning from the comfort of my bed…About four inches had settled! Madness! Naturally, as any blogger would I took it as opportunity to frolic! In this instance, in the field behind where my younger sister lives. I even briefly braved the chill for a few ‘proper’ outfit photos (to my sisters exasperated ‘You’re bloody mad!’)

My midnight blue velvet playsuit is a Topshop Limited Collection which I bought on a snip as uniform when I worked there during University. The Stole is H&M and the beautiful necklace is hand carved ivory, from Jerusalem. My Mother picked it up when she travelled there as a child. I love how ornate and delicate it is. And my outfit is completed by the ever elegant…WELLINGTON BOOTS! Practicality stepped in on that one I’m afraid!

Quickly bundled my layers back on to warm up again!

My younger sister Chloe hasn’t been feeling too well the last few days, so I had walked from my side of the valley to her side to bring her medicine, chocolate cake and Marilyn Monroe films!

We never did think we looked like each other!

Walking down the hill…Everything looks so much prettier in the snow! (Am I the only one who gets upset when it all starts getting grey, slushy and gross looking?)

What a cutie! Ever since we were little Chlo has had the unflagging ability to make me burst out laughing with the facial expressions she is able to pull!

And how do I thank her for taking my outfit photos? I launch a snowball at her head of course! (Now was there a photo idea that went horribly wrong!!)

Hiding or planning a retaliation attack?

The woods by my home…So pretty!

It’s all well and good to appreciate the snow on a weekend day, but I am a bit sceptical about how much I’ll be enjoying it tomorrow morning at silly O’clock on the way to work… Time to cuddle up with my duvet and a bit of Fred and Ginger! Perfect!

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