The things we leave behind… – Yours Truly

My Nanna was called Irene. She was stubborn, proud, funny, stylish and very opinionated. Some of these could be seen as bad qualities I suppose, but she always made them all so endearing. I love how brave and fearless my Nanna was – she learnt to ride a motorcycle in her 50’s, travelled to Monte Carlo and New Zealand on her own in her 70’s and even with the onset of Alzheimer’s she bounded up to a gang of teenage miscreants and demanded that they pick up the litter they just dropped! (they did!!) Anyhow, after she died the women of the family inherited her jewellery, and some of the wonderful things she gave me are below.

A silver locket containing a photo of her and my Granddad Joseph around the time they fell in love. My Mum has no idea of when my Nanna put these photos in the locket, but I love the sentimentality of it.

A vintage rolex watch. I know right?! I’m too scared to wear it. My Nanna was the wife of an RAF Squadron Leader so I guess this was her status bling! Various charms I have put on chains, included a coffee pot and saracen sword from Jerusalem (my Mother spent part of her childhood there as the family moved around for RAF duties) a Jerusalem emblem, a Maltese Cross, and my Granddads insignia ring (JRP) The jumble of jewellery! I think most of the charms in the bottom picture are my Great Grandmothers as they’re quite religious and my Nanna wasn’t extremely religious. The Mother of Pearl necklace and brooch are beautiful, and both from Jerusalem as is the chunky cross necklace with the gem in the middle. So there we go! I love it all madly, and since receiving them I have been wearing something from the collection every day! It makes me wonder if I’ll have anything desirable to leave future generations! Ps. Currently at the no.1 spot in the ELLE competition! You can still vote for me HERE if you haven’t already! Thank you!