The Village Green Preservation Society… – Yours Truly

Who cares about tube strikes and such affairs when just up the road such delights as the Henley Show lay waiting to be discovered?! For a meagre ten pounds I found myself in a field of wonderful eccentric English past times, traditional arts and crafts, vintage car exhibitions, and more animals than you could shake a (morris dancers) stick at! I took so many photos, but hopefully from these select few you might get a general feel of the day, which although slightly overcast, truly felt like the last stab of Summer before those cold Winter months are upon us.

I think this was maybe my favourite vintage car out of a considerable amount (vintage tractors also on show should any of you fancy that too!) What was quite remarkable was the fact that most of the cars owners were sat by the vehicles ready to have a nice chinwag, therefore meaning all of the cars were in full working order and had been driven to the show!

This lady was fabulous! Just look at her incredible hand knitted friends! I couldn’t resist of course, and stood for a good few minutes deciding on which wooly companion to take home. (I settled on an elephant in a yellow dress, to whom I’ll introduce you soon!)

This car drove past us on the way home! Isn’t just amazing? Like something out of a movie! I just can’t get my head around this being the cutting edge of motoring once upon a time! (Picnic basket in tow? Nice touch! Much more essential than airbags!)

Why oh why didn’t I ask for quilting tips? It’s definitely something on my Winter To-Make list! Aren’t they beautiful? For those of you who are close enough to attend next year, the Henley Show is too quintessentially, unashamedly, fabulously British to miss! There was literally so much to see, including Horse jumping and dressage, falconry displays, craft stalls, food stalls, farm animals, swing boats, and so much good food on offer! Can you tell I had a lovely day?! More soon, I have quite a few new purchases I’m itching to show you all! Also for those of you who haven’t entered yet, the Oh Comely magazine winner will be chosen on Sunday the 19th, so you have seven days to comment on the post below to stand a chance of winning!

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