These Are Mad Times We Live In… – Yours Truly

Well, I feel I have to apologise for my absence on this blog. But I can assure you it is for legitimate cause! Dear readers, my macbook is slowly, but very surely dying. The battery is going and the fan has gone too, meaning I only have about 30 minute bursts of laptop time before it starts to overheat, resulting in me getting scared and shutting it down. So for the last week or so I have been rigorously backing up all my music and files to my portable hard-drive to make sure I don’t lose anything, because that, frankly, would be devastating! Anyway! A quick look for you from the other evening…

The skirt is vintage M&S and the velvet body suit is Topshop. It’s so much fun to wear something a bit ‘femme fatale’ every now and then as it’s not really a look I dabble in much…(excuse the flyaway messy bits of hair, it’s still too short and tricky to tame into an up do!)

How adorable is this vintage pink perfume bottle I picked up in my favourite charity shop? I’m tempted to try and fill it with one of my scents.

Some other new bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to show you include this ‘Sound of Music’ vinyl, a present from the boy…
As was this ‘My Fair Lady’ script book, which is resting on a new frock which I will show you very soon! Josh bought the book on the basis of my absolute adoration of Audrey! Doesn’t she look phenomenal?

I picked up this pretty scarf in Beyond Retro, I loved it’s simplicity and ‘lightness’ if that makes any sense at all!

And I also found these two ceramics in a charity shop, and couldn’t resist their cute charms…

And lastly, just because it’s not something I normally share on this blog. I had a genuine success the other evening cooking homemade garlic bread, to go with a homemade chicken and broccoli lasagne (only with tagliatelle not lasagne sheets!)

Cooking is actually one of my favourite things to do, so perhaps I will start sharing it a bit more on this blog! Wish me luck with the dying laptop! It’s so upsetting! Ps. I will still be regularly updating my tumblr if that helps at all!