Thrifty Finds… – Yours Truly

I always fritter away my money on little bits and pieces throughout the month. I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for things which may be described as somewhat frivolous! These adorable sunglasses, as worn in my recent post are such a find. I already have a pair of sunglasses, and I’ve never really been the kind of girl who needs more than that, until I saw these!

I also fell in love with this gorgeous cocktail glass I found in a flea market. I tried to research if ‘Pink Elephant Chasers’ were a type of cocktail, but so far no avail! I wish I could have found a set of these! Perfect for evening pre-partying drinks!

When in doubt, spend money on kirby grip bows for your hair… I mean how can you resist the cute floral pattern?

I hope to make this vintage handkerchief into a cushion cover. Luckily I picked up two so I’m considering making my Brighton-dwelling boyfriend one too.

More H&M! This time in the shape of these sweet floral socks…oh hurry up warmer weather!

And lastly, a book I found in the same flea market, from the 1940’s to help children with their reading! I just fell for the beautiful illustrations…

Somewhat repetitive mind you…

So there we go! More junk for my already cluttered bedroom! I’m currently on holiday for a week, visiting my man, so expect lots of seaside photos and the like soon! Ps. It was recently bought to my attention that some of my previous posts have photos missing or unavailable to view. I’m going to try and rectify this as soon as possible! Apologies meanwhile!