Today's the day, when dreaming ends…OR begins! – Yours Truly

Well firstly here is the collar so far! I decided just to sew buttons on to the corner, but I’ve since pondered that perhaps I could the whole collar, or perhaps the cuffs as well? We’ll see…

I’ve been getting over an eye infection this week (hence scary naked eyes in these photos!) it was SO sore that I could feel it every time I blinked for the past few days, and URGH if I sneezed…agony!
My plant died. I truly am awful at keeping botanicals alive.

I’m sorry this is so rambling! I feel at a loss today. After the sad events of which I wrote about previously, I feel like I have a little cloud over my head, yet at the same time so very fortunate. It’s incredible how someone you don’t know can affect you so greatly. It just saddens me so immensly to think that there comes a point for some people, where they feel they have no other options. I know (like everyone!) I can whine or moan about teeny daily annoyances. But I still always appreciate a good sunset, or listening to birds singing when I’m on my own walking home from work, or the way my lungs ache after running for the bus on a freezing cold morning. It’s what makes life I guess, the tiny insignificancies that are so endearing. I suppose I’m just weighing up my own current situation and wondering if I really do have to continue to endure certain parts of it. BUT! Tomorrow is a new day, fresh and full of promise. I look forward to seeing where it will end up. Goodnight, and may you be happy, Ps. Next post will FASHION to the MAX! No more philosophy to bore you with I promise!