Tweed and Silk… – Yours Truly

Good evening! I’m back from an unintended little blogging break! It came without warning really, I just found myself terribly busy with work (in the last two weeks I have travelled all over London, as well as visiting Bath, Leeds, Manchester, Harrogate, Guildford, Kingston and Cobham! Phew!) I did keep snapping away however, so I now have a nice backlog of planned blog posts to tackle! These photos were taking last Sunday, as Joshua and I walked to go watch the England game with our friends Alec and Margaux (of The Splendid Suitcase) in their gorgeous flat. Everything I wore was fairly new (to me at least!)  The vintage blazer was something Joshua found for me at Vintage Nation a few weeks ago. I’ve been on the hunt for one for what feels like years, alas they were always too big! This one however is a childrens blazer and fits like a dream…So impressed my man found it (swoon)  These brogues are old favourites from Topshop and my (oops- laddered!) hosiery were an Urban Outfitters sale purchase a little while back.  The beautiful slip I’m wearing was from Beyond Retro in Brighton. It’s such a good quality, soft silk, and the pleat detailing on the bottom is just so pretty! Every time I move it swishes and swirls in the most fantastic way! It feels very Daisy from the ‘Great Gatsby’! I also recently obtained this awesome tote bag from an event of the same name at the Duke of York cinema in Brighton, where they were showing a special screening of one of my favourite films ‘Ghostworld’ As soon as we sat down at Alec and Margaux’s it was straight down to business for these two England-loving lads!  Look how nervous they are at half time. Oh I wish we could have played better for their sake! And although Margaux and I watched the game, we also took interest in a cheeky floor picnic, consisting of crisps and dips, tea and biscuits! Tasty stuff! This is the view from the living room window…Jealous? Moi? (I had visions of setting up my sewing machine at this spot – were it my home!) As I said before, I’ve been travelling a lot this last fortnight for work, however whilst getting about I’ve had a great time discovering new interesting places. I carry a disposable camera in my bag most of the time, and here are some recent shots I got developed from my travels. Harrods in London, all dolled up for the Jubilee celebrations! These cheeky phone booths in Kingston-Upon-Thames made me smile… And this series were taken around Notting Hill – how insanely magic is that pub?! Now for those of you who are interested, I recently purchased an iPhone (after so much deliberation – I’ve always had cheap, non-technologically-advanced phones!) However I’m really enjoying it, and you can follow my adventures with my new(ish)Twitter and Instagram accounts! I’m a little bit obsessed with Instagram it has to be said! Also this week, I’ve popped some bits on eBay, so if fancy a peek or a bid, have a look HERE. Much more coming up, including a street party, my recent birthday, and a photo project!

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