Victory Curls… – Yours Truly

So as my hair slowly but surely grows I feel more and more inclined to experiment with retro hairstyles. Todays choice? Victory Curls!

After viewing a very helpful tutorial from this blog I decided to attempt it myself, and I was quite satisfied with the results! Considering it was my first try, and my hair is significantly shorter than the tutors! It definitely takes a bit of practice mind…

The skirt I’m wearing is vintage, from The Barn in Newbury. I instantly was reminded of liquorice allsorts and Tim Burton films when I saw it, so I knew it had to come home with me! The blouse is Topshop, the cardigan H&M, and I’m wearing my Mums vintage pearls.

Today I met up with my friend Omi for a bit of lunch and a mooch around town, before going to visit my boyfriends parents for the evening. His Dad even fixed my handbag when the screw on the handle broke! In return I helped them with some computer confusion they’d been having!

My laptop whirrs on, though it’s still overheating (so hot I’m pretty certain I could make pancakes on it!) I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new one soon. Also this week I’ve had a really rotten cough which is not only ripping my throat to shreds but disturbing my sleep…not a happy bunny about that! Thank you to everyone who has been sending me lovely emails and tumblr messages lately, I’ll try and reply to you all soon!