Well Hey There Strangers! – Yours Truly

Oh deaaaar! I have been awful at this lately, and for that I apologise! Sometimes the best little trinkets and treats are those that are found in the most unexpected places. Like the time I walked past a skip and found a vintage footstool for my bedroom! On this occasion I was sat watching a close friend clear out his junk…I was half reading a book when my little magpie eye spied this AWESOME belt on the pile.

I think the correct term given is ‘yoink’. Isn’t it the coolest? I’m considering getting my hands on a leather needle and sewing coloured beads over the colour strips. I adore the little eagles!

So the room had a massive sort out recently, de-cluttered, clothes were charity shopped and I finally got round to making a little mood board for my wardrobe door. I’d been collecting cuttings and tear outs for months! The best thing about this mood board is that it’s hidden away, so it stops my room looking too cluttered or messy. But as soon as you open the wardrobe door – POW! Inspiration hits you! I was just mildly concerned at the schizophrenic nature of the images, nothing really matches? But hey! You love what you love right?

Hopefully that series of shots might give you an idea of what I’m into right now. It’s really Tribalistic meets English Dandy?! I’m keeping my eyes out for any mad prints, aztec or native american style stuff, stud-work or large jewellery pieces right now…(who am I kidding?! I’m always after large jewellery!) I am also trying to curb my shoe addiction…I’ll keep you posted on progress! Oh- I have some exciting news to share later this week, so I’m going to try and be a bit more consistent on here! Anyway! I’m shattered and have an long day ahead of me tomorrow, so Bon Nuit mon Cheri!