When It Rains, It Pours… – Yours Truly

The heat of the last few days has been so overwhelming! After my sweltering birthday celebrations, Joshua and I enjoyed a few lazy days together in Brighton before I returned home to work. We went for a walk in the park nearby his house, where I discovered this fabulous shallow paddling pool! If only I’d known of its existence before in the melting heat! I’m wearing a new top from the Topshop sale. Words do not express how much I adore this print! It’s so ornate and the rich royal blue is the perfect colour to set it off. The shorts are from eBay, and I’m wearing my Grandmothers locket which contains a photo of her and my Grandfather in their youth.

The turban (a beautiful scarf I found at Glastonbury festival a few years ago) was a practical way of keeping cool! With my hair off my neck I definitely felt a lot more comfortable in the humidity…

Joshua is wearing one of his favourite vintage shirts from Rokit…(it’s also one of my favourites!)

My teeny size four footprints…

Ahh but alas the good weather was doomed to end that afternoon! With all that humidity a HUGE thunderstorm was bound to occur.

We made the most of Cocktail Hour in a nearby restaurant, and feasted on a mexican lunch watching people outside get drenched in the torrential rain! Perfect!

And whether it was the cocktails or the heat that sent us a little bit loopy, but we proceeded to pull a multitude of ugly faces whilst waiting for our mains to come out. Here are two of my favourites!

Maybe that’s why the waitress was smiling so much every time she came to our table! More soon lovelies, I have some bits to sell on eBay if you guys want first dibs! Ps. Two weeks until Italy! Così eccitata!