When We Were Young… – Yours Truly

As kids, my siblings and I didn’t holiday abroad. Mostly because of the fact we owned four dogs and no one else was mad enough to look after them for longer than an afternoon! However my parents always came up trumps in giving us fantastic British days out. Whether it be trips to the seaside, the New Forest, or that very special day out…the Village Fete!

This particular fete was in Bray (the village I featured in a recent post) and was full to the brim of nostalgia for me! There were games such as ‘Splat the Rat’ (a sock down a tube!) guessing how many sweets are in a jar, and getting your face painted. As well as lots of homemade cakes and buns, a Punch and Judy and big bouncy castle for Taylor (Josh’s nephew) to bounce about on!

My dress is from Topshop a couple of summers ago, the cardi and ankle socks are H&M and my brogues are my absolute favourite shoes, which were an eBay find! Josh and Taylor having a lazy Sunday stroll…

The local band, which played fantastically, and soon had Josh and I dancing around (which I can assure you, attracted some VERY unusual looks!)

The Punch and Judy Show! It was comforting to know that Punch is still losing the baby and beating his wife with a stick even after all of these years (Honestly the brutality is shocking! Ha!)

Afternoon cream tea? Don’t mind if I do!

Obligatory cheesy couple photo….(sorry!)

Now originally we had planned to go the Henley Show on the Saturday, as I enjoyed it so muchlast year and was excited to show Josh too. However someone decided to come along a little earlier than planned…

Introducing Ava Lily! She is the adorable new daughter of Josh’s sister Natalie. Making this little guy a big brother! (he hasn’t quite got used to the idea just yet!)

A family friends baby keeps herself amused finding lost objects in Josh’s hair…So there’sthe remote!

Isn’t she beautiful? She was born on Thursday the 8th and we spent pretty much the whole weekend getting to know her!
I hope your week has been as happy as ours!

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