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Beastly British weather has driven me inside for the most part this weekend, giving me an opportunity to not only clear up, clear out and get some bits ready for eBay (I’ll pop a link up once I’ve listed them!) but to also edit another Portugal post. It’s so lovely to look at these sun-soaked photos and remember fondly the beautiful house in Barao De Sao Joao we were lucky enough to call home for our ten days in Portugal. I thought it was about time I shared with you where we  stayed, as it was truly magical! Falling asleep to sounds of frogs croaking, birds calling, owls hooting and geckos scurrying…I miss it already! Here I am in Tiagos garden amidst the Eucalyptus… The outfit is nothing too spectacular as we had been having a lazy day! The jumper is H&M (so cosy) the clogs and dress are both Topshop, probably bought off eBay, though I forget. And my trusty rust-coloured scarf is from a Brighton flea market. I love being able to wear these clogs when the weather allows. They are surprisingly comfortable, and let’s face it, any height-boost I can get, no matter how slight is no bad thing! And here is the main house! Joshua and I actually slept/stayed in a sweet little caravan at the bottom of the land, so it was like having our own private quarters!  The small lake should also get a mention. One morning whilst drinking a cup of tea in the sunshine, I saw not only fish, but a turtle! Unfortunately I got so excited in trying to show Josh I scared it off…Oops! Anouk is one of Tiagos dogs. She howls like a wolf and harmonises with Tiago when he howls at her! Everywhere you looked there were beautiful little signs of Springtime… Josh went exploring with my camera one morning and found this colourful chap… Meanwhile I was obsessed with taking photos of the wild Iris’s that grew around our caravan (seriously I must have about thirty photos of them!) And the beautiful pink Gerberas…  Ok this is cheating slightly, as it was actually in Barao not Tiagos land, but I couldn’t resist including it! Joshua and Tiago caught in one of the many occasions where they were either song writing, singing or making a fantastic racket! My laundry drying on the last day (with a view of the maaaaassive hill which lay opposite our caravan..quite the humbling view to wake up to!) And because I think he is rather fantastic, here is a little video of Tiago singing in this very garden! If you like what you hear you can check out more of his music HERE under the pseudonym ‘Time for T’ The funny thing for me watching this video is that Tiago was obsessed with this song during our trip, singing it practically everyday. So for him to forget the words the ONE time we record it – typical eh? 😀 And last but by no means least, as some of you may be aware I have started another blog giveaway to celebrate Yours Trulys third birthday! After the popularity of my last giveaway I have got my hands on another ‘Diaster Designs’ make up bag to give you ladies another chance to win it! And because this is a BIRTHDAY giveaway, the bag will come containing… – Soap & Glory Body Butter – A 17 eye shadow in ‘Gold Emerald’ (my favourite) – MeMeMe nail file and polish in ‘Playful’ – Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb (Fresh Berry Bath Blaster)and 10% voucher. – Benefit Bad Girl eyeliner – Romwe ‘Curl’ Sunglasses! (based on the Prada pair!) To stand a chance of winning simply leave a ‘Happy Birthday’ comment on this, or any of my Portugal posts! I have a few more coming up so you have plenty of time to think of a fun message! Good luck and thank you for being such wonderful readers..Truly!

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