Welcome To 2014!

I’m curious – does anybody else feel wildly optimistic about this brand new year that lays ahead of us? 
At the tail end of last year I felt like my life in Brighton was moving more in the direction I wanted, and I’ve never felt happier than now to be in my seaside city.
Joshua and I went running errands yesterday, and despite the ferocious winds, and scattered rain storms, we somehow managed to get some half-decent blog photos! I’m thankful my man is so patient!
I’ve been itching to get started on Yours Truly this year, but the bad weather and dark nights have really been a hinderance – roll on Spring!
The patchwork tunic dress I’m wearing is from the Topshop Christmas sale. I remember seeing it hanging in Oxford Circus when it was full price, and loved the graphic, potato-print style of the patchwork pattern.
It’s a size or so too big, but I like that this adds to the loose, clean structure of the garment. The slightly cropped sleeves are always a favourite of mine too.
With a dress so ‘busy’ I kept everything else really simple. This chunky perspex tassle ring is one of my old favourites from my student days.
My make up is a combination of ‘& Other Stories’ and MAC. I’m still so happy to have re-discovered yellow eyeshadow – a favourite look from my teens!
Proof of the kind of winds we were dealing with here! I’ve never had so many ‘out-takes’ from one set of photos…Nor so many grumpy looks on my wind-beaten face!

As you can see I’m still currently growing out my fringe, well actually – my hair in its entirety is being grown! A little project for 2014 if you will!

Channeling some Geisha vibes with clean white tights and black suede wedges. I love how clean cut they look paired with the dress!
So with 2014 in mind, do any of you have any New Years resolutions? I have five which are all pretty simple.
1. Save a bit of money (I have been more specific but I won’t bore you with the details!)
2. Visit London monthly (Living in Brighton can be a bit like a bubble sometimes, I need to venture out and explore more!)
3. Learn to cook new dishes (I love to cook and would love to try something new)
4. Stay in better contact with friends (I’m pretty awful at emails/texting etc!)
And finally, my last resolution is to work on a new website that started to come to fruition last Summer. The content of which I’m going to be tight lipped about right now, but I am very excited!
I have set myself some achievable targets to help get the ball rolling, then I’m sure it’ll be much like this blog (which by the way will still be going!) – a delight to produce!
I’m looking forward to sharing it with you, along with the labours of my other resolutions!
Happy New Year everyone!
Love Yours Truly, x

The Breaking of a Wave Cannot Explain the Whole Sea…

One of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made was to throw caution to the wind, pack up and move to live on the south coast of England. 
Whilst Brighton is a bustling city full of energy, creativity and activities which seem never-ending (there is always something to do!)there are also moments of quiet revery to be found in the surrounding South Downs.
For a recent visit to the white cliffs of Seven Sisters, I wore a vintage skirt, which I always refer to as my ‘Brighton Skirt’. Not only was it found in one of the vintage markets here, but it has a print of seagulls and a floral garden, that reminds me vividly of the Pavilion Gardens in late summer. I love the muted colours and soft, aged fabric.
I wore it with a simple white crew T-shirt, battered leather sandals and my great-grandmothers charms which featured in a recent post.
The weather was bleak and foggy, with a relentless wind which made our ears ache. However it is in this kind of weather that my favourite version of the sea appears. 
Working on the coastline of Brighton, I have come to know the sea in new ways. And whilst the glistening shimmer of tranquil water is undoubtedly beautiful, my favourite days are when the blue-ish green gives way to a churning, ferocious grey and white, with the waves hurling themselves at the shore ending in explosions of foam.
And besides, gale force winds aren’t that bad…
Especially when one has a particular fondness for throwing Kate Bush-esque moves and becoming thoroughly ‘Wurthery’!
When I was a child our family holidays were all within the confines of the south of England, a favourite destination being the New Forest. We had free reign of lakes, forests and never ending pastures, dotted with bushes and heathery flowers. After long days of exploring, playing and watching the wild ponies, we would fall asleep in the back of the car on the journey home.
I think it is because of these holidays and day trips as a child that I have such a huge affection for the British countryside, and a scornful regard for budget holidays. 
Horribly snobbish sounding I know, but I’m just so thankful that my parents let us experience the freedom and beauty of the The Forest over a beach club on a sun-soaked island somewhere. 
It is with this in mind as an adult, that I love exploring and being outside. I had lately been missing the ‘green-ness’ of home, so this trip to Seven Sisters was perfectly timed for me!
We walked for a good couple of hours, stumbling across plenty of sights along the way…Including a GREEN phone booth!
The murky fog hangs low over the Seven Sister cliffs…
And then, in true Brighton style (where you tend to bump into someone you know, everywhere you go!) We happened upon Oliver, who is Josh’s bandmate in Time for T! 
Perhaps we weren’t quite so lost in the wilderness after all…
And lastly, a portrait against the white, flint-flecked cliffs. I’m wearing a new lipstick I got this week by MAC. It’s called ‘So Chaud’ and is the most fantastic matt orangey-red! Completely in love with this colour!
I hope you enjoyed a taste of the beauty of the South Downs, I hope to return again soon – preferably when it’s a bit warmer!
More soon, including a recent adventure with Dulcie of Human Sea.
Love Yours Truly, x

On Courage…

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’
I’m lucky enough to have a Mum who reminds me of this wonderful Eleanor Roosevelt quotation whenever a day has proved too hard, or people too cruel. 
In ten words it completely surmises the respect and pride you should have in yourself, and to not let the seeds of doubt planted by others grow in your mind.
The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coaster (when does life not have it’s ups and downs I know!) and a lot of circumstance that I have found myself dealing with, has been unexpected, draining and not so good for personal morale!
I’ve sat here for about twenty minutes deliberating what to write, what to divulge and what I shouldn’t include, and I guess essentially it’s not entirely relevant for the overall point I want to get across.
Suffice to say, that I have had a huge learning curve the last month, and through the highs and lows, I have realised that adversities are much better handled with a smile. Hardships can be laughable with a good friend, and that every now and then, even if it is logically the very last thing you should be doing…you can go and get horrendously drunk and dance to 90’s RnB at three in the morning (thankfully no photos of that to show!)
It’s hard writing this in a way that doesn’t come across as pompous, or preachy – or even (heaven forbid!)…Cheesy! 
But I just think we all need reminding of our own value sometimes – like in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ when George realises how different the lives around him would have been had he not existed. You never know when you’re someones ray of sunshine, or when a quick phone call or kind word makes someone feel a hundred times better.
Before I continue, I’ll take a moment to explain that these photos were obviously taken on Brighton beach, on a cold but bright afternoon walk. 
The pillars that I am standing by are part of the remains of the West Pier, built in the 1860’s, after all these years they have stood the test of time!
Also, I’m wearing a very comfy, very non-blog-worthy outfit! The smart shirt is a recent purchase from New Look – tres Annie Hall! My gorgeous antique coat was a gift from Margaux and Alec of The Splendid Suitcase – it’s so gorgeous!
My skinny jeans are an old Topshop pair, and my favourite sunglasses (more for wind protection than sun!) were from H&M.


And these little beauties were a gift from Modcloth last year! I adore them!
Someone who definitely deserves a tip of the hat for being my own (as afore mentioned) ray of sunshine, is Becca my flat mate! After finding ourselves in a very similar situation it’s been so lovely to have someone to not only seek comfort and hope from, but to provide for to! 
From cooking ourselves nice meals (especially breakfast  – conquer that and the rest of the day will sort itself out!) to decorating the flat (photos soon!) movie marathons, heart to hearts and a few too many cointreau’s!
It’s the little things that make a difference I suppose!
And whilst I can thank her for her emotional support…
Her physical support (ie. me not ending up on the floor!)


Leaves a lot to be desired! Ha!
So I guess in conclusion, I’m putting the ‘look inwards for strength’ myth to bed. Sure finding strength in yourself is a rewarding and a worthwhile pursuit. But in contrast, it is no easy task to seek help and support in others to get you through troubling times.
You don’t have to have all the answers, and you don’t have to be happy all the time.
What matters is that you assert yourself on dealing with whatever adversities you find yourself facing, and enlist the help of the ones you love to pull through.
You’d do the same for them after all!  
And above all, be kind to yourself.
I need to keep reminding myself of that one.
Love Yours Truly, x

International Women’s Day

To all my female readers…Happy International Women’s Day! Three cheers for being a girl!
Obviously I am aware that I’ll never know what it’s like to be a man, or to operate in an ‘XY’ kind of way, but for the record, let me state – I love being a female!
I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I have freedom to be whatever kind of woman I want from one day to the next. I can express myself verbally and creatively in any way I choose, and I suppose if there was any day to count your lucky stars then today would be it.
Hat – Borrowed from Becca, Pintuck White Shirt – eBay, Taupe Mac – eBay
Tan Leather Belt – H&M, Stripe Necktie – Car Boot Sale
Gold Iris Brooch – My Nannas, Vintage Black Wool Trousers – Beyond Retro
Without being entirely aware that International Women’s Day was approaching (I had a vague memory of its date!) I coincidentally spent some of my free hours this week reading about some of the atrocities forced upon women and girls around the world, provoked by a link to this article.
The nature of these articles can quite literally make your heart ache, leaving you overwhelmingly sad for the mindless pain and torture inflicted upon girls as young as six.
My own memories of that age are nothing but sun-infused snapshots of happiness, with the knowledge I was safe and loved, content to play outside with my siblings.
Becca has convinced me – I’m definitely getting one of the hats for myself!
A campaign I have long supported and been moved by is ‘It’s a Girl’  a documentary film and thought-provoking organisation that highlights the female ‘gendercide’ occurring in India, China and other parts of the world. 
It never occurred to me, and I doubt it has to many people, that simply due to the geographical location of my birth, and laws and society I was born into – my parents were filled with nothing but joy when their baby girl was born.
Not once was I considered a burden, or a costly mistake – there was no dowry lurking in my future, and I would have the same rights to an education, a job, a house, and any lifestyle choice I desired in my life as my elder brother.
That awkward moment it starts to rain quite heavily during your outfit photos…
Last year I took part in a photographic project by the very talented film-photographer Sophie Davidson. She created a zine called ‘Girls’ featuring nineteen young women (including myself) talking very openly, honestly and sometimes explicitly about how it feels to be a female. 
The pleasures and hardships, the pros and cons, the biological idiosyncrasies that separate us (sometimes dramatically!) from the opposite sex.
The magazine is available for PDF download here. I really recommend giving it a read – it’s pretty inspiring stuff and I’m so proud to have been a part of it.
Channeling a bit of Annie Hall perhaps? I love the pin-tuck bib on this shirt!
For what it’s worth, my own views on what it’s like to be a woman (as I mention in ‘Girls’) is based primarily on the women that I consider inspirational to me. 
Writer Maya Angelou, artist Frida Kahlo, singer and activist Joan Baez, actress and activist Mia Farrow – just some of the famous women who I feel an affinity with.
My incredible Mum, who provides me with unquestioning, unequivocal love, support and friendship, and has done the whole of my life. My little sister who in the face of adversities she faced last year, remained strong, elegant and so beautiful, with a ready smile and her unyielding capacity to care for others.
In determining who they were, I found they all had a common feature – their strength.
I painted on false eyelashes with my liquid eyeliner, a little more subtle that the full 60’s look! The lipstick is Rimmel 110 from the Kate Moss range.
I adore the female capacity of strength. The strength of love, courage and tenderness. The strength of power, both physical and mental. The strength of character, integrity and justice.
The strength that every Mother in this world has had to push another human into the world – I mean seriously! As someone who has yet to experience childbirth first hand…I’m in awe!
The full outfit – I am living in these trousers right now! They fit so well!
My white brogues are old ones from Topshop.
I’ll leave this post with the closing paragraph I wrote in Sophies zine. 
‘My personal definition of being a girl is the ability to be a completely unique, multi-faceted person from one day to the next. Being a girl brings a magnitude of abilities which I think are so delicate and inexplicable. There are so many personalities and fractions of characters that I don’t think the modern girl could be described very easily at all.
And I suppose I rather like that.’
Now ladies, won’t you join me in a dance around the bedroom to this…!
Love Yours Truly, x
Ps. Photo credit – Becca Field 

What Is Any Ocean But a Multitude Of Drops?

I cherish my days off immensely. The chance to enjoy breakfast and not just shovel it down your throat whilst keeping one eye on the clock, or to stretch in bed for five minutes before choosing to get up.
The pleasure of relaxing, reading, listening to music and padding around my flat in furry slippers,  slowly creating an ambling plan for the day ahead.
The photos below were taken on such a day. Menial tasks like the post office, laundry and cleaning the kitchen were quickly completed, leaving me free as a bird for the cold afternoon.
I met up with my friend Becca, and after magazine shopping (the new Lula of course!) having a tasty lunch in a side cafe, we found ourselves on the beach at low tide. 
Having my camera in my bag (just in case) and the light being a beautiful dusky hue, we took it as an opportunity to capture one of the most serene evenings in Brighton I have experienced.
There was a chill in the air, with the faint sounds of rush hour traffic and rolling waves combined. The lights on the pier blinked and flashed silently in the distance, and the seagulls swooped for low-tide pickings. We were the only people on this stretch of beach and it felt magic.
It’s the smallest things which make days off like this great. I have been finding huge satisfaction in little joys as of late, and have found the more you look for them, the more they make themselves apparent.
The kindness of strangers in a rain storm. Eating a fresh pear from a local market. Crocheting a multi-coloured blanket as a surprise for a friend, knowing every stitch is one stitch closer to the finished product. Buying bunches of daffodils for £1 and waking up to see them having bloomed overnight!
My mish-mash of an outfit (I was inspired by an older lady who comes into the tea room from time to time and the way she layers her antique pieces) consists of a dark blue floral top from Topshop, a vintage silk night dress from Beyond Retro, cream tights & socks from Atmosphere, and my favourite battered leather boots from Topshop five or so years ago.
I’m also wearing my new camel coat (an eBay find to replace my battered old one!) and a vintage hand-carved mother of pearl necklace that my Mum bought as a child in Jerusalem.
Also worth a mention (as I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!) Joshua and I went to see Cloud Atlas this week and I have to say…It blew me away!
Completely brilliant, original, compelling, exciting…ahh so many words! I ordered the book as soon as I got home and can’t wait for it to arrive!
I really do recommend going and giving this film a try. It’s confusing to begin with (and Tom Hanks admittedly is extremely incoherent in parts!) but as we left the cinema, we were both so exhilarated we could scarcely pull a sentence together!
I’ve also been going to a few more gigs lately, and as always have enjoyed the bohemian sounds of Time for T. If you want to get a taster of what the full band is like, here is a video of Tiago and Juan playing in the snow last month. They also have a soundcloud if you enjoy that. Suffice to say, these guys are amongst my favourite musicians!
I think it would be fair to say it’s the small insignificancies that define us. I recall at my late Nannas funeral during the eulogies that many people mentioned things about her that she probably wouldn’t have used to describe herself.
Like the fact she learnt to ride a motorbike in her 50’s (and popped a wheelie!) or the ingredients of her fruity curry, or her cheeky giggle followed by a snort!
What makes your days off perfect for you? I get a taster from following other bloggers on instagram, but it’s always lovely to share the little things that make us feel most like us.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week. Northern hemisphere readers can take heart that Spring is on it’s way!

More very soon – I have some interesting bits to show you all!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. HUGE thank you to Becca for capturing such beautiful photos in the cold!

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile…

‘Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known’ – Chuck Palahniuk
It’s not like me to start a post with a quote, but then again this post does have a different style in whole to my usual content.
The photos I feature on this post (to prevent it from looking like an essay!) are some of my favourite black dresses…I tried to style them as little as possible, just to show – it’s you who makes the outfit!
I’ve become aware over the last few weeks of waves in the tide-pool of blogging, and have read numerous posts on various blogs about the cons of blogging, the effort, the invasion, the narcissism of it all.
So I thought I would throw my two pence into the fountain!
To begin with, I feel I should tell you that this little blog of mine is something I am equally proud of and embarrassed by. In some social situations, I have wanted to crack open the floorboards under my feet and crawl away, rather than answer polite questions about my blog!
My favourite Little Black Dress – a vintage number from Beyond Retro that fits like a glove!
It’s hard to explain why I stand in front of doorways or shabby walls for outfit photos to some people. I often find myself biting my tongue, holding back from asking a friend to snap me in my tea dress – I mean, would they ‘get it’?
That being said, I am proud of the effort and work that goes into this blog. I am so pleased with its minute success, and so happy to continually share parts of my life with so many wonderful, like-minded readers and fellow bloggers. It’s a pleasure – honestly!
A sparkly little number from my Uni days. I bought this whilst I worked at Topshop, and would wear it with these Doc Marten brogue boots (which I rarely wear now, but love too much to lose!)
What I don’t like, as I have always stated (quoting from my lookbook account now!) is when personal style comes with a ‘better-than-thou’ attitude.
I’d be the first to tell you I’m not doing anything ground-breaking here. But if my posts cheer up someones afternoon, makes them want to try wearing mustard (lets face it – I’ve been wearing this colour A LOT lately!) or if you decided to emulate a particular outfit of mine…Then I would be incredibly touched and flattered.
One of the toughest elements of blogging is knowing when to draw the line on the ‘personal’. When Josh’s niece Ava-Lily was born, I didn’t know if it was appropriate for me to share that. However in truth I chose to (and to continue to) as she and her brother bring me so much joy! Something that surely has to be celebrated.
A sweet and feminine polka dot beauty from H&M. This was a bargain, and I love it’s versatility from night to day.
I have some friends who don’t wish to feature, and a boyfriend who so graciously not only regularly contributes with his photography skills, but doesn’t bat an eye when I post pictures of him too.
It’s about finding a balance I suppose. 
As one of the articles I read recently stated, you can end up living behind a camera. Constantly taking photos of your experiences and perhaps not experiencing them properly. This was another reason (as well as moving home!) for my short break last year.
A vintage 1970’s dress I found on eBay – it’s quite dramatic! 
I have only ever wanted this blog to be honest. But truthfully… I don’t dress like this all the time. 80% of my week is spent in a work uniform or pyjamas (collapsed in bed with my laptop/crocheting/book!) I chose to dress a bit more flamboyantly my days off, and really appreciate the opportunity to be creative.
I want to end on another quote, one that a friend said this week that really resonated with me.
Upon complimenting him on his choice of (dark blue and bottle green tartan) trousers, he smiled, said 
‘Thanks…They make me feel good’
And in five short words and a smile…He described exactly how I feel about style.
I hope you feel good too.
Love Yours Truly, x 

Brighton Burgers…

I have a little saying which I like to use from time to time, when upon my trips visiting Joshua, we try and figure out what to do with the day…
‘You don’t make plans for Brighton, Brighton makes plans for you!’
And it’s just so true!
I had spent the evening (whilst poor old Josh was at work) at our friends Margaux and Alecs (of The Splendid Suitcase)flat. Drinking tea (I sampled some Redbush…Tasty!) and chatting about favourite bloggers, clothes and sharing anecdotes.
So please try to imagine my utter delight, when I was presented with this beautiful vintage Parisian coat from the stylish duo, as a thank you for blog giveaway I ran last month.
I mean seriously…It’s heavenly!
The cream vanity case was a recent eBay purchase, bringing my suitcase collection up to a ‘it’s-okay-I-use-them-as-storage’ eight! Oops!
How many cases does one girl need?!
The coat as afore mentioned is from The Splendid Suitcase (all their vintage is sourced in France, so they get some really original pieces!)

We then decided to have an amble after taking my outfit photos, when we stumbled across ‘Grubbs Burgers’ which is a mini chain (three) of burger bars in Brighton.
Now I don’t eat fast food, as I don’t like the ethics and global domination of those huge corporations. I do however, bloody love burgers! So it’s a win win going to Grubbs! Supporting a local business and indulging in some (queue Pulp Fiction quote) TASTY burgers!
It’s so satisfying knowing your food is being made freshly for you…

Call me boring but I went for a classic Cheeseburger with extra Gherkins..It was so good!

Proof of my burger enjoyment! (I’m a girl who likes her grub!)

Now this chap however (caught unawares having a little pre-dinner daydream!)
He has a rather unconventional taste!

This is Josh’s favourite burger (when we make them together at home we replicate this recipe for him)
Yup. A burger with pineapple, banana and peanut butter.
My mind boggles. I can’t bring myself to try a bite…

After our burgers we toddled off in the direction of home, when conversation turned to the recent BBC Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey drama (link here!) which I had watched that morning. I found it a bit ‘meh’ to be honest, with only a few redeeming features, which I’ll spare you the details of now!
However a nice little tidbit of knowledge is that Miss Shrimpton actually hails from the same home town as Josh and I! So in tribute to the long-limbed icon, I decided to throw a ‘Shrimpy-esque’ pose on a park bench, amidst the dog walkers and football fans on their way to the pub!
However instead of looking strong and gazelle-like, I achieved a look more akin to Superman posing for a Outerwear catalogue! Ah well!

Oh! And the hair is slowly but surely beginning to fade back to it’s former gingery goodness! Horay!

Huge thank you to Alec and Margaux for my beautiful new coat…I simply adore it!
So there we go! An outfit I didn’t plan, and a lunch I didn’t expect…Brighton certainly does make good plans for you!
More later in the week,
Love Yours Truly, x

Summer Sale & Blogger Interview – Kitsune Kun

My boyfriend recently exclaimed that my wardrobe was practically a conveyor belt, probably due to the continual clear outs I have…
Well (ahem) he may have a point…

I’m having a bit of a clear out of Summery items (and a few wintery ones) that I didn’t wear this year, or for one reason another have decided to part ways with.
Doesn’t mean I couldn’t have a bit of fun photographing the items with my younger sister though!
(This broken neck look was a mid head swish photo! You just wait the fash pack will all be doing it soon! Ha!)

And having grown up predominately in the 90’s how could I resist a ‘Girl Power’ moment….ahem.
Oh dear! Normal blogging will resume soon…

If you’re interested in having a mooch at the items for sale, the link is HERE.

And for now I have another blogger interview!
I discovered Kathryn’s beautiful blog after following one of her comments on a post of mine. I love the carefree, easy going vibe her posts create. The nostalgic photography captures her adventures and her adorable style, and her partner regularly features in her posts too!
So without further ado, the beautiful Kathryn from Kitsune-Kun…

How would you describe your style?

Very influenced by both Vintage and Japanese fashion. I die over cute animal themed things and can’t get enough of cinched waisted, full skirted dresses.

What is your favourite item from your wardrobe?

Hmm that is difficult. Currently I’m quite proud of the first dress I made, so that’s a favourite, but if I had to pick an item that I actually purchased I think it would have to be the off-white antique lace overlay I got for Easter this year off of Etsy.

Do you have any style icons?

Nancy Drew is a big one. I’ve wanted to be her ever since I was a little girl, and that got me big into 30’s- 50’s dresses as an adolescent. I would always get excited if I saw something in a store that looked like a ‘nancy drew dress’ or ‘classy sleuth shoes.’

Your apartment looks gorgeous, where do you find all of your trinkets?

Thanks! I love treasure hunting….other people might call it junk hunting, but I’ve always loved exploring antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, you name it. As a five year old I loved collecting tiny glass figurines and putting them in shadow boxes….and not much has changed in that department.

I’ve gotten a lot of cool stuff like kitschy antique kitchen wares at my local thrift store. Etsy has also become a favourite haunt of mine, but there’s still something more rewarding about doing the physical sorting and digging yourself. Some of the best stuff though, like figurines and music boxes, have come from my grandparents.

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon…where would we find you?

If it’s summertime and the rain is warm, then I’d be outside feeling the fat drops on my hands and taking in the musty smell of wet earth. I’d also probably be trying to film close ups of wet things while making Ryan hold an umbrella over my camera.

If it’s winter, though, or just plain cold out, then we’d probably be watching the rain through an open window from the warmth of our sitting room whilst doing an art project of some sort. I’ll admit it, I hate being in cold rain.

Why have you both decided to move to Manhattan?

Ryan is going to Columbia Law School, starting in August, and I’ll be working and Graduate School shopping during the first year, and hopefully I’ll be attending a school with a Masters and PHD program in critical film studies eventually.


Your partner (like mine!) often cameos on your blog, how long have you been together and how did you meet?

That’s my Ryan! We’ve been married a little over a year, we dated for about a year before that, and we were good friends for a year leading up to that point.

I initially met him as my friend’s boyfriend, but before you go thinking I’m a horrible witchy boyfriend stealing dame, rest assured it wasn’t really one of those situations. We didn’t start dating until about about a year after we met, and that was after a strong, solid friendship had the chance to develop and we both eventually knew we were made for each other.

Describe your ideal Summers day…

Okay, I’m a bit of a wimp, so I think first off the weather would have to be really nice- like not above 80 degrees and no humidity. That being said, I’m a sucker for the ocean and beach boardwalks, so I think a really great day would be to spent the heat of the day out on a boat somewhere with crystal clear water and a vivid, colourful coral reef where we could swim and snorkel and explore.

There would be schools of seahorses and lots of starfish in all different colours, and nothing would swim away in fear just because I was floating around. Then, just before dusk we’d go back to the beach and hang out at a boardwalk with turn-of-the century design, an opulent old fashioned carousel, a huge classic ferris wheel, and one of those really cool old fun houses that don’t exist anymore because of the accident liability.
As dusk faded into evening, the whole boardwalk would start to glow by the light of huge, round, incandescent bulbs, bathing everything in a warm light, and then, just because this is my fantasy and I get to call the shots, lots of fireflies would start to appear and hover around the park and the beach, blinking and flickering in the dark and adding to the overall nostalgic magic.
Ryan and I would buy ice ream cones and stroll along the boardwalk, and just as we finished our cones, we would run into a live band at the end with lots of couples dancing under the stars and amid the fireflies. Ryan would twirl me around and we’d dance together onto the beach to look at the lit up park from far away.

I’m always on the hunt for particular items, is there anything you’re after currently?

Well, since we just made a big move to a much smaller place, I’m pretty much starting from scratch again. I left all my favourite trinkets and decorations as my parents’ house for safe-keeping, and our apartment is unfurnished so I’m looking for everything!

A current indulgence though, is hot air balloon themed decorations. I want to try and make one out of wood and fabric to hang in our room, but I’ve definitely been hunting the internets in case someone much more talented has already thought of it.

Do you have a favourite film?

-So many! The current top three that come to mind are Late Spring, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Thank you Kathryn for your wonderful answers and for being so patient for how long it took me to get this post together!
I’m off to London this week for another London Date (woo!) in which Joshua and I will be joined by his Mum! Very excited about what we’re going to see too!
Hope you all have a lovely week!
Love Yours Truly, x 


I’m not sure how to introduce these, perhaps they need no introduction?

I just chose a few from what I’ve been writing over the last few months.

I love writing but I hate what I write.

“And all around us the house was alive. The stairs creaked and the clock echoed out the seconds passing in the abandoned midnight hallway. I stirred from slumber and cradled my arm around your neck. Stroking my wrist and planting a single affectionate kiss my forehead, you whispered softly ‘It’s ok, go back to sleep’.

You later told me that you didn’t get a single wink of sleep that night; you were too consumed by my presence. My soft steady breath on your neck, the momentary twitches of my eyebrows as I dreamt, and those wondrous moments, when half asleep I would ask you for a sip of water, or to move the blanket.

Now months later I have to shut my eyes to remember the sound of your whisper, or the angle our bodies lay, with twisted limbs and faces millimetres apart. I struggle to remember the constellation of freckles on your nose, or the exact band on the t-shirt you were wearing.”

“It always amused you to see me talking to someone whom I would rather avoid. You took great pleasure in reading the little twitches at the side of my mouth, or the look of quiet desperation as I feigned interest to the monotonous stories I was being fed.

I would return the favour in watching you deal with people who loved your music. They would crowd around you in shrill waves of approbation. I liked to watch the way you moved your head, so that your hair shielded you from their adoring eyes, or to hear dismissive murmurs escaping from your quiet little mouth.”

“We used to lie a beaten-up mattress on the floor, in your attic bedroom. We would look at the midnight blue out of your skylight window as incense smoke swirled towards the ceiling in curling, twisting streams. I used to wear your football shirt when I went to make cups of tea downstairs. You always said, me wearing that silly shirt was the best thing your rubbish seaside team had ever achieved.

We would talk for hours about insignificant things as couples do. Whenever you disagreed you would start your sentence with ‘Yeah but’ and then continue to tirade your point.

You had a stud in your tongue, a pierced lip, and wore a lucky charms plastic watch everyday.

I liked the fact that nothing was ever serious with you. Every aspect of life could be frivolous and innocent.

We haven’t spoken for years. I passed you once in a pub in our hometown, but we only recognised each other when it was too late, and both glimpsed back.

I hear you’re married now, with a baby too.

Making you a person who is worlds away from the one I knew.”

“When you served me ice cream you would always give me an extra scoop of chocolate because you knew it was my favourite flavour. Playfully you would tease me that my favourite flavour was so boring, when other more exotic choices were available for me to explore.

‘But I like the chocolate’ was the only defence I could ever muster.

You had short hair with the remains of highlights on the very tips, and a little braid from your nape, tied roughly at the end with a little blue elastic band. I liked you instantly because you could make me laugh until fat tears rolled down my flushed cheeks.”

“As we lay in the deception of the night before, you traced your index finger over the purplish blue swell on my bare thigh, whilst your breath lilted softly on my neck.

Coming and going like the eager tide laps the shore of a coastal town, with a longing hunger that would, that morning, remain unfed.”


Yours Truly, x