You Made Me Love Miu…. – Yours Truly

Every now and then in each new season of fashion, a certain show will stand head and shoulders above the rest, with designs of tremendous beauty and originality, spurning how-can-I-get-ever-the-money-to-afford-it thoughts! Such was Miu Miu A/W 2011 for me. I don’t claim to be a fashion critic, and this blog is more style and lifestyle based by preference…However dear reader, I do know that when a collection THAT good comes along, it’s hard to ignore, and not draw inspiration from! So imagine my JOY when I found this dress by Warehouse (a brand which I have previously never bought anything from) on Asos with definite Miu Miu vibes!

It was one of those rare occasions in which you see an item, and know you must own it! I love the beautiful floral print, the fantastic gathering (better seen in a photo below) and the light, floaty cotton. Even better, I finally found a faux fur stole on my travels, a bargain from H&M! The two were a match made in shopping heaven! (smiling up at the man, who I can only presume owns this figaro and stuck his head out to see…yes ANOTHER blogger posing in front of his car!)

The taupe cardigan is also H&M, the brogues were from Topshop, and my necklace and vanity case were inherited from my Nanna and Mother respectively.

Now I know there are quite a few differences between the two…But let’s face it! This is as close as I’ll get to owning the real, exquisite original!

The weekend was lazy one, in which I worked, answered emails, sorted out eBay items and then…Finally got to go see my man!

We spent the weekend doing our favourite things, like indulging in breakfast at our favourite cafe, having a rummage in the flea markets of Brighton and then enjoying evening conversation and drinks with friends. The snaps below were just bits and bobs that caught my eye. For one reason or another I wasn’t in a very documentary mood this weekend! Apologies!

We stopped in this corner shop for parsnips and sweet potatoes for our roast dinner…There’s something about traditional grocery shops I adore.

Cherries! Oh I could eat a million!!
Not a lot I’m afraid but I have some lovely pictures to show you all soon from another country amble I went on the other day, as well as some more new acquaintances in my wardrobe for you to meet! Ps. To my American readers, I hope that none of you are affected by Hurricane Irene (oddly enough my late Nanna’s name!) and that you are safe and sound, happy and healthy. Much love, x