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First of all a very warm welcome to my new readers! Thank you so much for your kind comments, emails and for finally solving the mystery of the pink elephant cocktail glass!

This weekend I went to my best friends Hen Do in London. We saw Chicago the musical in Covent Garden, before having dinner and cocktails until the wee hours…The dress up theme?

1920’s flappers!

Fortunately I already owned most of my outfit, including this fringed dress! The head band is from Freedom, and the antique feathers I tucked in it were from ‘Snoopers Paradise’ in Brighton.

The whole day was such a giggle!

Here I am with Sarah, the Bride to be, and Danielle her future sister in law, who is going to be the other bridesmaid at the wedding alongside myelf.

But enough of my flapping! I’ve been waiting to introduce this fabulous lady to you for a while now!

I stumbled across Stella Rose on lookbook and was blown away by her colourful, creative, eccentric style!

Her outfits remind me of ladies who lunch, Tim Burton characters, drag queens (more on that!) and harajuku girls. It’s just so refreshing to see someone so completely fearless in their sartorial choices! So without further ado,

Introducing Stella Rose…

Hello Stellar Rose, first of all how are you today? Have you had a good week?

I have! I’ve been stitching away on a series of hats for a local fashion show here in Seattle. It was a lot of work and a bit of a challenge but I made it through and now that it’s over I’m relaxing by drinking pink champagne with friends and cooking lots and lots of yakisoba!

You live in Seattle, commonly known as the grunge capital of the world, but what else is great about Seattle?

These days I’ve become really disenchanted with Seattle. It’s not the city it wants to be. Everything great is going out of business or being torn down, and yes, it does rain that much. On the plus side, there is decent vintage and thrift shopping here. There are a bunch of amazing vegan restaurants.

The best cheap eats are Eithiopian food and a vietnamese soup called Pho. There is a quality burlesque scene here next to a less quality one and also a lot of wonderful and trashy drag! Seattle is large but in reality everybody knows eachother and in the end it is really very small and redundant. I’m saving up my pennies right now so I can move back to Manhattan, where I’m from.

I love your explosive, sugar-sweet style, what would you say are your prime inspirations?

At the moment I would say creepy dolls, early Madonna, Ye Ye Girls, mod style, that whole “punk trend”, 60s glamour wear, children’s toys, and the over blogging of pastel hair on Tumblr.

Do you have a style icon?

Barbie! She has the most perfect outfit for every occasion and always looks fabulous and a bit over the top. Her career, and hair color change almost weekly. A true full time female drag queen!

Your house is going up in flames, which favourite items of your wardrobe would you save?

I’m sure I would come out with a collection of costume dresses, my expensive Angelic Pretty items, and my mothers vintage rhinestoned Stewart Lucas accessories. I would be the flashiest arson victim in a vintage sequin number shivering under a space blanket, haha. Oh I hope that never happens!

On your lookbook you refer to yourself as a ‘Full Time Female Drag Queen’. Whereabouts did this come from?

Drag has always been a fascination of mine ever since watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert when I was 9. I think growing up I struggled with “beauty standards” as much as anyone did and I never really came in to my own until I found myself looking toward fabulous queens as mentors for how to be a lady. Drag is an exaggeration that doesn’t necessarily mean switching your gender. Drag is a personal standard of beauty that shouts both love me and fuck you loud and clear.

Drag is a wild yet blatantly honest approach to aesthetics meant to fascinate and confuse, something I try take to heart in not only my wardrobe but my lifestyle. I may have gained satisfaction with myself through wigs, makeup, and falsies but it’s the creative approach that makes it a positive thing.

Now people photograph me on the street and let me know how my personal style has brightened their day. This unique way to contribute to society isn’t for everybody but I’ve always been more of a dresser upper than a dresser downer. I can be anyone I want to be with a bit of eyeliner and the right dress. I may be in costume as myself but in the end, aren’t we all?

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

Style is fascinating to me. I love how it can manifest in not only a persons wardrobe but in nearly every aspect of their life. I’ve always admired those people who’s style reads clear in everything they touch.

When I was a teenager I worked part time at a local shop called Hipposchemes where all the clothing was artfully made from recycled fabrics. Everything in the shop had been repurposed. Flower planters outside made of plastic shipping crates, empty spray cans used as price signs for racks, furniture upholstered with the butts of blue jeans.

The owners slept in the back in a loft bed made of old road signs. Everything went together in the most unique way. I find few individuals with such true and blatant style.

Do you have a style icon?

Barbie! She has the most perfect outfit for every occasion and always looks fabulous and a bit over the top. Her career, and hair color change almost weekly. A true full time female drag queen!

Where are your favourite places to shop?

There is good vintage here if you know where to go. Redlight, Lucky Vintage, and Pretty Parlor are local favorites! However a Seattle fashionista’s secret weapon is The Goodwill “Bins” which is a warehouse in Sodo where all the strangest and best things that get
donated to Goodwill end up.

It’s where most of the vintage sold in local stores comes from. It’s priced per pound and you never know what you are going to find in the bins full of junk. Dirty undies? A polarbear skin rug? $1000 cash? (All true stories).

I read from your blog that you’re a millinery designer, tell us more!

Yes! My love for hats is beginning to grow into a new business/hobby! I’ve been reading up and putting my sewing skills to use so I can make my own custom head wear and I have so many exciting ideas in the works!

Right now I am making bright colored velvet turbans with metal spikes. Soon I’ll release a similar style in leather and then who knows what will be next!

Eventually I plan to create other items as well, like dresses, and hopefully gloves. I want to combine vintage design with modern details. Of course all with an eccentric twist! Mod meets punk. Early 60s glamour with harajuku flair. I want to make quality items for fashion queens who want to let their freak flag fly without looking tawdry.

Do you have any favourite books?

I like picture books! I have a collection of different ones on vintage pin up art, old hollywood photographs, japanese street fashion, and sideshow freaks! I keep them around for inspiration. I also keep a scrap book of magazine clippings and collages.

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, where would we find you?

It’s always a rainy Sunday afternoon in Seattle! You’ll find me inside cooking up a storm. It’s my favorite thing to do on Sundays. This past Sunday I made roasted golden beet and orzo salad with arugula and a balsamic orange reduction. I’ve been eating it all week. Nothing compliments fresh beets like oranges!

Do you have any fashion gripes? For instance, I cannot abide people
who take it all a bit too seriously…

Many but really only 2. The first is people who don’t put any thought in to their dress choice at all. The clothing you wear is one of the most defining aspects of ones personality and your dress choice will ultimately have a hand in your destiny! As far as I’m concerned, dressing like a slob will get you nowhere and will put a damper on your day.

The second is blind trend following. As I browse more and more

seasonal runway shows my understanding and appreciation of trends has grown dramatically. Trends are fun to follow. I enjoy picking out popular items that appeal to me like leather shorts, sheer pieces, and surprise surprise, turbans, and fitting them like puzzle pieces into my personal style.

I just hate seeing them all at once like a uniform on folks. Like they are wearing a name tag that lets you know “who they sit with at lunch” so to speak.

The funny thing is, I notice these people mostly in groups. You see one girl wearing those pants and then you realize they all are like some pack of hip trendy wolves and suddenly you can’t remember which girl you noticed first because they all look the same! Sometimes I wonder if I am also one of these people? I suppose it really doesn’t matter in the end.

How did your style evolve to the way you dress now?

It’s come quite a way! I was 15 when I first started dressing in any way worth mentioning. I cut off all my hair and dyed it bright orange like Johnny Rotten and I would wear mini skirts and shirts that I wrote political statements on, and thigh high fishnet tights with these converse sneakers that said “fuck off” in rhinestones on the toes which, in retrospect, was kind of a brilliant idea.

My friend Jayne would come to school in Clockwork Orange makeup with her cleavage all out and lipstick on her teeth and we thought we were so cool.

I didn’t feel feminine back then. I was a skinny pale kid with green braces and maybe looking like a Sex Pistol in a mini skirt was my way of acknowledging my sexuality with out taking myself too seriously.

I still do things like that. My dress choice over the years has definitely become softened, broader, and much more quality than my angsty high school days but you still wont catch me in a sexy dress without a good dose humor mixed in!

Do you have a party trick?

I can sing exactly like Helen Kane.

Thanks so much to Stella Rose for such intricately detailed and interesting answers!

I highly recommend you check out her blog where you can find links to her lookbook, tumblr and her store.

I hope you’re all very well, I’m off now for an Easter Sunday roast dinner! Perfect!

Love Yours Truly, x

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