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Autumn is slowly creeping in, and it is without doubt my favourite season. The light layering required for those blustery afternoons steeped in golden sunshine suits my idea of dressing perfectly.

My personal style has recently been under-going a bit of an overhaul. As mentioned in the previous post, I felt like I was ‘playing it safe’ (read – being creatively lazy!) for too long!

To begin with my hair has been transformed completely with the help of Rudi Rizzo at Sanrizz. I’m completely besotted with it! Even if I am getting used to having bright auburn hair again!

Luckily the colour teams perfectly with my new kimono jacket, a find from the summer sale at Zara.

I love the ikat pattern, the woven texture, and as for the sleeves…frankly there are no words for how much I love the structure of this lil beauty!

The sleeves are sewn shorter on the inside seam, creating an unusual curved shape.

I love how traditional it appears, yet is truly a modern piece.

Okay enough gushing about my latest guilty purchase! 

I wore the jacket with a vintage navy wool skirt from Beyond Retro, a pale grey top, and an old cream woven belt I found in a charity shop a few years back.

It was interesting to dress with such a different silhouette – I rarely play around with anything oversized or structured. A taste of things to come perhaps?

A close up of my mega-blunt new hair cut… I have to admit, having a shaved nape again is awesome..I love how it feels!

Also worth a mention is my handy rucksack that I found in an independent bicycle shop in Brighton.  

Since the day of purchase (it took a lot to convince myself to part with the money on another bag!) it has been happily accompanying me on my daily adventures…and has made life so much easier! Big bags are amazing!

If you were tempted to purchase your own ‘bottomless-backpack’ (tres Mary Poppins!) you can find my style and many more on the Baggu website.

And before you thought that I had done an outfit post without a splash of mustard (it is a recurring theme!) here are my favourite H&M socks, and faithful white brogues matching the double yellows…

Thanks to Becca Field for willingly taking photos for me (despite the fact it was a rotten day and she didn’t feel well!)

I’ll be back soon, I have a whole clear-out to put up on eBay and share with you all!

Love Yours Truly, x

Well…Long time no see eh? After a month or so away from blogging, I realised I’d had a little break about the same time last year.

It was much for the same reasons to be honest. It’s nice to step away from madly trying to document everything, to enjoy the Summer, company of friends and seeing new places.

That being said, I still found myself carrying my camera around, even if I wasn’t always snapping outfit photos! Doh!

A few weeks back, I went to London to visit my friend Richard to go view The British Music Experience at the O2.

I based my outfit on a pair of textured black skinny trousers (unfortunately the amazing black-on-black pattern doesn’t photograph very well!) teamed with a beautiful velvet smock dress from Monsoon, that I found for a snip on eBay.
My cardigan is H&M, the coffee pot necklace was my Nanna’s and the scarf worn on my head was a thrifty find from Berlin.

I had a bit of an epiphany lately when it comes to my sartorial choices. I felt that I had been playing it safe when it came to colour in my outfits.

I recalled how adventurous I was in my late teens, wearing blindingly-bright theatre paint on my eyes, and lusting after anything multi-coloured or visually interesting.

Whilst those foundations have remained, I have felt a little uninspired lately (perhaps another reason for the break!)

So although still relatively subtle, this outfit felt like a step in the right direction – I even reunited my eyelids with yellow (in shadow not theatre paint this time!)

As for the exhibition…It was awesome! Richard and I have long bonded over a shared passion for music, and this amazing exhibition had us dancing and singing all the way round!

And despite being told off for taking a photo, I couldn’t resist slyly snapping a few more for you to see!

There are six different rooms which each contain a different decade, and all the music, paraphernalia and social history, to give you a full idea of how British music evolved and developed.

The Beatles obviously got a little mention…

1960’s frocks that were worn by Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark…

Glam rock! As a huge fan of T-Rex and Mr Bowie, I loved this room!

And of course, a healthy dose of the Rolling Stones, including this daring catsuit by Ossie Clark, worn by Mick Jagger (phwoar!)

The information that the exhibition provides is so interesting! Learning about how America and Britain competed to get ‘the latest sound’ and how political and social events influenced what we listened to was great to found out about!

Plus with so many soundbites, videos and headphones dotted around – we were literally in musical heaven!

After all that excitement, an iced tea was deemed essential!

And although I haven’t been blogging, I have kept up with sharing on instagram, including some recent purchases, like this retro fabric duck (a surprise car boot find!) a beautiful woven kimono jacket from the Zara sale, a new bedside lamp fromMade and a whole heap of beautifully coloured cosmetics from & Other Stories!

I also holidayed in Berlin with Joshua (a post to come soon!) visited Arundel Castle with some friends, had a giggle and a catch up with my younger sister, and celebrated Ava Lily turning two! 

And news just in (well about a week ago now!) I had my hair chopped off even shorter!

I’ll give you all a proper look soon, but suffice to say I am thrilled with it – the hairdresser did an amazing job!

So there we have it! I’ll be posting regularly from now on, and have quite a lot of backlogged adventures to share with you too!

Thanks for sticking around!

Love Yours Truly, x

There are some items of clothing that I don’t suppose I’ll ever adopt into my every day wardrobe. Tracksuits, logo-emblazoned garments and velour, whilst perfectly fine for others, don’t seem to sit right with me. The crop top had been designated to the same list.

I’d firmly left the skimpy garment in the archives of my past style efforts.

Shows what I know eh?

On writing this post, I was trying to remember the last time I wore one of the navel-baring tops.

Kodak-coloured memories of family holidays sprung to mind to begin with – born in the late 80’s, I wore (like most young girls of that era!) a multitude of two piece sets, with little crop tops and matching floaty shorts!

Then of course, came the early teen years of indecently low-slung baggy denim jeans, worn with band t-shirts customised and cut to within an inch of their life! 

All a little too revealing, and more than a little embarrassing to look back on (don’t get me started on those red parachute pants that I ADORED!)

So with all that in mind, you can imagine my surprise that on one stickingly-hot afternoon I borrowed the featured top from my flat mate Becca…And loved it!

Partly due to these amazing trousers I’m sure! A recent find from Beyond Retro, they fit like a dream (once I’d taken them up!)and despite the nipped in waist, were incredibly cool to wear in the humid weather.

I also borrowed the seagull print scarf from Becca – very jealous of this one!

Throw in the vintage mustard scallop jacket, tan wedge heels and my trusty H&M sunglasses, and it looks…Well a bit Miami Vice to be honest!

But it felt good…Really good! The right combination of Masculine vs. Feminine that I love to play around with in my wardrobe.

And accessorised with a recent H&M feather ring (slightly inhibiting, but isn’t it pretty!)and a beautiful deep blue nail polish called ‘Rock Star’ from the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection.

I suppose it’s good to push your own sartorial boundaries – even on items you didn’t think you’d like (I’ve made peace with the crop top – so long as my stomach isn’t on full display!)

If you want to keep up to speed with what I’m up to on a more daily basis, then follow my instagram.

This week I’ve shown new thrifty finds (including an amazing rocking chair found on the street!) sunny days out and tasty treats from Brighton hot-spots!

More soon, including more beautiful photography from Sam Luck (who is credited for these photos!)

Also – I finally got round to becoming a dot-com! Do let me know if you have any problems loading the blog, this html nonsense confuses me no end!

Love Yours Truly,x

Brighton has become Barbados. Ok, perhaps not quite, but we certainly are experiencing one hell of a heatwave!

So like most of this seaside towns residents – when the sun hit, we descended to the beach!

Picnics, books and sun-screen in tow, we have happily wasted many an afternoon recently, some of which feature below! (Let’s take a folding picnic table bench to enjoy the picnic with friends and family!)

I finally got round to wearing a vintage Jamaican print shirt which I bought a couple of years ago, with the intention of using it as a beach cover up – however I thought it worked so well with my favourite summer shorts it made sense to wear it all day!

Not only do I completely adore the print (who couldn’t!) but it’s also very light and billowy – perfect for catching the odd fleeting breeze!

The shorts were an eBay find which I have worn every summer since I got them. High waisted and no bottom on show? Perfect!

My little straw cloche was from a vintage market in Henley – it’s perfect for keeping the sun off my face!

We also did the greatest of British challenges – and braved the icy waters of the English Channel! I am certain that no matter how hot it gets…This water never warms up to anything more than ‘heart-attack-inducing-freezing!’

The first few minutes are always horrible, but once you get used to it, and have taken the dreaded ‘plunge’ (immersing yourself up to your neck very quickly!) you soon find yourself swimming around as happy as a clam!

Becca and I having a wade to cool off…

However any notions of looking even remotely glamorous (in my new topshop bikini!)were quickly diminished when…

The wave struck! Ladies and gentlemen, my reaction to cold water… 

Perfect beach snacking…

And drying off before the onset of pneumonia strikes!

I’ve also been documenting my beach days on my instagram account. From emulating scenes from Titanic on a beach mat, crabbing in Rottingdean and the maddening dilemma of choosing the right bathing suit, it’s been fun to capture this Summer and share it!

So there we have it! If you want to find me, you know where to head!

Also I’m having a little eBay sale which ends in a couple of days, the two dresses featured below are both available! So click on the link and go have a look!

And finally, thank you to everyone who entered the Betty Magazine giveaway in my previous post – I loved reading your stories!

The winner is Kailey!

Please email me with your postal address and your copy of Betty magazine will be winging its way to you shortly!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Some of you may remember a while back I did a post featuring my favourite magazines. Entitled ‘One of My Little Pleasures’ I showcased some of my favourite publications and reasons why I adored each. It was a fun piece to write and great to share with you all – never did I expect anything to come of it!

So imagine my raised eyebrows and excitement as an invite from the editor of Betty Magazine (one of the magazines I’d featured) was found in my blog inbox, asking me to attend the Betty magazine Summer issue launch…Umm..Yes please!

After much deliberation (and discarded clothes covering my bedroom floor!) I picked my outfit, which is surely the hardest part of any important occasion!

The floral corset top is originally from Topshop (I found mine on eBay)I teamed it with a vintage high-waisted cream skirt, in the hopes of looking fresh, and not too twee!

May we also take a moment to mention these absolutely gorgeous wedge heels? Originally from Office (again, another eBay find!) the bright tomato red is eye-popping! And as unbelievable as it might sound, they are incredibly comfortable! Always a bonus!

Now where would be the fun in such an event if I didn’t have someone to share it with? 

So I asked the beautiful London-dwelling Dulcie of Human Sea if she would like to come with me, and thankfully she did!

Dulcie is ever the lady, wearing a vintage peter pan collar blouse, with LK Bennett shoes and cardigan, a vintage poodle brooch and her enviable Orla Kiely rivera silk skirt. I just adore that print!

Seemingly quite co-ordinated! I promise it wasn’t planned!

My vintage vanity case rubs shoulders with Dulcies Orla Kiely ‘Mabel’ bag…Match made in heaven right?

With our outfit photos completed we headed to the venue of the launch, ‘The Apartment’ in the incredible Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I mean seriously look how wonderful this place is…It was hard not to be distracted!

Now for the record, I don’t often waltz off to magazine launches or such events so as we entered, nerves certainly arrived! Fortunately adorable Betty cupcakes had been provided as well as delicious cocktails served in jam-jars with pastel paper straws…So we got stuck in!

The photos below were taken by the events photographer Katie Heath – she captured my vanity case (which by the way weighed a ton that night!) with the new issue on top it!

There was also a showing of the new Betty launch film, entitled ‘There’s Treasure Everywhere’ which you can view here. I really recommend you to have a look – it’s a wonderful concept, filled with beautiful clothes and filmed at a scenic location in Whitstable!

After a wonderful evening talking to many interesting people we returned home, armed with the new issue of Betty to enjoy!

(The middle issue)

It does not disappoint! Page after page of pure loveliness! Including recipes, editorials and inspiring articles…

Including this incredible editorial which I can’t stop drooling over!

And because I had two copies thrust into my arms at the launch, I have decided to give one copy away to a lucky reader!

If you would like to win the new issue of Betty magazine then all you have to do is ‘Like’ Betty on facebook and leave a comment below telling me a Summertime adventure!
I love reading your stories!

I’ll be announcing the winner on my next post!
Good Luck!

Also, enjoy your picnic with a folding picnic table, see the best ones at here –
Love Yours Truly, x

One of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made was to throw caution to the wind, pack up and move to live on the south coast of England. 

Whilst Brighton is a bustling city full of energy, creativity and activities which seem never-ending (there is always something to do!)there are also moments of quiet revery to be found in the surrounding South Downs.

For a recent visit to the white cliffs of Seven Sisters, I wore a vintage skirt, which I always refer to as my ‘Brighton Skirt’. Not only was it found in one of the vintage markets here, but it has a print of seagulls and a floral garden, that reminds me vividly of the Pavilion Gardens in late summer. I love the muted colours and soft, aged fabric.

I wore it with a simple white crew T-shirt, battered leather sandals and my great-grandmothers charms which featured in a recent post.

The weather was bleak and foggy, with a relentless wind which made our ears ache. However it is in this kind of weather that my favourite version of the sea appears. 

Working on the coastline of Brighton, I have come to know the sea in new ways. And whilst the glistening shimmer of tranquil water is undoubtedly beautiful, my favourite days are when the blue-ish green gives way to a churning, ferocious grey and white, with the waves hurling themselves at the shore ending in explosions of foam.

And besides, gale force winds aren’t that bad…

Especially when one has a particular fondness for throwing Kate Bush-esque moves and becoming thoroughly ‘Wurthery’!

When I was a child our family holidays were all within the confines of the south of England, a favourite destination being the New Forest. We had free reign of lakes, forests and never ending pastures, dotted with bushes and heathery flowers. After long days of exploring, playing and watching the wild ponies, we would fall asleep in the back of the car on the journey home.

I think it is because of these holidays and day trips as a child that I have such a huge affection for the British countryside, and a scornful regard for budget holidays. 

Horribly snobbish sounding I know, but I’m just so thankful that my parents let us experience the freedom and beauty of the The Forest over a beach club on a sun-soaked island somewhere. 

It is with this in mind as an adult, that I love exploring and being outside. I had lately been missing the ‘green-ness’ of home, so this trip to Seven Sisters was perfectly timed for me!

We walked for a good couple of hours, stumbling across plenty of sights along the way…Including a GREEN phone booth!

The murky fog hangs low over the Seven Sister cliffs…

And then, in true Brighton style (where you tend to bump into someone you know, everywhere you go!) We happened upon Oliver, who is Josh’s bandmate in Time for T! 

Perhaps we weren’t quite so lost in the wilderness after all…

And lastly, a portrait against the white, flint-flecked cliffs. I’m wearing a new lipstick I got this week by MAC. It’s called ‘So Chaud’ and is the most fantastic matt orangey-red! Completely in love with this colour!

I hope you enjoyed a taste of the beauty of the South Downs, I hope to return again soon – preferably when it’s a bit warmer!

More soon, including a recent adventure with Dulcie of Human Sea.

Love Yours Truly, x

It started with a rainy day in Brighton. Soaked to the skin by an unexpected storm (we borrowed the umbrellas below!) I found myself exasperated at the state of my hair!

Bad hair days were becoming an annoyingly regular occurrence, and I didn’t really like my hair unless it was tied up – never a good sign! So I decided to finally take the plunge and do something I had been considering for a few months…

After drying off at home and enjoying a nice cup of tea for morale,  I enlisted the help of my dear friends Becca and Sam, who were all too willing to help!

With Becca armed with a pair of £1 hair scissors, and Sam with his (considerably more expensive!) camera, we spent a rainy afternoon doing the following…

I love that video! Sam perfectly captures the care-free attitude of the whole hair cut!

I’m not very precious about my hair (perhaps as a result of my shaved head in 2007!) 

I’m not really bothered as long as it doesn’t look too horrific!

Fortunately Becca is incredibly meticulous and patiently spent a good twenty minutes ensuring all my blunt cropped ends were even!

She certainly gave it a lot more attention and care than I would have, had I endeavoured to cut my own hair!

And we made a gloriously hairy mess in the bathroom too! 

Posing with my impromptu hairdresser! I love my new hair cut!

So there we have it! My short absence explained with a fantastic video via Sam Luck!

We all had so much fun doing this little project we have decided to collaborate on further projects over the Summer!

I can’t wait!

Much more to show you soon, but for now I’m off to flick my freshly cut tresses around!

Love Yours Truly, x

You never quite know where blogging will take you. Perhaps that is one of the things I love most about  creating for Yours Truly, x. However it is also one of the most frustrating! Trying to find original, interesting and suitable backgrounds for posed outfit photos can sometimes be quite a tricky task.

Despite having done this for four or five years now, I still don’t appreciate being photographed in busy areas, with all those ‘Why is she getting photographed in front of that manky wall’ looks! I get really self conscious and it shows in the photos.

Since finding the blue wall featured in the post below (which I happened upon on a walk home one day!) I just want to photograph everything in front of it! It’s ideal! A quiet street with a huge mass of gorgeous colour! But I’m guessing that would get pretty monotonous for you all to see again and again!

So this week, to keep things from looking identical from post to post, I opted for a bright white background…But was disappointed with the results.

So Becca and I went for a wander in the hope of finding something a bit more original. 

When we chanced upon a tiny retro furniture shop that was having a bit of a spruce, moving stock around outside of opening hours. The owner told us to explore, and whilst doing so we chanced upon this junkyard! Perfect we thought!

It’s always lovely when the location of a photo creates a completely different feel for the outfit! I loved editing these photos – the cyans and bright green colours are so lovely!

As for my outfit, I am finally wearing my J.W. Anderson skirt from the collection he did for Topshop last season. It has hung in my wardrobe for months, and whilst I loved it – I could never quite figure out how to wear it. 

For these photos I teamed it with Becca’s vintage black velvet top, scalloped ankle socks from Topshop, and my new Primark wedges that I just can’t stop wearing!

I love the ornate, colourful print! And the fact the skirt is quilted was one of the major selling points for me – it’s so original!

Trying not to knock anything over in a junkyard…Quite the impossible task!

Surrounded by unwanted items! Also – how cool are the 70’s style stencilled flowers on the shed wall? I love them!

I have to get ready for work now, but I have a whole heap of photos waiting to show you in the next post! I’m excited as it’s something a bit different from what I normally share!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Love Yours Truly, x

A new dress. Is there anything more frivolous and wonderful as a new dress?

I recently went to London with my younger sister for a day of spending, eating and catching up (with a few musical numbers thrown in for good measure!)

Upon arriving to the famously busy Oxford Circus, my single goal in the (so-vast-it-appears-never-ending) Topshop was to find myself a bikini. I’d seen some lovely ones online, but knew I needed to try them on for a good fit.

Perhaps more on the bikini another day (I found one and it’s perfect!) because just as I was making my way to pay, I spotted this gorgeous little white number hanging on the sale rail.

I literally could not believe it was in my size…and in the sale!

Of course I’d seen this beautiful little Victoriana dress when it appeared full price on the website, and had even bid on a couple on eBay (before the price soared beyond logical reason)

So I can truly say it was pure delight to pick one up to take home with me!

It’s just the right amount of feminine, and reminds me of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, Kate Bush in her floatier incarnations, Stevie Nicks and Beatrix Potter all rolled in to one!

The necklaces I’m wearing it with feature charms which belonged to my late Nanna and Great-Grandmother. A lot of religious symbolism going on there! I love their character, uniqueness and sentimental value.

My lipstick is by Topshop (Infared) and my nail polish, (which is also on my toes) is a deep Jade green by Rimmel (Block Your Green)

My head dress is a vintage 1950’s bridesmaids hair band. Made from aged silk, it’s a gorgeous piece which I try not to wear too often for fear of destroying it! It was definitely made for a child as I have to balance on my head in a very particular way to make it stay!

I suppose it would also be worth acknowledging at this point that I dyed my hair this week! I wanted a change, and this deep chocolatey brown certainly provided one!

Checking to make sure Joshua wasn’t about to get mowed down by a lorry as he took my photos!

Also worth a mention are my new shoes found in Primark of all places! I completely love them,  despite the blisters they have induced as I’ve worn them in! I’ve been wearing them with everything as they’re so versatile. Anything that gives me a little bit of a height boost is always welcome too!

Getting a bit carried away with the Kate Bush impressions…

Also more from my instagram lately, including a thrifty Elvis key-ring I found at the car boot, my latest obsession of crumpets and fruit for breakfast, Spring colours around Brighton and decor from our flat!

You can follow my instagram here – even if you don’t have a smart phone!

>> Let’s check the best folding picnic table and reviews!

Plenty more in the pipeline, including some fantastic music I can’t wait to share with you all!

Hope you’re all very well!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. For those who didn’t see my tweets prior to this post, how do you like my beautiful new header! A huge thank you to Sam Luck for helping to create exactly what I wanted! 

Lately my days off and free time have been a bit of a rarity. I’m working all sorts of crazy hours and therefore when a day off does show its face I can’t help but feel completely torn in knowing how to make the most of it!

Do I rest my weary bones (and my incredibly sore feet!) and have a long lie in, followed by a nap, a sandwich and a snooze? Or do I run around this beautiful city with a crazed determination to see and experience as much as possible?

I tend to settle somewhere in between the two.

These photos were taken on a beautiful sunny day, which I spent with my dear friend Sam, and later once she’d finished work, my flat mate Becca. 

I’m wearing my new favourite trousers from Beyond Retro – they fit like a dream! Nipped in waist, and cropped at ankle length – not bad for £8 eh?! They also have a crazy 80’s woven pattern in them too which I love!

My illustrated t-shirt is really old and comfortable! I bought it years ago at Camden market and at some point I chopped the sleeves off a little too low (hence wearing with a t-shirt underneath!)

I love John and Yoko and this illustration certainly does that affection justice!

I’m also wearing one of my trusty H&M mustard cardigans, and dug out this old Topshop bag from the top of my wardrobe. It’s really cute but a tad impractical!

Patent shoes and pasty legs…Perfect combination! I have absolutely zero interest in being tanned!

It would be worth interjecting at this point, that my friend Sam is a ridiculously great photographer (you can see some of his work here or follow him on instagram) and has a cheeky habit of slyly snapping away when you’re not really expecting it or paying attention! Some evidence of which is below!

Becca and I debating what sea food to purchase…Cockles? Prawns? Jellied Eels? (Certainly not!)

Getting stuck in with our choices! I opted for king prawns and Becca went for crayfish tails…Tasty stuff!

Engrossed in conversation and looking embarrassingly similar on Brighton beach… 

It was then of course time to turn the tables! Here is Sam! 

He’s put up with me for ten years now, so clearly as well as being a talented photographer he also possesses the patience of a saint!

We have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline…isn’t it great to be creative with friends?

I still have a heap of back-logged posts to get up on here! I also have exciting projects and ideas up my sleeve I can’t wait to share with you all!

Hope you’re all well!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. A huge thank you to Sam Luck for these lovely photos! 

The sun came to Brighton! For a few glorious day we were sun soaked (if not a little wind beaten!) and I was determined to make the most of the (inevitable) fleeting blues skies.

After a tasty breakfast, Becca and I dusted off our bicycles (I haven’t ridden mine for about a month despite riding it throughout the entire winter!) and took them for a spin along the Brighton seafront for what turned out to be a five mile ride (some very sore bottoms in the flat that night!)

How could we resist not stopping for a few snaps along the way?!

Urgh…First of all let me get over how much I love my bicycle! Swoon! 

Perhaps in tribute to it’s gorgeous iris-blue colour, I’m wearing a surprisingly co-ordinated outfit!

The grey velvet t-shirt and blue playsuit (worn as shorts) I  borrowed from Becca (living with girls doubles your wardrobe!) 

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘stuck in a rut’ lately so it’s been lovely to borrow (and lend!) some pieces to bring a breath of fresh air to my own wardrobe.

This cute little mac was an eBay find, which I’m wearing with a vintage mustard scarf for a splash of colour! It matched beautifully with the pastel-loveliness of the huts!

And my tights are layered up of a Topshop cornflower blue pair, and these greyish-nude H&M patterned pair. I love the effect!

The shoes are old Topshop…As if I wasn’t going to be first in line for a pair of glittery mary-janes!

The bubble ring I’m wearing is a mini glitter snow-globe I bought when I was 16 at the V&A Museum in London. It never fails to cheer me up!

I’m also wearing (though you can’t really see it because the pesky wind was blowing my hair in all directions!) a homemade lace collar which a reader sent me last year. I have trawled trying to find the email to credit her but to no avail! So if you read this and recognise the collar do let me know! 

And because she looked so amazing, I had to feature my ever-obliging photographer flat mate again!

Just how Orla Kiely is Beccas outfit?! 

Here she is with her own co-ordinating bicycle!

Beccas dress was a recent purchase from Primark of all places! She’s wearing it with a vintage silk blouse and my old Topshop white brogues (it works both ways after all!)

One more before we hit the road…

And off we go!

Apologies for the lack of blogging – I actually have a back log of posts all ready to go, but have been too busy working to put any of them up!

So expect a huge surge of posts soon!

Love Yours Truly, x 

‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’

I’m lucky enough to have a Mum who reminds me of this wonderful Eleanor Roosevelt quotation whenever a day has proved too hard, or people too cruel. 

In ten words it completely surmises the respect and pride you should have in yourself, and to not let the seeds of doubt planted by others grow in your mind.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a roller-coaster (when does life not have it’s ups and downs I know!) and a lot of circumstance that I have found myself dealing with, has been unexpected, draining and not so good for personal morale!

I’ve sat here for about twenty minutes deliberating what to write, what to divulge and what I shouldn’t include, and I guess essentially it’s not entirely relevant for the overall point I want to get across.

Suffice to say, that I have had a huge learning curve the last month, and through the highs and lows, I have realised that adversities are much better handled with a smile. Hardships can be laughable with a good friend, and that every now and then, even if it is logically the very last thing you should be doing…you can go and get horrendously drunk and dance to 90’s RnB at three in the morning (thankfully no photos of that to show!)

It’s hard writing this in a way that doesn’t come across as pompous, or preachy – or even (heaven forbid!)…Cheesy! 

But I just think we all need reminding of our own value sometimes – like in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ when George realises how different the lives around him would have been had he not existed. You never know when you’re someones ray of sunshine, or when a quick phone call or kind word makes someone feel a hundred times better.

Before I continue, I’ll take a moment to explain that these photos were obviously taken on Brighton beach, on a cold but bright afternoon walk. 

The pillars that I am standing by are part of the remains of the West Pier, built in the 1860’s, after all these years they have stood the test of time!

Also, I’m wearing a very comfy, very non-blog-worthy outfit! The smart shirt is a recent purchase from New Look – tres Annie Hall! My gorgeous antique coat was a gift from Margaux and Alec of The Splendid Suitcase – it’s so gorgeous!

My skinny jeans are an old Topshop pair, and my favourite sunglasses (more for wind protection than sun!) were from H&M.

And these little beauties were a gift from Modcloth last year! I adore them!

Someone who definitely deserves a tip of the hat for being my own (as afore mentioned) ray of sunshine, is Becca my flat mate! After finding ourselves in a very similar situation it’s been so lovely to have someone to not only seek comfort and hope from, but to provide for to! 

From cooking ourselves nice meals (especially breakfast  – conquer that and the rest of the day will sort itself out!) to decorating the flat (photos soon!) movie marathons, heart to hearts and a few too many cointreau’s!

It’s the little things that make a difference I suppose!

And whilst I can thank her for her emotional support…

Her physical support (ie. me not ending up on the floor!)

Leaves a lot to be desired! Ha!

So I guess in conclusion, I’m putting the ‘look inwards for strength’ myth to bed. Sure finding strength in yourself is a rewarding and a worthwhile pursuit. But in contrast, it is no easy task to seek help and support in others to get you through troubling times.

You don’t have to have all the answers, and you don’t have to be happy all the time.

What matters is that you assert yourself on dealing with whatever adversities you find yourself facing, and enlist the help of the ones you love to pull through.

You’d do the same for them after all!  

And above all, be kind to yourself.

I need to keep reminding myself of that one.

Love Yours Truly, x

This week I was lucky enough to collaborate with my wonderful photographer friend Emma Speight again. Since she shot these photos  for me, she has had her websitecompleted and launched, so be sure to have a look! Her work is so beautiful, and entirely film based – something always worth noting in this digital age!

That being said, the following photos were taken on my Nikon D40 – I like to throw Emma out of her comfort zone! 

We had just been planning to snap a couple near my home in the late evening sunlight, but as we chased the retreating amber glow, we ended up further and further away…All the time there I was clutching my glass of milk! 

I feel I should at this point explain the milk. For a long time Emma and I have discussed collaborating on a very ‘working class’ 60’s shoot – which I’m sure we will eventually get round to!
I always seem to reference the milk bottles on a door step, cute milk moustaches, striped paper straws – you get the idea…I love the kitchness of vintage dairy! Ha!

So (perhaps to shut me up!) Emma encouraged me to bring a glass with me!

My (extremely short – eep!) mini dress was an eBay find. It’s incredible clingy which can be a bit bothersome, but I like the cute ditsy print and roll-neck. It definitely has that classic 60’s shape – so of course I styled it with my beloved (but increasingly rare – must try harder!) beehive!

My faux fur coat is from a clothes barn I used to frequent when I was at University – you would walk round grabbing piles of second-hand goodness, which were then priced at til-point in a very offhand manner (‘Ummm…fiver for the lot?’)

Oh how I miss it!

I’m currently loving wearing 15 denier tights – completely impractical and not exactly the best for the chilly sea-winds, but they make everything look instantly more lady-like and chic!

My cream heels are an old Topshop pair that have danced many a night away with me!

Desperately trying to incorporate this old Granville Road sign in to the photo! If only there had been rows of 60’s cars around too! (Modern cars just aren’t the same aesthetically!) 

Also, I believe this is the first time I ever posted only black and white photos! Which is a pity in some ways, as the image below was flooded with brilliant oranges and pink hues. 

However I love the retro feel that B&W gives sometimes, and it definitely helped these images flow a bit better!

Thank you to Emma for taking some beautiful shots for me, and for once again allowing me to edit to my hearts content! Be sure to check out her website ortumblr if you want to see more of her work!

More soon! I’m currently having a huge Spring clean  – which I’m sure some of you can guess, will result in another eBay sale soon! I’ll keep you posted!

Have a lovely weekend,

Love Yours Truly, x 

Good evening my lovelies! Apologies for my slight internet-absence, it’s been a mad fortnight!

I have lots of bring you up to speed on, but unfortunately lack the energy to do so, due to a rotten cold I’ve caught! So instead I thought I would share these lovely photos that my flat-mate Becca took on a finger-numbingly cold afternoon on the Brighton Pier.

Seriously…I can’t remember the last time I felt this cold! When is Spring going to show up? Talk about fashionably late!

After sweet talking one of the pier workers, we managed to climb aboard the abandoned carousel (because seriously…Who in their right mind would be on the pier for rides on a day this icy?!)

I’m wearing my new Beyond Retro skirt – another negligee find to add to my ‘vintage-granny-nightwear-as-acceptable-daytime-attire’ collection! I love the dusty pink colour, and the pleated trim is very similar to this night-dress, which incidentally was also from Beyond Retro.

The soft gold top is borrowed from Becca (originally H&M) and is worn with a new ‘Rose Gold’ belt I picked up in the H&M sale last week. The fur stole is vintage, and the shell charm necklace is made up from left-overs in my jewellery box!

Detailed with a little ‘K’! How gorgeous are these colours together?

I’m also a very lucky girl, as Becca kindly did this incredible french braid halo hairstyle for me! Seriously haven’t got a clue how to do this myself, but I love it! It felt so nice to have my hair all tucked up out of the way! Becca wants to practice so she can learn to do it on herself…Of course I’ve kindly volunteered to allow her to develop her skills on me! 

Who knows, perhaps we can eventually persuade her to give a tutorial for Yours Truly!

Also worth a mention are my blinging gold brogues! I have to say every time I look at my feet I imagine an 80 year old sun-loving grandma wearing them (perhaps like this style icon) but isn’t that half the fun?!

Ever wondered what a freezing blogger looks like? Look no further…

I also thought I’d share some of my recent instagrams. For those of you who don’t follow me (kerryofyourstrulyx)I try to document as much as I can from everyday life, including DIY, adorable puppies and toddlers, car boot finds, tasty grub and pretty interior decor….

I’ll be back in touch soon – I’ve recently been informed about the closure of Google Friend Connect, which I’m a bit panicked about, because about two thousand of you follow me via that web tool!

But worry not, I’ll do a bit of investigating and come back with some suggestions for you all!

Hope you’re all wrapped up warm!

Love Yours Truly, x 

To all my female readers…Happy International Women’s Day! Three cheers for being a girl!

Obviously I am aware that I’ll never know what it’s like to be a man, or to operate in an ‘XY’ kind of way, but for the record, let me state – I love being a female!

I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I have freedom to be whatever kind of woman I want from one day to the next. I can express myself verbally and creatively in any way I choose, and I suppose if there was any day to count your lucky stars then today would be it.

Hat – Borrowed from Becca, Pintuck White Shirt – eBay, Taupe Mac – eBay

Tan Leather Belt – H&M, Stripe Necktie – Car Boot Sale

Gold Iris Brooch – My Nannas, Vintage Black Wool Trousers – Beyond Retro

Without being entirely aware that International Women’s Day was approaching (I had a vague memory of its date!) I coincidentally spent some of my free hours this week reading about some of the atrocities forced upon women and girls around the world, provoked by a link to this article.

The nature of these articles can quite literally make your heart ache, leaving you overwhelmingly sad for the mindless pain and torture inflicted upon girls as young as six.

My own memories of that age are nothing but sun-infused snapshots of happiness, with the knowledge I was safe and loved, content to play outside with my siblings.

Becca has convinced me – I’m definitely getting one of the hats for myself!

A campaign I have long supported and been moved by is ‘It’s a Girl’  a documentary film and thought-provoking organisation that highlights the female ‘gendercide’ occurring in India, China and other parts of the world. 

It never occurred to me, and I doubt it has to many people, that simply due to the geographical location of my birth, and laws and society I was born into – my parents were filled with nothing but joy when their baby girl was born.

Not once was I considered a burden, or a costly mistake – there was no dowry lurking in my future, and I would have the same rights to an education, a job, a house, and any lifestyle choice I desired in my life as my elder brother.

That awkward moment it starts to rain quite heavily during your outfit photos…

Last year I took part in a photographic project by the very talented film-photographer Sophie Davidson. She created a zine called ‘Girls’ featuring nineteen young women (including myself) talking very openly, honestly and sometimes explicitly about how it feels to be a female. 

The pleasures and hardships, the pros and cons, the biological idiosyncrasies that separate us (sometimes dramatically!) from the opposite sex.

The magazine is available for PDF download here. I really recommend giving it a read – it’s pretty inspiring stuff and I’m so proud to have been a part of it.

Channeling a bit of Annie Hall perhaps? I love the pin-tuck bib on this shirt!

For what it’s worth, my own views on what it’s like to be a woman (as I mention in ‘Girls’) is based primarily on the women that I consider inspirational to me. 

Writer Maya Angelou, artist Frida Kahlo, singer and activist Joan Baez, actress and activist Mia Farrow – just some of the famous women who I feel an affinity with.

My incredible Mum, who provides me with unquestioning, unequivocal love, support and friendship, and has done the whole of my life. My little sister who in the face of adversities she faced last year, remained strong, elegant and so beautiful, with a ready smile and her unyielding capacity to care for others.

In determining who they were, I found they all had a common feature – their strength.

I painted on false eyelashes with my liquid eyeliner, a little more subtle that the full 60’s look! The lipstick is Rimmel 110 from the Kate Moss range.

I adore the female capacity of strength. The strength of love, courage and tenderness. The strength of power, both physical and mental. The strength of character, integrity and justice.

The strength that every Mother in this world has had to push another human into the world – I mean seriously! As someone who has yet to experience childbirth first hand…I’m in awe!

The full outfit – I am living in these trousers right now! They fit so well!

My white brogues are old ones from Topshop.

I’ll leave this post with the closing paragraph I wrote in Sophies zine. 

‘My personal definition of being a girl is the ability to be a completely unique, multi-faceted person from one day to the next. Being a girl brings a magnitude of abilities which I think are so delicate and inexplicable. There are so many personalities and fractions of characters that I don’t think the modern girl could be described very easily at all.

And I suppose I rather like that.’

Now ladies, won’t you join me in a dance around the bedroom to this…!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. Photo credit – Becca Field 

I cherish my days off immensely. The chance to enjoy breakfast and not just shovel it down your throat whilst keeping one eye on the clock, or to stretch in bed for five minutes before choosing to get up.

The pleasure of relaxing, reading, listening to music and padding around my flat in furry slippers,  slowly creating an ambling plan for the day ahead.

The photos below were taken on such a day. Menial tasks like the post office, laundry and cleaning the kitchen were quickly completed, leaving me free as a bird for the cold afternoon.

I met up with my friend Becca, and after magazine shopping (the new Lula of course!) having a tasty lunch in a side cafe, we found ourselves on the beach at low tide. 

Having my camera in my bag (just in case) and the light being a beautiful dusky hue, we took it as an opportunity to capture one of the most serene evenings in Brighton I have experienced.

There was a chill in the air, with the faint sounds of rush hour traffic and rolling waves combined. The lights on the pier blinked and flashed silently in the distance, and the seagulls swooped for low-tide pickings. We were the only people on this stretch of beach and it felt magic.

It’s the smallest things which make days off like this great. I have been finding huge satisfaction in little joys as of late, and have found the more you look for them, the more they make themselves apparent.

The kindness of strangers in a rain storm. Eating a fresh pear from a local market. Crocheting a multi-coloured blanket as a surprise for a friend, knowing every stitch is one stitch closer to the finished product. Buying bunches of daffodils for £1 and waking up to see them having bloomed overnight!

My mish-mash of an outfit (I was inspired by an older lady who comes into the tea room from time to time and the way she layers her antique pieces) consists of a dark blue floral top from Topshop, a vintage silk night dress from Beyond Retro, cream tights & socks from Atmosphere, and my favourite battered leather boots from Topshop five or so years ago.

I’m also wearing my new camel coat (an eBay find to replace my battered old one!) and a vintage hand-carved mother of pearl necklace that my Mum bought as a child in Jerusalem.

Also worth a mention (as I’ve been telling everyone I know about it!) Joshua and I went to see Cloud Atlas this week and I have to say…It blew me away!

Completely brilliant, original, compelling, exciting…ahh so many words! I ordered the book as soon as I got home and can’t wait for it to arrive!

I really do recommend going and giving this film a try. It’s confusing to begin with (and Tom Hanks admittedly is extremely incoherent in parts!) but as we left the cinema, we were both so exhilarated we could scarcely pull a sentence together!

I’ve also been going to a few more gigs lately, and as always have enjoyed the bohemian sounds of Time for T. If you want to get a taster of what the full band is like, here is a video of Tiago and Juan playing in the snow last month. They also have a soundcloud if you enjoy that. Suffice to say, these guys are amongst my favourite musicians!

I think it would be fair to say it’s the small insignificancies that define us. I recall at my late Nannas funeral during the eulogies that many people mentioned things about her that she probably wouldn’t have used to describe herself.

Like the fact she learnt to ride a motorbike in her 50’s (and popped a wheelie!) or the ingredients of her fruity curry, or her cheeky giggle followed by a snort!

What makes your days off perfect for you? I get a taster from following other bloggers on instagram, but it’s always lovely to share the little things that make us feel most like us.

I hope you’re all enjoying your week. Northern hemisphere readers can take heart that Spring is on it’s way!

More very soon – I have some interesting bits to show you all!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. HUGE thank you to Becca for capturing such beautiful photos in the cold!

Much as I adore Brighton, it can sometimes feel like you’re living in a bubble down here! There is a completely different pace of life and whilst the rest of the country were being driven bonkers by the snow…We had a few flakes scarcely worth remarking on at all.

So with that in mind, a recent trip to London with an old friend was exactly what I was after!

Dressed completely impractically, considering the chill in the air – I was utterly determined to feel like Spring was on its way!

My beautiful coat is a vintage piece from Beyond Retro –  it reminds me so much of Jane Banks from Mary Poppins  it is now lovingly referred to as my ‘Jane Coat’.

I wore one of my favourite white shift dresses (the very same which I seem to have worn on my last two birthdays!) with a H&M basic mustard cardigan and a vintage red felt hat from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane.

The more practical side of blogging…Emptying your pockets into your handbag! 

My vintage vanity case handbag was an eBay bargain, and my gorgeous red mary-janes were originally from Office, but I picked my pair up on eBay (seeing a pattern here anyone?)

Also worth a note is the ruddy great ladder I managed to gain within five minutes of leaving the house…Doh!

I met my friend Richard (more on him in a sec!) and our first port of call was the National Portrait Gallery. We went to see an exhibition of photos and memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe (it was an enjoyable, albeit very small exhibition) however unfortunately it did not allow photography, which always annoys me. 

I did however get this cheeky snap of some busts in one of the sculpture halls – before being reprimanded and sheepishly putting my lens cap back on…Oops!

We then left the gallery, eager to be outside on one of the first sunny days of the year! We walked down the road a little bit and found ourselves here….Trafalgar Square!

It was here that we posed for a ‘tourists in our own country’ type photo! 

Now as I mentioned previously, Richard is an old friend – we’ve been close for ten years this year in fact! And it was only when I got home and was editing the photo above, I remembered…Nearly ten years earlier we had posed for photos in the very same place!

Whilst pretty embarrassing to look back on, I am so glad to have had Richard in my life all this time!

The fountains in Trafalgar and very blue sky!

Big Ben hazily in the background…

We then set off (so much walking was done on this day!) for a stroll around St. James Park and a hunt for the pelicans which famously reside there!

The waterfowl of St. James Park… Upon getting there and not instantly seeing scores of pelicans, this reassured Richard that I wasn’t in fact making it up!

So we decided to walk all the way around the lake, on a hunt for pelicans! We saw heaps of pigeons, squirrels, ducks and geese of many exotic varieties! Including this little chap…

But no pelicans! Until…Wait…is that….I think it’s…. IT’S A PELICAN RICHAAAAAAARD! (The poor guy…It’s a wonder he still goes out in public with me!)

Now whilst I was happy to have seen one, I was a bit disappointed about how far away it was.

But in further proof of ‘You never know what’s coming for you’ a couple of minutes later…This happened!

Now that was unexpected! And let me tell you…Pelicans are BIG!

With our bird-watching sensibilities satisfied, we then decided to head towards Buckingham Palace which is located at the tail end of St. James Park.

It was a lovely place to be in the last few hours of sunlight, and had it not been absolutely rammed with tourists and half-term holidaying families, we probably would have stuck around a bit longer. 

Instead we had a quick chortle at this unfortunate statues expense and then hot-footed it to Covent Garden.

Where we had delicious macaroons from Ladurée, a bit of a mooch around the covered market and watched street performers entertaining the evening crowds.

We then headed out separate ways, Richard was off to an Arsenal football match, and I was going to see a Time for T gig in Balham.

All that walking certainly made for a knackering day, but it was so lovely to see an old friend for a catch up, and to see so many lovely (free!) parts of London I haven’t taken the time to see as much as I should.

Apologies for the photo-heavy post! I couldn’t narrow it down!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Good evening everyone!

First of all – WOW. I am stunned by the sheer volume of loveliness that you guys showed me for my previous post. I am so glad to feel I was understood, to have provoked conversation and to have found like-minded views out there!

So thank you to everyone who commented or emailed me, I really enjoyed reading your responses!

As some of you may know, I’m great lover of tonal colours! Brights are brilliant, pastels are pretty – but for me, it’s all about the tonal shades!

In this case, Pumpkin, Mushroom, Latte and Olive… Quite the feast for one outfit!

The navy wool skirt was a recent vintage find from Beyond Retro. On an afternoon off I strolled in for a mooch and came away with two fantastic wool pieces (the second shall feature soon!) this skirt being one of them.

I instantly loved the quality of the garment, the great fit, and let’s face it – I wear a lot of navy! Isn’t it weird how some days, quite unexpectedly you have a great shopping experience?

My nude body suit is an old Topshop piece, seen here with my vintage iris necklace, which previously belonged to my Nanna.

My olive green felt hat hails from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane, and my mushroom cardigan and strappy tan belt are both H&M finds – I’m obsessed with this belt lately!

And can we just talk for a moment about how gorgeous the colour of these Asos heels is? Deep pumpkin orange, they look good enough to eat! Worn here with ‘latte’ coloured tights from Primark (they had such a great selection this winter!)

And finally, I thought I’d get a bit ahead this year and have the first (or what I’m sure will be many!) Spring clear outs!

I have a huge selection of vintage, Topshop and other bits and pieces up on eBay right now, if you fancy having a look HERE.

Items up for sale include this Topshop Boat Print dress…

Another Topshop number,  this time in a pretty floral tea-dress…

A incredibly cute vintage 1950’s party dress…

And a sweet vintage high-waisted polka dot skirt…

All items end on Wednesday 20th of February… Good luck bidding! 

(Overseas bidders are welcome, but please don’t message me for a postage quote unless you win the item – all prices will be in accordance to Royal Mail pricing)

More soon – Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Yours Truly, x

‘Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known’ – Chuck Palahniuk

It’s not like me to start a post with a quote, but then again this post does have a different style in whole to my usual content.

The photos I feature on this post (to prevent it from looking like an essay!) are some of my favourite black dresses…I tried to style them as little as possible, just to show – it’s you who makes the outfit!

I’ve become aware over the last few weeks of waves in the tide-pool of blogging, and have read numerous posts on various blogs about the cons of blogging, the effort, the invasion, the narcissism of it all.

So I thought I would throw my two pence into the fountain!

To begin with, I feel I should tell you that this little blog of mine is something I am equally proud of and embarrassed by. In some social situations, I have wanted to crack open the floorboards under my feet and crawl away, rather than answer polite questions about my blog!

My favourite Little Black Dress – a vintage number from Beyond Retro that fits like a glove!

It’s hard to explain why I stand in front of doorways or shabby walls for outfit photos to some people. I often find myself biting my tongue, holding back from asking a friend to snap me in my tea dress – I mean, would they ‘get it’?

That being said, I am proud of the effort and work that goes into this blog. I am so pleased with its minute success, and so happy to continually share parts of my life with so many wonderful, like-minded readers and fellow bloggers. It’s a pleasure – honestly!

A sparkly little number from my Uni days. I bought this whilst I worked at Topshop, and would wear it with these Doc Marten brogue boots (which I rarely wear now, but love too much to lose!)

What I don’t like, as I have always stated (quoting from my lookbook account now!) is when personal style comes with a ‘better-than-thou’ attitude.

I’d be the first to tell you I’m not doing anything ground-breaking here. But if my posts cheer up someones afternoon, makes them want to try wearing mustard (lets face it – I’ve been wearing this colour A LOT lately!) or if you decided to emulate a particular outfit of mine…Then I would be incredibly touched and flattered.

One of the toughest elements of blogging is knowing when to draw the line on the ‘personal’. When Josh’s niece Ava-Lily was born, I didn’t know if it was appropriate for me to share that. However in truth I chose to (and to continue to) as she and her brother bring me so much joy! Something that surely has to be celebrated.

A sweet and feminine polka dot beauty from H&M. This was a bargain, and I love it’s versatility from night to day.

I have some friends who don’t wish to feature, and a boyfriend who so graciously not only regularly contributes with his photography skills, but doesn’t bat an eye when I post pictures of him too.

It’s about finding a balance I suppose. 

As one of the articles I read recently stated, you can end up living behind a camera. Constantly taking photos of your experiences and perhaps not experiencing them properly. This was another reason (as well as moving home!) for my short break last year.

A vintage 1970’s dress I found on eBay – it’s quite dramatic! 

I have only ever wanted this blog to be honest. But truthfully… I don’t dress like this all the time. 80% of my week is spent in a work uniform or pyjamas (collapsed in bed with my laptop/crocheting/book!) I chose to dress a bit more flamboyantly my days off, and really appreciate the opportunity to be creative.

I want to end on another quote, one that a friend said this week that really resonated with me.

Upon complimenting him on his choice of (dark blue and bottle green tartan) trousers, he smiled, said 

‘Thanks…They make me feel good’

And in five short words and a smile…He described exactly how I feel about style.

I hope you feel good too.

Life is good right now. Despite the awfully dreary January weather, and the completely disheartening fact that everything I crochet lately seems to be going horribly wrong (clearly having an off week – argh!) 
I feel like life in Brighton is reaching a stage of normality, and whilst I’m not going to be so presumptuous as to state that I’ve ‘settled in’ completely right now, I’m certainly heading in the right direction!

These photos were taken on a recent bright afternoon when I met Joshua in one of his free lessons. We went for a stroll around some public gardens near where we live and played with some pigeons!

I’m completely in love with this polka blouse I found on eBay (originally Topshop) it’s a lovely soft fabric, and goes with almost everything! 

On this occasion I wore it with my vintage high waisted wool trousers from Beyond Retro, a basic H&M cardigan, and the sneakers I bought for Portugal last year.

I wore my hair in a rather sizeable topknot – something I rarely do, but I really enjoyed it! It felt like a nod to Diane Keaton’s ‘Annie Hall’ when worn this fairly masculine outfit.

I feel I should also mention that my gold Wonder Woman-esque belt is something I’ve held on to for years! It was a freebie with Elle Girl magazine! I remember being so sad when that wonderful magazine went out of publication.

I thought I’d also take a chance to feature my ‘Jane Banks’ (Mary Poppins) coat again…Oh man I love this thing! I kept thinking how Poiret-like it looked with the loose fitting trousers!

And if you were curious about my little bag… Just look at it in all its glory! A real bargain charity shop find, this little beauty set me back the grand sum of  £1.50! I remember seeing an identical one years ago and for some reason not picking it up, and then really regretting it. So imagine my joy at getting a second chance!

As we walked along Hove high street en route to a tasty burger joint, I snapped the beautiful Spring (not quite here yet but still!) flowers…

And the colourful fruit and veg… I love it when markets and shops pile up their produce like this!

And despite taking a good thirty or so photos of us playing with the pigeons, I thought I’d keep it simple with this Hitchcock tribute! SO many pigeons!!!

Oh – and despite everyone else who I have showed this photo to thinking it was creepy, I’m completely besotted with this dolls head candle holder! It’s so unusual! I don’t think Joshua would be too happy if I bought one though!

I have another post all lined up for later in the week, it’s a bit of a wordy one but it’s something I feel I want to share and discuss with you all…So expect that soon!

Enjoy your weekends! 

Love Yours Truly, x