Yours Truly, x: March 2011

Well almost! Look how annoyingly close I came to a hole in one! So frustrating! Especially when we were being so competitive…

I’m pretty sure this move negates the fact that Josh won! But extra points for creativity perhaps…

We were playing ‘Adventure Golf’ right on Brighton Sea front, with the winds becoming a complicated factor to include in planning each shot!

But despite the wind, the sun was glowing down on us…

I have also this week been snapping mundane little bits and pieces which have caught my eye on my travels.

This couple were walking towards me on the street and I had to get a photograph of them! Don’t they look lovely? After briefly chatting to them both, the lady told me they had recently celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary…that’s sixty years! Incredible!

Here are some my silly pictures taken in a morning market by my mans home… I by no means brag to being a photographer of any kind, I just like snapping away!

Hope you’re all very well,

Love Yours Truly, x