Yours Truly, x: May 2011

This weekend in the typical british ‘will it rain or shine?!’ weather myself and Joshua went for a long distance walk!

I’m wearing a 1950’s yellow gingham skirt from Beyond Retro, with a Topshop cornflower blue jersey blouse, a H&M cream cardigan and a vintage crochet handbag from Absolute Vintage.

We were meant to get the train to a town called Marlow which is a couple of miles away, at two in the afternoon. However due to some keys going walkabout as we were preparing to leave the house…we missed it.

With the next train not due for another hour (oh Sunday service!) Joshua and I felt we had no choice but to take advantage of the sunny weather and walk cross country for three or four miles!

Surprisingly it was quite easy! And the journey was filled with so many delights that a boring train trip couldn’t have provided!

Such as Joshua befriending a cow…(though the cow looks most unimpressed!)

Or seeing this beautiful little riverside home…

Which I couldn’t resist trying to include in an outfit photo…

How adorable is the little blue outhouse?

And of course, walking by the Thames, you are guaranteed to see swans a-plenty!

I think it just goes to show that sometimes we should take the time to slow down a bit, and not be in a mad rush to get everywhere, something I’m certainly guilty of.

We made it to Marlow in plenty of time to watch the football game we had set off to see, and the journey had made the whole day so much more special.

It felt very ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ to be skipping across the countryside and hopping over styles!

I hope you’re all very well, and as ever a continued welcome to my new followers.

Hello and Thank you!