Yours Truly, x: May 2012

Once a year, every year, Carters Steam Fair rolls into my hometown, bringing with it old fashioned delights from a simpler yesteryear.

I went down to visit on a Sunday afternoon with my friends Sophie and Nelson. As you will see, we had ridiculous amounts of fun!

I was wearing my (new to me) vintage nightdress with a sheer cape, tucked in to a vintage 1970s red skirt. My brogues are a new eBay purchase and the olive green hat is from ‘Absolute Vintage’ on Brick Lane.

I unintentionally (I promise!) ended up matching the scenery quite well! This night dress is fast becoming one of my new favourites, so expect to see it often!

We wandered around first to get an idea of everything the fair had to offer, which included rides, food, sideshows, games and bumper cars (which resulted in so much laughter I had tears rolling down my cheeks!)

They also had a coconut shy! I love the little signboards…

We then killed some time in the penny slots tent, where we played pinball games similar to those on this  post, as well as having our fortunes told by a machine called ‘Old Betty’…It reminded me of the contraption from the movie ‘Big’ so I was very cautious not to make any wishes!

Here is Sophies fortune, which made us all laugh!

This is Nelson, who has been described by some as ‘The Daredevil Sensation of the Age!’ Aren’t the paintings on these rides beautiful? 

(By the way, the little teddy just visible in Nelsons jacket was a prize he won – we decided to call it Carter in memory of our day out!)

And because I’m a big kid, and I can never resist a go, I jumped on the Merry-Go-Round!

As a testament to a life long affection to carousels, here I am about aged seven on a carousel in Bournemouth. As well as owning several pieces of carousel themed clothing (including this dress) I also dedicated my second year degree collection to carousel horse prints!

Thankfully Sophie and Nelson were more than willing to join me on the Carousel! Rather amusing considering we were the only adults on there who weren’t accompanying children!

It was incredibly beautifully decorated…

Enjoying some of the candy floss we shared (I always forget how sticky it gets!)

One of the transport vehicles for the bumper cars…with Elvis just keeping it casual!

I couldn’t resist….

I wish I had remembered my little camcorder, the music this contraption was playing was so nostalgic and wonderful!

We couldn’t think why anyone wouldn’t want to come to Carters Steam Fair…I mean…Why not?!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, we’ve had lovely sunshine in the south of England this week so it’s been wonderful! 

Much more to show you later on in the week,

Love Yours Truly x

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