Yours Truly, x: November 2011

Hello lovelies!

I just got home from my 6th shift at my new job…and I am enjoying it so much! It’s a new role in Beauty Marketing and Customer Services which is just so interesting! I’m sorry to seem a little vague at the moment, but I’ll be revealing a lot more in weeks to come! Promise!

For now though…I have some pretty new things to show you all!

The wonderful people across the pond at Romwe sent me this gorgeous Sailor dress which I adored as soon as I unwrapped it!

It’s a little bit 60’s, a little bit japanese school girl (admittedly not a look I normally explore!) a tad Victorian, and…well frankly I could gush about it all day! Suffice to say, I’ve been wearing it a lot!

The adorable little vanity case I’m using as a handbag was from ‘Snoopers Paradise’ a flea market in Brighton. It was love at first sight! What can I say?

My socks and brogues are both from Topshop.

And before you all think I’m bonkers frolicking around in November without a coat!

I wore my Zara kids camel coat, with a H&M faux fur stole…Toasty!

These photos were taken near the Brighton Pavillion (we hopped the fence to avoid the tourists…Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!! ) How blue is that sky for November? Seriously, I don’t know what to make of the weather this year!

Later, after having filled ourselves to bursting point with tasty spanish tapas we trotted off in the late afternoon sun to the bus stop…How glamorous eh?

I had attempted double Victory Rolls…Though they ended up a little messy! Oh well!

I didn’t know what to do with the remainder of my hair at the back, so I just rolled it around a long kirby grip and then secured it with smaller ones…It seemed to work, though it’s so hard to keep things neat when you can’t see the back of your own head! What a pain eh?!

Yes… I really love my new vanity case so much that I’m taken adoring photos of it at the bus stop!! Dribble dribble…

We then RAN from the bus stop to Josh’s house so I could get home in time to bid on a dress I fancied on eBay (got in with 40 seconds remaining…And I won! Whoo! Ultimate eBay adrenaline rush!)

Before I joined Josh at his band practice that evening (as I would unfortunately be missing out on the Sunday gig)

I sat on the leather sofa with my can of warming beer, feeling like a complete groupie…But luckily he’s completely worth it 😉

And then once I finally got home.. A tasty little snack! Beetroot and feta mini skewers, with an avocado, bacon and feta sandwich! Nyom!

Hope your weekend was as happy as mine!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. My title comes from this Nico song. I’m a bit obsessed with her right now!