Yours Truly, x: October 2009

Suits you!

How I long to have the dollar to create an additional style segment to my wardrobe!

I have lately being going gooey eyed over masculine shirts, smart cut trousers and oversized boyfriend (quite literally stolen from the boyfriend!) blazers!

Here are some of my style icons and some inspirations for this look.

Ahhhh Chaplin…not only did he look impeccable but he was a sensational actor – an incredible speaker…after all that silence stopped! I love the story that he lost in a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like competition!

Dear Sam from Benny & Joon…not only do you lust after Mr Depp in all his long haired, youthful glory but personally, I was rather hoping to borrow that tie…

Diane Keaton. Annie Hall. End of.
I found this gentleman on lookbook –

oh my goodness, this is just heavenly! The sensuality is just oozing from him…and I want those shoes in my little feet size!

Buster Keaton…another Keaton for the list…maybe I should change my surname….
YES Miss Olsen is wearing a skirt..but my oh my…observe the incredible blazer – also I have a clutch just like that!

Audrey Audrey Audrey – the recent Coco film was just too much for my little fashion mind! I left the cinema with weak knees, dribbling for tweed and Bretton striped tops…

Amelia Earheart. An exceptional woman, of exeptional strength…naturally exceptional style comes with the package. Hilary Swank is appearing as Earheart in a film due out later this year.

More movie clothes lusting in store!

This is so soft and sweet – yet the gentle masculinity prevails.

Buy me some Margaret Howell…pleaaaaase!

Shortly after shaving my hair for charity I attended my works Christmas party – I got a little bit upset at the thought of all the pretty girls I work with looking pretty with their long hair, and sweet dresses…so I opted for something a little different…and somehow it worked out really well for me!

Suit UP!!

Yours Truly, x