Yours Truly, x: October 2010

Hello Everyone!

So autumn is well upon us and I have yet to find my winter coat! How frustrating! I have however found a new fixation on the colour green, particularly bottle green.

You may recall the fabulous hat I picked up a few months ago in a Brick Lane boutique (Absolute Vintage) for my birthday. Well it has found new company in a peter-pan collar dress from Topshop and crochet socks from H&M.

I love the richness of this colour! Perfect to contrast the rusts and golds of the fading autumn leaves. And a great contrast to my currently red hair!

To lift the darkness of the green, I paired the pieces with a vintage cream tennis skirt, and pale taupe vintage cardigan.

The shoes are from Topshop, and are surprisingly comfortable!

I feel I should also mention that today I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time, and I’m actually quite happy with the results!

I’m such a wimp with hair removal, and my eyes freely flowed during the five minutes the beautician worked her magic…how embarrassing! But I love the classic 1950’s arc she has managed to sculpt into my normally misbehaving eyebrows!

You may have also noticed the brooch. It’s a bit unusual, and belonged to my Nanna. My Mum recalls being scared of it as a child, and I don’t think she’s particularly keen on it even now!

Perhaps it’s the real feathers? I think it’s adorable and wish I had another two so I could create ‘flying ducks’ on my cardigans!

More very soon, as I’m planning a little trip to the vintage Lanes of Brighton and another pilgrimage to Brick Lane!

Hope you’re all very well,

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. Bidding ends on eBay items tonight HERE. If you miss out don’t worry, I’ll be listing another huge lot in a few days time!