Yours Truly, x: October 2011

There is something about Autumn that is just so wonderful to me…The colours!

From beautiful dying leaves to the golden evening sun, Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season!

I love being able to wear layers again!

I’m wearing my new Vintage 50’s skirt, which I bought from Snoopers Paradise a few weeks ago. I knew I had to have it as the gorgeous faded print not only reminded me of Celia Birtwell, but the scene depicted is so similar to the Pavilion Gardens in Brighton!

They are even seagulls on it! So now, it is lovingly referred to as ‘The Brighton Skirt’!

My cosy little jumper was a bargain from H&M and the locket was my Nannas. It contains little photos of her and my Grandad on the day they announced their engagement…How romantic!

I’d tried curling my hair that morning, and it was rather successful until the wind got a hold of it! Oh well!

We spent a large part of the day just ambling about, taking in the pleasant afternoon…

And throwing some serious ‘Vogue’ pouts along the way…

The Pavilion Gardens looking pretty…

And this cheeky little chap snaffling down a nut!

We then sat on the beach as the sun went down, also making the mistake of laying and getting covered in tiny bits of dried seaweed! Whilst it looked lovely on the beach, it didn’t prove to be such a great hair accessory…

And a surprise from Joshua awaited me when we walked to the pier…

Brighton has a brand new Ferris Wheel! Not open yet unfortunately, but I can’t wait to go on it!

What a lovely lazy day…

And when the evening chill began to set in, we skipped off home for a gorgeous roast dinner and comedy panel tv…Perfect!

Hope you’re all well!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. I have recently been approached by two of my readers in the street, and whilst I may have seemed a little quiet or even nonchalant, I can assure you it was just a bit of a shock, and I was actually thrilled! It was wonderful to meet you both. So my lovely readers! If you ever spy me out and about, do come over and say hello! I’d love to meet you!