Yours Truly, x: September 2011

This week Joshua and I met in London for another date, and coincidentally it just so happened to fall on the day on which we met, one year before!

Despite the cloudy greyish day we had heaps of fun, and decided that one of the best things we love about London is that you can just walk around and stumble across incredible finds without even trying, some of which you never even knew existed!

Like this stunning monument for Prince Albert!

It was commissioned by Queen Victoria after her beloved husband died of Typhoid in 1861. We were overwhelmed by its grandeur and elegant style! It surprised me that neither of us had ever come across it before, particularly as Victoria is one of my favourite British Monarchs!

My dress is a vintage find from eBay, with my H&M stole (again! Sorry guys!) and vintage Dior stockings. I’ve actually lost that umbrella four times (once for a whole year!) but it always finds its way back to me! What a loyal brolly!

Surrounding the memorial at four points are tributes to Africa, Asia, Europe and America, each with an animal. We liked the Asian elephant the most…

A long stroll later and we found ourselves in Hyde Park, having a lovingly home prepared picnic by the Diana memorial. It was wonderful, and felt very quintessential british to be drinking lemonade and eating sandwiches in a London park!

And desert? Strawberries and double cream of course!

Whilst eating we were joined by this poor pigeon who has done himself an injury and was very grateful for the scraps of bread Josh threw his way…

The Isis statue in Hyde Park, symbolising ‘nature’ the placard informed us!

With the picnic packed away we went for another meander until we stumbled across the Natural History Museum!

Now since Josh hadn’t been in there since he was a child, and I always love a visit we thought it would be rude not to!

One of my favourite things about the Museum is the intricate and exquisite detailing throughout its interior (and exterior for that matter!)

Everywhere you look there are beautiful tiles and mosaics and woodwork…

The mammals room…!

We also had a mooch about the Minerals and Rocks room.. I love the neatness and the colours!

My favourite was a big old cabinet filled with Marble samples!

And before heading out…a quick fool about in the mirror room!

Oh my!

That evening we dined out at an Italian in Leicester Square, before parting ways as I went to go see ‘Dry the River’ at the Scala in Kings Cross.

It was an incredible show! And if you want to see me looking weather beaten and tired from walking around all day, feel free to watch the video below, recorded pre-gig by one of the marketing people outside!

What is it that makes your mind go blank the second people ask you questions about something you love eh?! I cringe that I used the word ‘different’! If you want to check out Dry the River, you can do so HERE and I highly recommend you do! More soon! I’m off to make a mixed bean cous cous!